Loss of another of my clients

I am in the office now about to start my shift.
We lost another client. I just found out on the way here. In the car.
She died of natural causes. My supervisor thinks she died of a heart attack. I had only recently started talking to her, so I didnt know her that well.
She’d been a client of friendly call for a while though.
But she was only on my list for the last few weeks.
She was in her sixties. She was ill with stomach issues, her stomach was quite swollen, but nobody really knew why, she didnt even know.
she’d seen a few doctors about it. She also had mental health difficulties.
My supervisor said they’d done some work for her around the house, like cutting her lawn and a few other little things like fixing her tv and stuff.
Its sad she passed away so suddenly. It was a shock to me when I found out.
I hope she’s at peace now and in no more pain.

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Happy friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so delighted its almost the weekend! I love my weekends!
Although this one will be filled with doing college work!
I have an article review to do! Igts a review of an academic article which has to be 800 words in length.
I also have to sort out my presentation! I will be presenting on schizophrenia next week in class. I am so nervous!
I am going to do it all on Saturday. The weather is meant to be bad this weekend so it will be good that I am staying indoors and getting my work done.
Mom and her sisters are supposed to go out tonight for dinks, I was going to go with them, but I’ve decided now that I wont. I wouldnt be drinking if I did, and if I did I’d have to leave Nitro alone for a long time, about 5 or 6 hours, and I dont want to do that.
My PA is going to be here in an hour. The storm has passed, its not raining or windy outside, so I am going to walk to the ATM get my money out, and I am also going to go to the gym.
I havent been to the gym in a while. I want to start going again. I gained about 2 pounds while I was away. I need to lose that and some more on top of it by next week for my weigh in.
I am also going to go volunteering today. I will get in touch with my supervisor later and I will go in after lunch. I am looking forward to it.
I hope you all have a great friday!

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Volunteering today

so volunteering went well. i had a quiet shift today. i got all my calls done relatively quickly. all of my clients were doing well. one of them was ill, and one was in hospital, but other than that, they all seem to be fine.
some of them are so sweet. one of them said i was his favourite volunteer. he said he liked hearing the sound of my voice.
another one told me to have safe travels this weekend, and she said she was thinking of me last weekend when I had to do college work, the weather last weekend was bad and she said it was a good thing it was bad when I had to work.
the clients always make a point of asking me how i am, if I am busy, what I’m up to for the weekend, etc.
its so sweet. they love to know about me, and I enjoy sharing some stuff about myself with them.
Also today, my supervisor asked me if I could do some extra shifts, she said if she’s short staffed, would it be ok for her to call me, so I told her the days and times I could do, and that I’d be free to come in.
Its nice to know I am needed, and I dont mind having to come in extra days, I enjoy it very much.

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Dinner time!

Dinner today was chicken, mashed potatos, roast potatos and peas. I didn’t opt to eat the gravy dad made. By the time we ate I was starving!
I had to eat a banana earlier in the afternoon to keep me going until mom got home from grocery shopping!
I’m doing really well today, been drinking a ton of water, and haven’t had much to eat, I’m trying to cut down on portion sizes. All I ate today was my breakfast, and a banana and my dinner. I call that a win.
I am going to have a nice bubble bath soon. Tomorrow I will be going volunteering, and I also need to put a color in my hair. Mom will do that for me in the morning.
I texted Eileen this morning, to ask her if it would be ok for me to text her if I need to after the funeral on Monday, she got back to me right away and she said there was no problem, to text if I need her.
Thank god for that! What a relief!
Eileen has always come through for me, I didn’t expect anything different this time from her.
I am glad I can text or email her if I need to do that.

Didnt go to the doctor after all

so I didnt end up going to my gp. I decided not to because I decided they probably wouldnt give me an apt. Its pretty hard almost next to impossible now to get an apt to see anyone, you literally have to give a weeks notice if you want to see someone. You cant just be sick one day and say you’d like to see a doctor. Its a crazy situation really. So my Pa came, and we went to the local store. I bought some paracetamol which is for the types of symptoms I am having. I also bought some throat sweets. That will do for now. I am actually not feeling too bad right now, so I am going to go volunteering. I wasnt going to go but then I decided I would. They are depending on me, and I dont feel too crappy so getting out of the house will do me good I think. I also got my money out of the ATM. I need to sort the money out before I leave. Mom is going to get me some english stirling and I also owe her for the flights. I just texted my supervisor to ask her if she’s picking me up. She said she would pick me up at 1:45. Other than that my PA cleaned, we got the cleaning done in record time. It was great. There really wasnt that much to do anyway, since I wasnt here all week. I’m going to take two tablets before I leave, just to keep my symptoms at bay. I have to come home and cook, so I dont want to have a symptom flare up, or otherwise I may not be able to do it.

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An evening ramble

I am exhausted tonight. Volunteering today went well. All of my clients were in good spirits. We lost someone else this week, but I didnt know them, they get a call in the mornings, so I had never spoken to them. Apparently she was in her 70’s and she had a brain tumour. They tried to operate on it but she didnt make it out of surgery. So sad for her.
I came home from volunteering at around 5 PM. My colleague trish dropped me back to mom and dads. We had a nice chicken stir fry with noodles for dinner. I am being very healthy lately. I know I’ve put on a few pounds since being away so I am doing all I can to lose it again.
I am going to go to bed soon I think, and read for a while. I have to be up early tomorrow as I have college so I will have to be leaving the house by 8:45 AM. In the afternoon tomorrow I will see dr. barry. I also have to get my 3 monthly shot of trevicta. Then tomorrow evening mom and my sister and me are going to see a commedian in the local theatre.
That will be fun. I am looking forward to it. I love commedy. And this commedian is a very famous irish commedian named brendan grace.
I just had a nice bubble bath too which I was able to relax in. It was very nice. So I will sign off now and say good night to you all.

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