Employment skills course

My community resource worker at our local blindness agency emailed me the other day, to tell me about a course that is running next week, an employment skills course.
The course runs for 2 weeks total. Its 30 hours of work. It looked good, it is all done virtually through zoom and you work alone on the six components of the course, doing research, CV prep, interview skills, all that sort of stuff.
But…yes there’s a but.
I was too late to sign up. I tried to sign up today and the sign up was closed. I was disappointed. I do eventually want to get a job, and this course was free, and would have been good to have as it helped with job searches and stuff.
Oh well. Maybe they’ll run the course again if its successful. I hope so anyway. I told my resource worker she could have given me a little more time to sign up, there was only days to go when she emailed me, and when she first emailed me I couldnt open the course brochure and so I had to email her back asking her to write out the text of it for me and copy it into an email and so that took more time.

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