Blindness and discrimination

The word of the day today is discrimination.

Discrimination – Word of the Day Challenge (

Disabled people on the whole face a lot of discrimination.

Being blind, I have faced my fare share.

I have been denied access to places, I have not been able to gain access to some places, I have been denied things that would make my life easier in my education, I have also been denied interviews for certain jobs.

Some people think that if your blind you can’t do anything, and that just isn’t true.

Others think a certain way about blind people. They think we sit around at home all day every day and we can’t be independent.

True that nowadays, I am not as independent as I’d like to be, but in my life time I have been able to walk around the city where I live alone, I have been able to travel across the world alone.

I refuse to let my blindness be an obstacle.

I still think that today there is a lot of discrimination, it hasn’t really gotten much better nowadays than it was when I was a child.

When I was a kid, my mom had to fight for every little thing.

She didn’t have it easy and she had a fight on her hands to get me what I needed.

As an adult, I’ve still had to fight for what I need.

I think I always will.