A funny thing happened in therapy today

So me and eileen were on our zoom call earlier today. We were a few minutes into the call.
Suddenly it said the host has muted you. That meant Eileen couldnt hear me, but I could hear her.
I panicked at first, but then I realised you can text chat, so I left a message telling her she’d put me on mute.
She took me off, and I was able to unmute myself. But in the process, she did something to her screen, and the screen plunged into blackness.
So that meant she couldnt see me, and obviously I couldnt see her, but we could both hear one another.
I got a real kick out of her screen getting plunged into blackness, I was like, now you know what it feels like to not be able to see and you know what its like to have to just listen to my voice, and not have a visual to go with it.
She was like, yes! I’m really getting a feel for what its like for you!
I just thought it was a kinda cool thing to happen!
We stayed that way with just our voices for most of the session, until the final 15 minutes of it, when Eileen couldnt handle it any longer and asked me to facetime her so she could see me.
I said, ok, but I hope you never go blind, you’d never last!
I told her I couldnt wait to tell all of my friends about it. Especially my blind friends.