The launch

The launch went very well. I thought I wasnt being picked up until 9:15 but then the guy who was picking me up arrived at 8:30 instead. Good thing I was ready to go!

I took Nitro with me. I wasnt going to take him but then I did. But to be honest I am kinda sorry I took him. He doesnt do that well with crowds. And the place was very crowded.

I didnt get to hear any of the speeches, because Nitro was panicking, so I had to take him outside. I took him out a few times during the presentations and brought him back in again but he was jumping on me and really panicking so we just went outside until it was over.

I did meet the minister, he was the minster for ageing and mental health. He was really nice. He spoke to me about volunteering, and that was nice.

After it was over we got photos taken, then I came back to the office. Now I am just waiting for Brenda to get back so she can give me my list of calls.

Overall the whole thing was really nice and it went very well so that was great.


Special event at work this morning

This morning there is a special event on at work.
we are launching our minibus, which takes clients to their hospital apts and other types of apts they may have to go to.
We are also celebrating the fact that the friendly call service now has over 200 clients on its books.
The minister for ageing is coming, and the media will be there too. Also the funders of friendly call also got an invite.
We’ll have tea and coffee and cakes, and I think Brenda whose in charge of all of the volunteers is giving a presentation.
All of the volunteers got invites. Its going to be a very special morning.
After we’re done I’ll go straight into work, it means if I work earlier I get home earlier, which will be nice, as I am still not feeling too good.


All Done!

I’m done, I’m done!
All of my college work is completed! Yay!
Now I just have to go in there on wednesday, and ace the presentation!
You think I can do it? I think I can!
I’m so pleased that I finally have all of it done and dusted!
I just finished brailling out my notes!
Now I can sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of my sunday!


Work today!

I’m at work right now. I’ve been here about an hour. The weather is quite bad here today butI managed to get here without getting wet.
I walked into the office, and my colleague trish was giving a group of student nurses a presentation on friendly call, so she roped me into talking to them about my role as a volunteer.
that was fun! They are only 18year olds so they have a lot to learn.
I got a long list of people to call today! 57 in total!
Good thing I’mhere until 4:30! It looks like I will be busy!
I love days when I am kept very busy!
I’m on lunch break right now, but I’ve already made about 15 calls this morning!
Have a long way to go yet!



Omg guys! What an afternoon I’ve had!
I went in to work, not to work, but to do college work instead!
I hardly got any done though! I procrastinated too damn much!
But my supervisor did send me on a ton of stuff which I will use! Looks like I am still going to be doing college stuff this coming weekend, even though I thought I wouldnt be!
Oh well, it is what it is!
I hope I can do it this weekend, on Saturday, and get it over with!
I’m glad I did go in today though! I enjoyed being in the company of others!
Plus one of my classmates came in to the office! She runs some groups for the partnership, but she’s also studying and is in my class!
We had a good chat!
Anyway, I am going to chill for the rest of the evening!
I’m switching off for a while! Be back later!


I told my work colleagues my exciting news!

So I told my work colleagues yesterday that I was off to Colorado next summer!

they were really excited for me! And so jealous too!

My colleague trish was telling everyone about it! She made me laugh because her excitement was palpable, you’d sware it was her who was going!

When I told them I’d be traveling alone, they couldnt believe it!

Another volunteer said I am an inspiration! I told her no, I am not! I just like to be independent and not allow my disability to hold me back!

Trish said I should make a blog about my travels! I didnt tell them I already have a blog! They dont know about my struggles with MH issues.

It was lovely though to go in and be able to share my good news! And the more I shared with them the more excited I got! It was so cool and I just love the feeling of excitement that I get when I think of going next year!

I’m saving up money now for my spending money. I’ll be saving hard for the next few months! I want to have a lot so I can do things, enjoy myself, and not have to worry about how much I have or can spend!


The weekly smile!

Trent has invited us to participate in his challenge, the weekly smile! So I thought I’d give it a go for this week!
See his link below for the rules on how to participate!

What made me smile this week? Well a lot, actually!

But the thing I am going to write about is work!

Yesterday at work some of my clients made me smile! They were so appreciative of my call! They thanked me for brightening their day! That in turn, brightened my day!

Also another thing that made me smile? My dog! When I got home from work, he greeted me with a waggle of his tail and a nudge of his nose! He was delighted to see me as I was to see him!

Its good to smile!