I had fun on facetime

I face timed sarah. That was fun.
We had fun talking about ben and jerrys icecream. Lol. Now I want some so will get some tomorrow. I’m craving icecream now since I havent had any in a while.
I vented a little to sarah about the situation I am finding us in now with the kids not wanting to go into the bathroom, felt good to be able to verbalize it to someone other than my therapist.
Mostly though we had a fun chat. Nitro was being cute too, he was drinking water and slirping it and acting all funny, he’s such a cutie. Sarah was saying hello to him because I had her on loud speaker, and he kept wagging his tail and panting.
So the call kept me distracted and now things feel a lot better, they are not completely better but better than they were earlier tonight.
I feel so relieved. So the moral of the story is, when you feel down, sad, triggered, and anxious, talk to a friend, whether thats on facetime, over the phone, on email etc. just talk. It will make you feel great.

Trolls! would ya look at this?

Someone named joyce just sent me an email, basically saying I didnt agree with her because I didnt post her comments. Its not true! I havent even looked at my comments today yet, and when I do, I’ll post them all, unless they are clearly spam! I am not going to not post someones comments just because I dont agree or I think their opinion is not valid! I think everyone has a valid opinion and can post if they want to and if I dont agree, then I dont agree, but well oh well thats just how it is!
I am not particularly thrilled with this email she sent, I mean, it seems as if this Joyce person is wanting to troll, well, joyce, sorry to say but I am not in the mood!
I will post your comments, unless you are abusing me or abusing my readers, then I wont!
There is no need to send me a nasty email claiming I shouldnt be blogging just because I took my time approving your comments!
Heres her message to me!

Message: Seems as if your not willing to post the comments that disagree with what you have to say ? Cant handle people who disagree with you ? Or just think your opinion is the only one that matters . Maybe you shouldnt be a blogger or post on a public type forum if you cant handle people who dont agree with you.

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The Monday peeve

Hi! Well Paula from light motifs is the host of the Monday peeve! Its where you get to vent about something on a Monday. So here I go with my vent for this Monday, but its actually Tuesday here now.

My vent is about workmen! I am so peeved at the ones who came into my house today!

Why do they think its ok to mess up the whole place and not bother to clean it after themselves? It irks me!

Today, 2 workmen came into my home to install a carbon monoxide alarm. They messed up my kitchen, moved everything, and then didn bother to tell me. So I was looking for coffee, my sweeteners, and I couldn’t find them because they’d been moved. Ug!

Then one guy was fiddling with my heating system, and he turned off the gas at the wall, so my heating wouldn’t work. I mean WTF? Don’t touch it dude! Why do you even need to be going near it?

All he was doing was installing an alarm, which uses the electric system, not the damn heat! To say I was peeved is an understatement! I was so annoyed!

I did put everything right, but at first I didn’t even know things were so messy! I though then that they’d left my curtains open, but thank god they didn’t. They did however leave on my lights. Thank god they were only in my house for an hour tops! That is all I can deal with.

Well that’s me done with my vent!
Oh one more thing? They were going in and out of my fron door, and I was full sure they’d let Nitro out. Thank god though he stayed by my side, he didn’t follow them at all. Good boy, Nitro!