My new Iphone is here!

It arrived at mom and dads house a few minutes ago. Mom is bringing it over when she comes over later. then I’ll have to set it up. I’m hoping I can do that quickly. I am excited to get the new phone. I love getting mail.
I cant wait to start playing with it.
Love tech and new tech toys!

First mobility lesson

So I had my first mobility lesson this afternoon. It was good. But it was hard! I am so out of practice at using the cane. I made a ton of mistakes. I think it is going to take me a while to get up to speed again. Today we went to a store near where I live, a convenience store. Its only about a 5 minute walk from my house. But boy do you have to concentrate on what your doing. It literally took all of my energy and focus to get there. You cant take your focus off of the task at hand for one second. Also its quite scary for me to be out on a street, with traffic all around me. I am just so not used to it. I mean you’d think after working a guide dog for all these years I’d be so used to it. But using a cane is a whole different ball game entirely. With a dog, the dog will guide you around objects, so you dont even know they are there. With the cane, you literally have to guide yourself. Plus my arm kept getting sore. By the time I was finished it was killing me. The motion of sweeping the cane from left to right made my arm cramp up. Again, I am not used to having to do it for a long period of time. The instructor was lovely though. I thought she was a good teacher. She said I did really well for my first lesson. Getting the feedback from her was nice. We were out for over an hour. When I got home I napped for a little while. We’ll have another lesson next week. I’ll be working for a while on this particular route I think. Even she said its not as straight forward as she first thought. She said some parts of it are tricky. I agree with her on that. There are two road crossings and one of them is very busy. But I think in time I should be successfully able to manage to go to the store alone. Thats my goal anyway.

A car conversation with my niece

So this is the conversation that took place in the car between my 11 year old niece Lauren and I yesterday.

Lauren: Can you see colors? Or what do you see?
Me: No, I cant see any colors.
Lauren: So its all black?
Me: Well no, its not black either. I know when its dark and bright, but thats just something in my brain that makes it like that, its not actually my eyes showing me that.
Lauren: But why?
Me: Well I have no backs to my eyes. I was born without them.
Lauren: But cant you get new backs?
Me: Unfortunately not sweetie. You have to grow with them, you cant replace them.
Lauren: But cant you get surgery?
Me: Well if I had millions of bucks I would.
Lauren: But can you actually get surgery to fix your eyes?
Me: I dunno hun, I doubt it.
Lauren: I’d hate to not be able to see.
Me: Oh I dont mind, why would you hate it?
Lauren: I’d be so paranoid not being able to see.

Bless her. The innocence of it. Its the first time she’s really spoken to me about my blindness, besides asking a few questions about it when she was younger.

She must have been thinking about it. She’s at that age now, where she wants answers to everything.


going to a Conference

I am going to a conference this morning. Its a technology and employment conference, that is organised by the national council for the blind. Its just for visually impaired people. There will be a lot of talks from other visually impaired people, people who are employed, and technology venders, and in the afternoon, there will be demos of adaptive technology aids for the visually impaired. the conference is free of charge, so I thought I’d go to it. We’ll also get lunch while we’re there. I was told there will be around 50 people going. I will probably know most of them.
I am looking forward to it. I will enjoy the tech demos. It will be interesting to see what new things are out there that will make life easier for me as a blind person.
The conference will last from 10 AM until 5 pm. So all day. I’ll write more about it later this evening.