Friendly call shift was good

I had a really great shift today on friendly call. I got here on time, wasnt sure I would but the taxi that picked me up was actually 5 minutes early.
I had a big list of people to call. I think I made around 40 calls. It was really lovely to talk to so many of our clients. They were mostly all doing good so that was nice to see. There are 3 of us making the calls today. So between all of us we’re getting them all done. I’ll be leaving soon to go to my parents. My supervisor said I could leave once I am done with my calls. My colleague trish whose usually in the office with me is gone somewhere to set up for culture night, the office here is putting on a cookery demonstration an international cookery demonstration for culture night. So I’d better get going and go pack up and get ready to leave soon.
carol anne


So I got here safely. I made it despite the bad stormy weather we’re having. My supervisor wasn’t able to give me a lift today so she told me to get a taxi and put it on their account. So that’s what I did. The taxi driver I got was really nice. We talked all the way there. We talked about our dogs mostly. It was nice. Now I am here and ready to start my shift. First though I am going to have a cup of tea. Tea is necessary before I start. I almost forgot to thaw some meat out for dinner today. I just remembered at the last second before I left to come here. I did remember though and I left out chicken. I am going to have sweet potato fries with that.

Another morning

So I got 2 hours of sleep. Thats it. Surprisingly though I am feeling fine. I dont feel too tired.

I got up at 7:45 when Nitro came in and stood by my bed and started panting and whimpering. He wanted out. So I got up, fed him and let him out. And now he’s happy again.

I plan on having a leisurely morning. I am going volunteering this afternoon. So the morning will be spent lazing about. Any tiredness I feel will hopefully disappear as the morning goes on.

Mood wise we’re doing ok. Nothing major there to report. Things seem to be good. Boy am I ever glad of that.

Friendly call

Well I managed to get here finally. About to start my shift soon. In like five mins.

My ride was late. My supervisor was picking me up. She got lost though and couldn’t remember where I lived.

Anyway we’re here now. We did finally make it.

We’re going to have a busy afternoon. There is hardly any staff here today. So we’re under a little pressure. But the two of us, my supervisor and myself we’ll manage.

So here I go…the next few hours will be very very busy.

Early start

So I woke up at 4:30 this morning. I had gone to bed early and I slept well. I was so glad about that. Its hard for us so much of the time to sleep, that when we do get a good sleep its wonderful.

I had weird dreams though. I was dreaming about my autistic cousin. I cant remember the dream now but I know it was a weird one. I woke up feeling a little disconcerted. I think that topic seems like it was a weird thing to dream about. I wasn’t even thinking about my cousin before going to sleep.

I’ve showered now and its not even 7 AM yet. I feel great after my shower. I put this lovely vanilla lotion on and it smells so good. Then I also put my flowers perfume by kenzo on. It just smells so gorgeous.

My PA is coming at 9. Its our second week together. We are going to do housework and maybe go for a walk if the weather cooperates. It looks like it will stay dry though. I hope so as I really want to get out and go walking.

Im also going volunteering later today in the afternoon. I have to call my supervisor this morning to see if she can pick me up. The likelihood is she can or if she cant, then her colleague trish will do it.

/after volunteering I will head to my parents house for the weekend, like I do every weekend. So a busy Friday is in store. My PA will be here until 1 PM. So for four hours in total.

Had a good outing today!

We had a great day out with the clients from the friendly call service. I really enjoyed it. I met wonderful people and got to chat to them. It was fun.

We had very yummy sandwiches and cakes, I tried to be good, but I did sneak a cake or two, and I ate lovely sandwiches with ham and mustard on them, and I had some nice plain chicken sandwiches also.

We spent about four hours at the heritage centre, and we had a guided tour of it too. We toured the centre in groups of 15, as there were too many of us to do it all at the same time.

I am so glad I went. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am tired now so I think I’ll try to have an early night, well all going well, although I still feel wired so who knows, I may not actually be able to sleep that well.

We’ll just have to see what happens I guess.
carol anne

Outing today with my volunteer group!

Today we are off out with our volunteer group. There is an outing happening. An outing to a heritage centre. We’ll be touring the centre and then having some coffee and food.
Its a chance to meet the clients. I’ve never been to one of the outings they hold before. So I am delighted to be going!
I think it will be so much fun! I love that I’ll get to meet some of the clients that I call! I will be taking Nitro with me so he will get to make new friends too!
I’m being picked up at about 12 PM. I cant wit!
I actually wasnt going to go at all! But I just called my supervisor and was honest with her, I asked her if it would be too much for me to go, since I knew she had a bunch of elderly people with walkers and people who arent very mobile to look after!
She said no not at all, she wanted me to go!
How sweet of her! So I am going!
I know it will be a great day! And after last night and our little mishap we need a nice day out.
carol anne