Monday ramble

Monday turned out to be a great day. I went to therapy, will write about that separately though. Just to say that, therapy was good, hard, but good. After therapy I came back to mom and dads. Had a little lunch, dad had made homemade vegetable soup for me which turned out to be not so good. I dont know what he did, but it tasted very oniony and you could taste parsnip from it, but you could only taste the onion and parsnip and nothing else, even though there were things like potato, carrot etc in it. I ate a little of it but left most of it which I didnt tell him I did. He’d be insulted if I told him I didnt like it. After lunch I went to work at friendly call, work was good. Busy but good. We had a busy shift. I worked until around 4 PM. Then came back to moms, and ate dinner. Was going to stay in moms last night, but decided against it, as I had stuff to bring home to my own house, and I wouldnt have been able to bring all of it with me tomorrow. So mom came with me to my house, and I went home. I was exhausted after therapy. I figured I’d get a nap in when mom left. Which is exactly what I did. I napped for a couple hours. I had weird dreams though. Not bad ones just kinda weird ones. Now I am up and wide awake. I probably should’ve not napped. But when your tired your tired. My friend Denise texted me, she said one of our lecturers sent an email to us both. About the plagurism that the other 3 members of our former group did. So I shall read that in a few minutes, if I have updates I’ll write about it. Anyway that was my Monday. Tomorrow I have an apt with a staff member at the basement club, she’s my new mentor, except they dont call it mentoring now, its called supported recovery. But this is a new support for me. I have that apt at 11 AM. I hope it goes well. Other than that not much on tomorrow. Just have to go to that apt. I also am expecting a delivery of my meds from the pharmacy. That should be happening in the afternoon. I hope the weather will continue to be nice tomorrow. It was lovely today. The sun shone and it was warm and dry…just how I like it. It puts me in a good mood.


Work crisis update

So I’m sitting here in the office. I’m about to make a start on my call list. But first I thought I’d update on the situation I wrote about the other day, the guy who was in the psych ward and was being released tomorrow.

So my supervisor went and cleaned his flat where he lives. She got a lot of bags of rubbish out of there. She dumped all that. Then she organised a few supports put a few in place for him so that when he comes out he’ll have extra supports.

She put meals on wheels in place, that means he’ll get a hot meal 4 times a week, cooked for him, and brought to his house for him. Then she also got on to the local housing authority, as his shower is broken. She also got on to an occupational therapist, as he needs help to cut his food, and other equipment that will aid him since he is so disabled physically.

We found out the reason that he was put in the psych ward after the argument he had with his family, was because he tried to kill himself, that’s what ended him up in there.

My supervisor didn’t get out of the office on Friday until close to six pm. She did a lot for this guy. Then this morning my colleague trish finished working on the case. So now he’s all set up and hoping that when he gets out tomorrow that he’ll be ok.

At least he’ll have some extra support anyway. We’re hoping to get him on the friendly call service, but we’re not sure he’ll want to come on the service, we’re going to talk to him about it though, well my supervisor will.

Work crisis

There was a bit of a crisis at work today. What happened was a client who my supervisor visits regularly, rang. He said he was in the psych ward, and the psych ward wanted to discharge him, and he had no where to go. He’d had an argument with his family, and they’d thrown him out of the house, so he’d ended up in the psych unit. The family are very disfunctional. There are 3 people living in the house, the mother, whose a raging alcoholic, and her son and daughter, the son is who rang, he’s not in good physical health, and he has mental health issues. The daughter is obese, like morbidly obese, and she cant walk as she has some sort of disability on top of the obesity.
My supervisor visits them every friday, however today, she went into the hospital to the son, got him a new phone as he said he had none, then he asked her if she’d go to his flat, as he had a flat but he hadnt stayed there in a while. He said the flat was full of rubbish, mainly beer cans, and stuff. So my supervisor went over there to clean it for him, as the psych ward agreed to keep him in until tuesday, my supervisor brought one of the other volunteers with her, to help her as she’s supposed to be going on holidays today after she finishes, and so she wanted to get this all done before she leaves.
It was a huge crisis, and it was so huge that my supervisor actually forgot she was to pick me up. It was only when I rang her to ask her if she was on the way that she went oops so sorry, I’ll tell you all about what happened when I get there, which she did.
I dont know what happened after she got back from his flat, as I was gone home before she got back to the office. I hope everything worked out though. Its not even in her job description to do this sort of thing. Its so good of her to do it for him, but she said she’s very fond of the son and daughter, and they’re in a terrible situation, its so sad, and I think she felt sorry for the son.
It is just an awful awful predicament to be in. Then after she got done cleaning the sons flat, she had to visit the daughter, and pretend she hadnt heard from the son, as the son and daughter had had an argument and they arent on speaking terms. What a flipping nightmare!


Good morning, happy friday!

Hi everyone!
Well I had a sleepless night! I didn’t get a wink of sleep.

I’m sitting here with my coffee, just having fed Nitro. I’m already dressed, and its not even 7 AM.

I’m so glad its Friday. It means the start of the weekend! And I do love my weekends!

My PA will be here at 9 today. We're going to just do some housework. I feel like I don't have that much for her to do today. It is going to be a long morning for us I think.

I also have work today. This afternoon. A shift on friendly call. Next week I am covering peoples holidays, so I will be doing a few extra shifts on friendly call then.

Well guys, Have a great Friday! And, happy Friday!

A sleepless night

I’m really tired. I never slept last night. I couldnt settle down. I stayed up all night. I know I shouldnt do that but I couldnt help it. I just couldnt go to sleep. I drank coffee, probably shouldnt do that either. Drank way too much of it. But then on the radio they said it helps you live longer, drinking coffee. Dont know how true that is though.

Anyway, my plan today is to go into work, for a few hours. I dont know yet what time I’m going in at, I need to text my supervisor this morning and arrange a pick up time.

I am going to go eat breakfast now and then go on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I dont feel like it this morning, but I want to keep that up even if I am tired. It will do me good I think to keep exercising.

I am also going to get a shower. Once I am feeling fresh and clean I will be less tired I think. Thats my hope at least.

I hope everyone has a nice Tuesday!



I’m doing a lot better today, even better than I was doing yesterday. Its nice. My night last night, despite my having a hard time with flashbacks, was good. I managed to sleep well which I was so glad about. I didnt go to sleep until around 1 AM but once I went to sleep I slept the whole night through.I read a couple chapters of a new book before bed, I’m reading the new casey watson book, a dark secret. I went back home to my own house today. Mom came with me so she could cut the grass. She’s doing that now as I write this. I’ll be here until Friday, when I’ll go back to mom and dads for the weekend. I didnt go volunteering today. I decided to take the day off. I’m not going to go to college tomorrow either. I will go to see dr. barry however. I’ve been waiting 3 weeks now and I need to see her since Eileen is off this week, I need that support. So I’ll go. I’m also going to go to slimming world, I dont want to miss that either. I’m not sure how good I’ll do this week with my weight loss, but I’m still going to go either way. If I dont I might slip up and I dont want that. So thats my little update, I hope your all having a good day and doing well. Thanks for all of the supportive comments last night. I really appreciated them, your all amazing friends to me.
carol anne


I didnt go

I didnt end up going to my work function. The pain in my stomach never went away.

I ended up staying in bed for most of the day. I only got up to eat dinner.

I feel somewhat better now. the pain has gone, but my stomach is still very tender.

I don’t know exactly why I was in pain, but I don’t want to experience that again any time in the near future.

It felt awful. I’ll probably be up all night now since I slept most of the day.

I don’t care though. Don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow and don’t have anything to do so if I am awake late, it doesn’t really matter.