Good morning vlog


Carol annes middle of the night rambles

for those of you who’d like to listen to me ramble while I make tea, here is a little recording I just made.
Just click on the link and download the recording to your own pc.

A new series of recordings, my life living with did contact me if interested!

ok so here is how this will work. I will use my digital recorder to make recordings of home life, about our did system, from members of our system etc. I will load the files into dropbox and provide a link to the file each time i do a recording, but the link will be behind a password. if you’d like access and to be able to listen to the recordings, you will need to either email me or comment here. I will then give you the password for access to the recordings. When you click the link you can download the recordings and listen to them on your pc.
Anyone who’d like to hear future recordings of us about our system, introductions from the insiders, our abuse history, daily life, etc, will need a password.
so please comment here or email me!
or use the contact form on this site to contact me!
the link I will provide here is just a test that I did to see if my digital recorder is working. Please let me know if you can hear the file.

Please subscribe to our youtube channel

hi guys
i’m writing to ask all of you to please subscribe to our youtube channel.

we post videos of the alters, nitro, our daily life, family, videos about having did, videos about being blind and covers of songs.

we’d love it if you’d all join us and watch our videos!

our channel is here

my mental space

Please, please subscribe!