Thankful for coffee

i’m thankful for my coffee. where would I be without it?

I slept well. I went to bed around midnight. It took me a while to drop off to sleep but when I did I slept ok. i did wake up once but that was all.

Now I am sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee and the nice fan blowing cool air on me. Its another hot hot day here in ireland today. Thank god I dont have to go out in it.

I was supposed to be volunteering today but I told them I wouldnt be coming in because I thought I’d have the assessment today for that respite place so I canceled my volunteering shift.

I have a busy day tomorrow so its nice to spend today at home. Tomorrow I see dr. barry, and I am going to the basement club as well.



i’m home from volunteering now. home about an hour. like i mentioned one of the other staff who works there dropped me home. its still really warm outside. i was going to sit outside but then decided against it. i dont have sunscreen and i didnt want to get burned. I made myself some dinner, I made sweet potato fries and southern fried chicken. It was nice. I wasnt really in the mood for hot food, but I ate it anyway because I felt hungry. I am about to hop in the shower, think I’ll have a nice cool shower, it will let me cool down a little. I tried to call housing maintenance again today but couldnt get through to anyone. I didnt leave a message because I’d rather speak to someone directly. Sometimes I think they dont even listen to the messages when you leave one. My PA called me, she asked me if I minded if she joined slimming world, I said no, not sure why she thought I’d mind. She said she’s going to go to an earlier meeting, probably because she doesnt want me to know what she weighs, and in the meetings you have to share in the group. I dont think it would be right for me to know that info about her. I hear the ice cream van outside, I’d love an ice cream but I’m gonna resist it.
carol anne


volunteering and a new book

volunteering is going really well. im enjoying it. i have called some clients and checked in with them. everyone seems to be in top form because of the good weather. its nice to see.
a few people are out of the office. the ones of us who are here we all sat outside at lunch time for a while in the sunshine. it was nice.
one of the other staff said she’d drop me home after volunteering so thats cool.
I got a taxi here which cost me 7 euro. the taxi driver had some trouble trying to find the place but eventually he found it.
I got a new book too today from audible. its a book about treatment for did. its written by colin ross. it is about strategies and techniques for stabilisation. I cant wait to read it.
carol anne



another day is here. i had a really good sleep last night. in fact i slept most of yesterday. after therapy came home, and went to bed, it was only 1 PM. but we were exhausted. so stayed in bed until 4, got up fed nitro, ate dinner, then went back to bed, slept until 9 pm. woke up, got up made tea, stayed up for an hour and then went right back to bed after we took our night meds. slept all night until 7:30 this morning. i coudnt believe it. we never sleep that long. and it was good sleep too! so now i’m awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed hahaha.
today i am going to go volunteering for friendly call…thats all we have to do today. we arent going until around 1 PM though. it is supposed to be 26 degrees c today. not sure what thats in farenhite, hot for us though, we are in the middle of a heat wave here in ireland at the moment.
I’m looking forward to going volunteering as I didnt go last week. I like the people i work with. they’re all so friendly and I will probably get a ride home from one of them so that will save me money on a taxi.
I hope you all have a great day today whatever your up to!
carol anne


busy day ahead

today I am going to be busy!
I havent slept tonight. probably becausei slept for hours yesterday after therapy. i cant expect to sleep at night if I am sleeping in the day. but it was ok, i did email, read, and listened to music while I wasnt sleeping.
this morning I have an apt to get my 3 monthly shot. its my trevicta shot. for those who dont know trevicta is invega an antipsychotic, but in a 3 monthly shot, I used to take a monthly shot until dr. barry said this would work better. and it has. I’ve had no side effects from it and I especially like that there is no weight gain on it.
so I have to go do that. It wont take me very long. I’m going to get a taxi there and have the taxi wait for me since I’ll only be five minutes in there.
in the afternoon I go volunteer at the cork city partnership. I’m not full time on friendly call. So I’ll be making calls and checking in on people. I love it. I’ll go there at around 1 PM and stay until 5.
Then I have to go to my friend normas house. We have a training session planned. Not sure yet what we’re going to be doing. But I promised her I’d come over this evening since I didnt do it at the weekend. I’ll stay for about 2 hours. I dont have to pay for a taxi to take me there, my taxi’s are payed for by the partnership, but I might get a lift from one of the staff at the partnership and then just get a taxi home.
I’ll be taking Nitro with me when I go volunteering and to normas house but I wont take him this morning whenI go to get my injection.
I just had an amazing hot shower. I was feeling a little anxious and a bit tense and it really helped with that. I feel all refreshed now. Im not dressed yet though. I just made myself some coffee and am drinking that.
Well thats about it for now. I hope you all have a great day today.
carol anne


Goals for Tuesday

i have just a couple of goals for tuesday.
im taking it easy although from my schedule it seems like i wont be doing much taking it easy even though i feel like i sorta will.
anyway, my goals…

take meds
go get my 3 monthly shot
eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner
go volunteering
go visit my friend, and do some training with her
read a few chapters of my book
talk to my mom on the phone
make an appointment for nitro at the vets
exercise a little bit, maybe do the workout on my phone
have an early night if possible


I saw my OT mark as well today

I also saw mark my OT this morning. that went well.
We dont meet often nowadays. It was 3 months since our last apt.
He said he’s really proud of me. He said we dont need to meet as much now, since I am mostly doing stuff on my own initiative. He said I am making his role redundant.
He was joking of course. But it was nice to get the praise.
We talked about me finishing up the ILS course, and about my plans for summer.
I said I’d like to be less busy over the summer months. I want to take some time to just recharge my batteries.
He said he thought this was a really good idea.
I told him I was going to continue volunteering and going to the basement club. He encouraged me to do that.
In the end we decided to meet in a months time to discuss future plans and set some goals.
I told him I was thinking about doing a CE scheme, community employment scheme. But that I’d just gotten my disability payment sorted out and I wasnt sure because it was so much hassle if you decide to come off disability that doing the CE scheme almost didnt seem worth it.
but I said I’d decide nearer the end of summer what I was going to do.
If I dont do it, I will up my volunteer hours, and to be honest, I’m leaning more towards doing that.
It was a great catch up appointment though. Nice to catch up after a few months of not meeting
at all.