Work is keeping me busy!

I was supposed to be on a week off from working on friendly call. Somehow every time I have a week off, I get roped in to working some shifts.
Yesterday morning One of the supervisors rang me, and asked if I could do calls in the afternoon, I said I would help her out, as the person whose list it was had to do something and so she wasnt able to do her calls.
So, I worked in the afternoon, before I took my nap.
Then last night I recieved an email from the same supervisor, asking if I am available tomorrow afternoon, so I said I would be. And she sent me the list this morning.
She asked me if I wanted to keep the same list for next week, so I said I could, and that I was back to normal next week with my shifts, from Monday to friday as normal.
The boss is off this week, but she’ll be back next week.
I hope I can get a full week off at some point!
I really don’t mind helping out though. It gives me something to focus on and makes me feel good about myself, the facg I am giving back to the community.