afternoon of volunteering

ive been having a great afternoon volunteering. i’m super busy which i love.
i’ve been helping out with friendly call. i love that job. i love talking to people. i find it super easy and enjoy getting to chat with the clients.
i have also been writing up a piece that is going to go in the newsletter for the partnership. i will post it below.
here is what i wrote…
My name is Shirley Healy. I am 38 years old and I have been blind since birth. I have a guide dog whose name is Nitro, he’s 7 years old. He has really made a huge difference in my life. I’ve been volunteering with the partnership since august of 2017. I first heard about the partnership when I heard about the friendly call service. Initially when I decided to volunteer I wanted to volunteer on the friendly call service. I spoke to Brenda barry and we determined at the time that the service wasnt suitable, so she asked me if I’d like to volunteer in the office instead. Then I approached Mary Sheehey and we had a chat and I started doing work in the office, I was on reception, taking phone calls and doing other jobs around the office. In time I actually did start working on the friendly call service, so now I also help out with that. I am also doing an independent living skills course during the week in abode, which is a centre for people with physical and sensory disabilities. I also volunteer one day a week in a preschool for kids with special needs. I love this work and find it very rewarding. In my spare time I like to sing, and I’ve been taking singing lessons since I was young. I love to read, and I use my I phone to read audiobooks. I am into technology in a big way and love being on the computer and internet. I also write a blog, I blog about disability and related issues. I have gone to college, and studied childcare, social work and addiction studies. I enjoy learning and found college to be a great experience. I also enjoy writing articles for mental health websites. I have recently also volunteered with shine, an organisation that works with people who have mental illness and their families. I have also worked as a youth leader for farranree youth club, but I no longer do this nowadays.

Do ya’ll think its good?
Im finished today at 5 and then I will go back to abode and have dinner and chill for the evening. i want to read some and also catch up on some blog posts.


A decent night

so i had a decent nights sleep. i didnt think i would. i thought my not being able to breathe properly would keep me up. but what i did was i put a few drops of alibus oil on my pillow, and that helped keep my nose free.
i woke a few times, but was able to go back to sleep again. so this morning i am feeling good.
i am ready to face the day. today i’ll be going to my volunteer job at the cork city partnership. in the afternoon i’ll do that. this morning i have to work on my health and safety module and do some cooking.
we are making vegetable and bean stew with brown rice. yum. should be nice.

It didnt happen!

well, i didnt start my new volunteer role today! the girl i was meant to be training is sick. i still went volunteering though. instead of training her i am doing admin work, and making friendly call calls to clients.
gees i just got side tracked. my supervisor just rang and we got talking about weight loss since she’s also losing weight. she’s been struggling though to lose any. i said we could have a competition to see who loses the most weight, and she was laughing at me lol.
she said I’d win hands down.
the phones here are hopping this afternoon. lots of people wanting to leave messages for members of staff. its crazy busy. way busier than usual.
thats good though. makes the time fly by.

good Morning and goals update

hey everyone
how was your night?
mine was, awful. i got no sleep. i tried, man did i try.
but yeah, nothing. just tossing and turning and thinking…ug.
nitro was sleeping, so at least one of us was…
well today have a busy day ahead. have class in the morning, not sure what we’re doing before small break, but at 11 we’re cooking.
then in the afternoon i have my volunteer job…

Goals for today…

take meds
eat 3 healthy meals
participate in cookery class
go volunteering
read for an hour
practice breath work
exercise if possible

have a lovely day everyone!
carol anne

Training another disabled person

i’m excited to start my new volunteer role today.
I’ll be training another blind woman in how to use her laptop!
I hope I can be a good teacher! I’ve never really taught another blind person, I hope she wont think I go too fast!
I will try to take it very slow. I will just first ask her what she would like to learn, like so then I can maybe taylor the training to the things she’s most interested in learning.
I’m pretty sure she’ll want to learn to use the internet. and she needs to know about the screen reader, like the commands for using it and how to read documents, save them, print them etc.
It will be an interesting two hours!

Struggling this morning

i’m really struggling this morning. i’m struggling to stay upbeat and positive.
I feel so depressed. I cant seem to shake it. my mood just feels very low.
I will still go volunteering, I’m hoping getting out of the house and meeting other people will lift my mood and that going there will also make me feel good about myself.
Even the fact that the weather is nice outside and the birds are singing outside my windows isn’t even cheering me up.
Nothing is doing it for me. I just feel so blah.
I’m due my 3 monthly injection tomorrow. I’m glad I’ll be getting it. I always know when its close to time to get it. My mood always dips.
Anyway. Hoping I can turn the day around. We shall see.

New opportunity

so you all know I volunteer on Tuesday at the cork city partnership, this is an organisation that works with vulnerable, and elderly people, and people living in disadvantaged areas.
Last week my supervisor said she had two blind people, who needed training in how to use their laptop and I phone.
she asked me if I’d be interested in doing it since I am blind myself, and could give them first hand experience.
so I jumped at the chance.
Well tomorrow I start the job. One of the girls who just got a new laptop will come to me from 2:30 until 4:30. I am excited. But nervous too.
Will I be a good teacher? Will she like my style?
She already knows me. I know her boyfriend, he teaches at a local centre for the blind near where I live.
Well I hope she’ll enjoy it and get a lot out of what I try to help her with learning.
And hoping I get and gain a lot out of it too.
At least I have patience and don’t mind going over things…that helps, right?