i’m at my volunteer position in cork city partnership right now. i am on reception. answering the phones, and stuff. the bus driver from abode took me so i didnt have to get a taxi. we were late leaving because he had to have his lunch. but we got here and all is well. i sat with the staff and had a coffee and some biscuits. it was good to just chat with them. there is two new staff in the office. one is a student who is on work placement 3 days a week. my supervisor isnt here today. i spoke to her on the phone though. the girl i normally help is out sick as well. so i am pretty much doing my own thing. just motoring along. i booked a taxi to pick me up at 5 to bring me back to abode. hopefully it will come on time otherwise i might miss dinner.



i’m having a great morning. I went downstairs at 8. there was only one other person up and in the kitchen at that time. we sat and drank coffee together. and then the chef came in and made breakfast. everyone else started coming into the kitchen then. I had muesli and toast for breakfast. it was good. I like muesli. it has fruit and nuts in it. I love the texture and taste of it. I had marmalade on my toast. then after breakfast I went into the computer room. I played on my laptop for a while. I did some email and caught up on some blogs. our tutor Noelle came in at9 am. she wanted to do art. so now we are doing art. I am knitting a scarf. I will be cooking after break. our break is at 10:30. i’ll be cooking a baked potato and filling it with chili. I cant wait to cook. cooking is one of my favourite classes of the week. i’ll eat the chili and baked potato for my lunch. after lunch i’ll be going volunteering. the bus driver is taking me today so I don’t need to spend money on a taxi. I will have to take a taxi back to abode though. I’m looking forward to volunteering. I enjoy being with the staff in the office. they are all so nice. so accommodating. and so friendly.

My positive news yay!

hey guys! i’m ecstatic!
my work experience placement has been finalised! I start next week! Next friday!
yay! sooo happy!
so i’ll be working in a place called child vision. its a preschool for children with special needs, like physical disabilities like blindness, developmental disabilities, and learning and sensory disabilities.
I’ll be working with one other preschool teacher, there will be four kids in my class. twins, and two others.
I’m not sure yet of their ages, or what their disabilities are.
but I emailed the coordinator this afternoon to ask her some questions.
I’ll be working on friday afternoons, 1 to 4 PM.
Not sure what all of my duties will be. but this is so awesome!
I’ll be starting out doing a 10 week placement, but I am hopeful they’ll extend it if I like it there.
so thats my positive news for today.
carol anne

Good news on the volunteering front

well i got some awesome news today. you remember a few months ago i said i was trying to get in to volunteer at a local preschool for disabled kids, kids with blindness, and other physical and developmental and sensory disabilities? well yesterday a call came in from the co-ordinator. i was going to volunteer there one day a week. we had initially said I’d go on mondays, but mondays dont suit, but she said friday afternoons would suit. so all going well, i’ll be starting soon. i am so excited! this is a really great opportunity! I will learn so much from doing this and i cant wait to start!
it will add to my work experience as well and I just know I’ll gain so much from working closely with the kids!
things havent been firmed up properly yet but they are in the process of getting firmed up.
so yay good news!
carol anne

sorry for the lack of posts

sorry for the lack of posts yesterday guys. i was sick. i didnt sleep at all on sunday night. well yesterday was my first day back at the ils course. but i didnt even get to enjoy it. i couldnt go to class in the afternoon because i got a massive migraine. i had to go to bed instead. i slept from 2 until 5:30. then i got up, ate dinner, and went straight back to bed. slept for the remainder of the evening and then the whole night. must have really needed the sleep. woke up feeling so refreshed this morning, it was great. am enjoying my tuesday. we made pizza this morning, i’ll post pics in a while of the pizza both uncooked and then cooked. i put chorizo, cheese, peporoni, ham and peppers on it. it came out really good. we were also doing some of our nutrition and healthy options module. i’m volunteering this afternoon in the cork city partnership. its quiet here not much happening. but it feels good to be back volunteering again. i like being back in a regular routine.
carol anne


I cant sleep. So I decided to blog.

Its 3 AM. I doubt I’ll sleep tonight. I’ve had too much caffeine.

I’m cooking sheppards pie tomorrow. I love that dish. I will eat it for my lunch once its cooked. Watch for photos of the finished product some time during the day.

I hope I’ll be going volunteering today. I’m not sure yet whether I will, because one of the vans that ferries residents around is broken, so it might be that I cant go for another week. I hope thats not the case though.

I have one week left to turn my assignment in for college. Its a book review. I’m no where near done with it. I’m going to have to get cracking on it this week so that I will have it completed for next Tuesday.

Is anyone else up?


I’m in the middle of volunteering at cork city partnership right now. I’m really tired today. I almost fell asleep during my digital media class this morning. I went to bed around 2 AM and I managed to sleep, and I slept so soundly once I dropped off that I never woke up until one of the staff came in at 7:30 to call me. Even then I struggled to get out of bed.
So I’m pretty wrecked today. My eyes just keep closing. Its terrible.
I’m not too busy this afternoon though. So thats good at least.
I’m on reception…answering the phones and typing up emails and things.
I love this volunteer job. I love the people here. They’re all so lovely.
I get treated so respectfully and it feels so good, like I am a part of their team.
I’m finishing up here at 4:30 and going to mom and dads for something to eat before heading out to college for 7 PM.
I’ll get back to abode for about 10:30 pm.
Hoping I can manage to stay awake until then.
carol anne