Up at weigh in and mobility lessons!

I was up half a pound at weigh in this morning! I’m not worried though because I’ve been exercising a lot, so its probably muscle. I didnt stay for group today, instead I went to the store to get the ingredients to make a shepherds pie tomorrow evening with my PA. I’m hopeful I’ll be down next week. Fingers crossed for me!

A mobility instructor just rang me and she wants to meet me today to go over what I want to learn, what routes I want to do around my home area etc. So she’s coming out to visit me at 2 PM. I am excited but nervous at the same time! I havent used a long cane in years. I hope it goes well for me! We arent going out or anything today, we’re just going to chat and see what we’ll do when we start the lessons. This will be a whole new chapter for me! I hate the long cane and would prefer a dog, but for now, I’ll have to use the long cane.