Helping out at work

I just spent a nice few hours working on friendly call, today is usually one of my days off, but this morning my supervisor asked if I could help her out, I said I would, as I wasnt going to be doing anything else anyway.
I worked the afternoon shift, which was my regular shift before the pandemic hit, and since we’ve all been in lockdown and working from home, I have had different shifts, different lists of clients to call, etc.
I miss my regular afternoon clients, it was so nice to catch up with some of them today.
One of them said to me that I was so easy to talk to, she really made my day and I had the biggest smile on my face when she said how she found me easy to talk with.
I just emailed my supervisor with my notes on how all of the calls went, and I told her if she’s stuck for staff on Monday morning, to text me, or email me and I’ll gladly help out.
I’ll be working over christmas, on christmas eve, christmas day and boxing day, only for an hour or so each day, so I really dont mind.
I’m lucky enough to have my family, and will be able to enjoy christmas, some of the people I call arent so lucky, they literally have nobody, and will spend the holidays alone and lonely.