Bad migraine so didnt go to work!

I had a bad migraine this morning so I didnt do my shift today on friendly call, I told my supervisor I felt too ill to do it and she was fine with it.
She sent me an email a few minutes ago asking if I would be able to work all 5 days next week. I said I would, so she sent me on my list of clients to call. All of the staff from the office are self isolating now so we’re all working from home.
Thank god my migraine is gone now. I feel much better! I slept for a couple hours which was needed. I ate dinner and took a nice long hot bath.
I think this weekend will be full of reading and relaxing and not much else. I dont want to risk going out unless I absolutely have to.

Mobility and work

So I found out on Monday my mobility lessons are on hold for a month. My instructor has a couple of Mondays off, and Monday is the only day I can do due to other time constraints. So she said it would be april sixth before we have another lesson. Not ideal but it is what it is. There’s really nothing I can do about it. I’m disappointed about it, but there you go. We havent had much luck with it, only having one lesson since I started the long cane training. I’m sure by the time April sixth comes around, I’ll have forgotten what she taught me and we’ll probably have to go over it all again.

In other news, my supervisor from friendly call rang me this morning, and she said that because I am in the vulnerable category for getting Coronavirus, due to me having asthma that I could work from home if I wanted to. I said that yes, I’d prefer to do that, but not because I am scared of picking up coronavirus, its more about my mental health and how unstable I feel some days at the moment, and if I work from home it just feels safer to me. I can still do my job, still make calls, but I can do it from the comfort of my house. She told me to ring her in the morning on Friday, and she’d send me on a list to work on. She also said that they may be getting some new referrals if we have to go on lock down, because people will be on their own, at home, and wont be going to day care centres, out and about etc. So she was just warning me that I may have to call people I havent spoken to before, which is fine with me.

My worry, more than contracting the coronavirus, is being able to stock up onf food and stuff, as I heard that shops were starting to run out of food, so now its not just toilet paper and hand sanitiser they are running out of sigh. I hope if it comes to it, and if we do need to go into self isolation for 14 days, that they’ll give us ample warning, so we can stock up properly. I was thinking if it did come to that, that I may just go to my parents house and spend the self isolation time there. I’m not sure yet but will see what happens.


Working from home today

I am working today on friendly call, but I am working from home. Mental health wise I dont feel too hot. I feel very anxious and irritable and kinda dissociating a lot also. I told Brenda my supervisor I wouldnt come in, but that I could do calls from home if she needed me to. She is short staffed, I knew that. So I offered to do some from home, where I can work quietly, take breaks if I need to etc. So she sent me on a list of clients to call, and I will get started as soon as I finish writing this. Its nice to be able to work from the comfort of my own house. I like working in a quiet space. It makes me feel safe to be able to stay indoors and work from my living room. I am just so anxious today that I dont think I’d be safe to go out. But I’ll be ok. I hope anyway.
carol anne



In The volunteering I do, there is a lot of outreach work associated with it. So my regular followers know that I work for an organisation locally called friendly call, we have a client base, who are vulnerable, elderly, isolated and living alone, ill, mentally ill, etc. As part of our work, we do things sometimes for the clients, it isnt just daily phone calls we provide for them. We have also been known to cut their lawns, bring them shopping, do home visits, in fact today my supervisor brought a client to macdonalds for lunch. My supervisor is awesome. She goes way above and beyond what she is supposed to do, what her job description says. She really is a great community development worker which is what her title is. If we werent doing those things, our clients would have very little support, so its good we’re able to provide them with the extra support. It feels so good to be able to help someone out. I really do feel great every time I finish a shift at my volunteer job.

Flagging a little

i am so exhausted, i wish i was in bed! i am working though. i will be here for at least another hour. we’re really busy this afternoon.
i’ve got some extra people to call, there are some new clients who i’ve not spoken to before. so far, the ones i’ve spoken to are all ok.
i found out that one of the clients i used to call has died, he died just before christmas. but i’ve had a few weeks off, so i never knew he died. he was a lovely man, very chatty and always enjoyed our call. its always so sad when one of the clients passes away. especially if I know them well which I did know him well.

Early finish

So I finished up early today at work! I was delighted! I went in at 11, because my PA was finished all of my house work. She asked me if I wanted to get a cab with her, she payed for it. I said ok, it saved my supervisor a journey as she’d have had to pick me up.

I only worked for an hour and a half! I had about 25 people to call. I didn’t get a few of them but I got through to most of them.

After I got done one of the girls in the office dropped me to my moms, as my supervisor was gone to one of our clients funerals, the one who died over Christmas.

It was a good shift though. All of the clients were in very good spirits.

#JusJoJan for Jan. 2nd! A photo of me and Nitro!

I am participating again in JusJoJan today!
Today I will share a photo I took of me and Nitro!
I am meant to share one I took this past week, but I dont have one to hand!
This one was taken when I was working in child vision which is a preschool here where I live, for kids with special needs.
I worked here for a few months in 2018, I wasnt working to get payed, it was a voluntary position and I absolutely loved it.
This photo was taken outside the building and I really love it.