Busy morning!

I’ve had a busy morning. My Pa came at 9 AM, and we had to go hand in my prescription at the gp’s surgery. She offered to pick it up for me on thursday and drop it in to the pharmacy. My mom was going to do it for me but when my Pa offered I took her up on it. It will save mom a journey as she was only doing it for me as a favour. After taking the prescription to the GP we went to the local shopping centre. I wanted to get a screen protector for my phone. I went to a phone store but they didnt carry any screen protectors for the I phone 8 plus. I will have to go to an apple store to get one. In the mean time I will just have to be very careful not to let my phone fall. I went and bought myself some delli meat and some bread rolls for lunch, came home and had lunch. My pa left at 11:30. After she left I went for a nap. Now I am at work. I will work for a couple hours. I was going to go to my friends house this afternoon after work, but I decided against it. I need to go home after work to feed nitro, if I went to my friends house I wouldnt get home until after 7 PM and Nitro would be starving. I can go to her house at the weekend.

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I found out some sad news

I found out some sad news this morning. A family that we are working with had a bereavement, the client my supervisor visits each week on friday, her sister died. She was found dead last night. She was found on the couch unresponsive.
No one really knows yet what happened to her. It looks like it was a heart attack or something. Its very sad. My supervisor was very upset when she called me this morning to tell me.
I know the lady that my supervisor visits quite well, I am friends with her on facebook, but I didnt know her sister. She was only 45.
It is a sad situation. My supervisor asked me to go in to work early today and help her out by doing some more calls than I’d normally do as she has to go to the family home to visit the client and that will take all afternoon. I’d said I’d do that for her there is no problem.
I am feeling sad right now. Its hard when there is a death, even if I didnt know the woman who died, I know her sister, and death is always hard, its shocking and painful and loss is tough to deal with no matter who it is that has died.
I pray that the lady who died is at peace now. I’d appreciate thoughts and support and good vibes and prayers if you can manage it.
thanks guys!

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Sleepless night!

its been a weird night. And a sleepless one too.
I havent slept at all. Actually I feel a little manic. And I am not even bipolar, but I feel like I am having some mania.
Its probably all the caffine I had. I’ve had a lot during the night. And before you lecture me, I already know I shouldnt, but well, when your thirsty, and addicted, water just doesnt cut it.
It is going to be a long ass day, I can tell, and I hope I can pull it off and last as I have a lot to do today. I have my PA this morning, we’re going grocery shopping first, then coming back to my house to do housework.
Then in the afternoon I have work!
I think a lot of cups of coffee will be warranted today to get me through!
Well I am off to see to nitro now! Oh and turn off my alarm before I forget and open the back door and set it off!
That would be so me!

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A work situation has really made an impact on me

So last week, I went with my supervisor to a womans house, to fix her TV. The lady is 87 years old. She had had no tv for the last 3 years, since digital tv was brought in for our local channels. She has no family, and so basically she’s been in the house on her own every day, for the last 3 years, looking at the four walls.

My supervisor warned me that the house was in a bad way. And the lady in question had severe hygiene problems, she wouldnt let anyone in to wash her, and she doesnt wash herself. So she smelled really badly and so did the house. It made me feel so sad for her.

Imagine at 87 years old to live like this? It really got to me to see someone in that state. My supervisor and I knocked on her door, and at first she wouldnt open the door to us, but then eventually when my supervisor told her it was us, she did open it.

My supervisor told her I was blind and one of the volunteers, and she was very friendly to me, I didnt know her, as she gets a call in the morning and I usually dont work mornings so I’ve never spoken to her before.

This whole situation has really really impacted me deeply. For the whole week I’ve thought about it and about her. I cant put her out of my mind. I just feel incredibly sad for this poor lady.

My supervisor had her whole house deep cleaned a few months ago, but now its right back to being filthy again, and there is even faeces everywhere, we dont know what she’s doing to have it be like this, but obviously whatever she’s doing or trying to do to clean herself isnt working.

We did fix her tv, and then we left, but I was sad to have to leave her in such a state, but there really was nothing more we could do. Her home help was going to come in later on in the afternoon, and my supervisor did say she’d try to have her house deep cleaned again as soon as she could arrange for someone to go in and do it.

Its a desperately sad situation though! Makes me grateful for what I have and who I have around me.

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Happy Friday hallo to all!

Hallo guys!
I hope you are having a nice morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are in the world!
Its morning here now, almost 6 AM to be exact. I woke up early, I woke up at like 3 AM. Been up since, am showered, and ready to face the day now!
My PA is coming at 9 AM. I still have a relief PA. I still dont know what is going on with my regular PA amanda, I havent heard from her. Who knows if she’s even going to come back to work! Anyway Frances, the relief PA will be here at 9!
We’re going to go to the bank so I can do a bank transfer to pay for my new phone! I am going to get a taxi there and back. I would walk there, but Frances has to walk to my house, as she doesnt drive, so I am not sure she’d want to take another walk with me, so I will just take a taxi instead.
The weather here is beautiful today. Its dry and it looks like its going to be sunny too which I am glad about. Sun always makes me feel happy and it also makes me feel good!
When we get home from the bank I need frances to do some housework for me. She’s here until 11:30. Then I am going to go to my moms for the weekend. I am working today too in the afternoon. I will probably go in to work at around 2 PM.
This weekend mom and me are going to have a day out on Saturday. We were thinking we might go to Cobh, its a town close to where I live, its a 30 minute train ride away. We’re hoping that we can go there and enjoy lunch, and have a walk around and just enjoy each others company.
My sister goes on holidays tomorrow, she’ll be gone for 2 weeks, she’s off to the canary islands, I hope she’ll have fun but I am sure she will!
Well have a great day everyone!

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busy work shift

just got home from work. it was a busy afternoon. before i got to the office, my supervisor asked me to go to a ladys house and fix her tv. so we did that. the lady in question had a bad hygiene problem. the house smelled really bad. my supervisor said she wont let anyone help her to clean herself up. so she smells really bad too. it was hard to sit there while my supervisor tried to fix her tv. the smell was over powering. but i did it. and we did fix her tv. after we did that we had to go to a lauderette an dhand in someones bag of laundry, the client in question whose laundry it was was in the hospital. so after we did that we finally got to the office. it was 2:40 by the time we actually got to the office. i had a long list of calls to make, but i got through them all. mostly all of my clients were ok today. one lady did say her knees were hurting real bad, another lady said she feels she’s going downhill, it was sad to hear her say that, this lady is 92 years old. a lovely sweet lady she is. it was nice to get to talk to them all. i had my regular list today, the ones i am used to calling, the ones i know really well. my supervisor is going to be out of the office now for a few days, she told me to email her in the morning and she’ll send me on my list for friday. i’d better not forget to do that. there were two new staff today too, they are going to be making calls, it was an overall great shift. i am exhausted now. i came home, and cooked, and now I am just messing around online. I am going to turn on the tv soon and watch something. then I might read later on this evening.

Not really in the mood

I’m so not in the mood for work today. I dont know, I just feel like I would do better if I didnt go in, but then, part of me is like, no, I need to push through this and go in.

People are depending on me. I need to not let them down.

So probably I will just push on through and go in and put in the hours, I’ll probably feel better after I do.

Anyone got any thoughts?

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