A new youtube video from us

Here is a new youtube video on our channel. Its lexi, whose six, showing our new stuffed rabbit we got from our friend Emilia.

Our youtube channel link is below if you’d like to subscribe to us…

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Bad start to my morning

i slept well woke up at 6. decided to get in the shower. no one here gets up until 7, then staff help residents who need help in the shower. so anyway. got in the shower and took my shower. thought i was really doing great and being all bright eyed and bushy tailed. got out of the shower and oh. my. god. the floor was soaking. i mean puddles of water everywhere. i quick got a towel and tried to soak up some of the water, it didnt really work. so then i had no choice but to ring the bell so that a staff member would come in so i could tell them. the nurse annette came in needless to say she was none too happy when she saw the mess. she was like its only 6:20 AM, what are you doing up at that time? i told her i just woke up early so decided to get up. she had to put sheets down, then she mopped the floor. i felt so bad having to have staff come in. after her initial grumpiness though she was ok. i told her i hadnt had this problem yesterday and she said she’d get the maintenance man to look at it later this morning.

she said it was pouring outside and looking like it would be down for the day. if thats the case i’ll stay indoors today. i was going to go to the basement club but i’m not going if it means i’ll be soaked to the skin. i can wait until tomorrow.

I’m glad I slept well though. I’m thinking about getting a mood tracker ap. Does anyone know of any good ones? I’ve never tried one before. But it sounds like it might be good if I did.

Let me know what ones you use. I dreamt about Jess and her system last night. I dreamt I was visiting them in the US. It doesnt surprise me since I went to sleep thinking of them all. And crying, I went to sleep crying because I miss them so much.

We used to have such fun times when I’d visit. Me and Jess our sense of humour is similar, and we were always teasing one another. I love that she’s multi and just gets me too, there is also that. A friend just reminded me of a youtube video we’d made, where jess was making fun of me because I said I took out a 50 dollar note, instead of a 50 dollar bill. She was like that, always teasing me about the differences in terms I used.

I have a youtube channel with some videos on it that we made, some years ago, if anyones interested in watching them. My favourite is one where we were in a huge rain storm. We were sitting in the car and it was pouring rain and thundering, and I was like I am so scared, and jess was like she’s scared of the lightning, and she cant even see it! Another person would get offended but not me, I knew she was only teasing me.

The next thing I knew she spilled her hot coffee all down my arm! And she was like would you look at that! We have made some awesome videos.

If you wanna see them let me know because they are on a separate youtube channel.

Poll: Vlogs, do you enjoy them?

about my vlogs

hi guys
so i was wondering, do people like my vlogs? I was going to do a poll on it but then I figured comments and feedback on the topic from readers would be better. what do you think of people putting vlogs from youtube on their blog, and more to the point, do you like my blogs, and do you watch them if I post them on here?

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so I thought i’d share our youtube channel with all of you. I haven’t made any videos in a little while. but I will again after the weekend!
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Idont always place the camera right due to being blind, so in case you are wondering why our videos don’t turn out sometimes, that’s why.

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