A bit of a fright

This morning I got a letter from the insurance company that I have nitro insured with.
It said that I wouldnt be recieving the amount of the claim for the recent consultation which was for 34 euro, I wouldnt be getting it back because it was under the excess amount of 100 euro.
I thought to myself, hmmm this is so weird.
I knew I’d payed over 204 euro for the recent surgery. So I called to query it with them.
It turns out two claims went in to them, the vet did that, I had nothing to do with it, and anyhow, one of the claims was for 34 euro, which was the price of the recent consultation, the other was for the surgery.
So the nice lady on the phone told me that I’d be recieving 62 euro back from the claim which was for the surgery but that I wouldnt be getting the 34 euro for the second claim, since it was below the excess which I knew and am ok with.
So my 62 euro is in the mail, yay!
And my scare is over, I can stop freaking out now.