Macaroni ham vegetable casserole

Macaroni Ham Vegetable Casserole
1 cup elbow macaroni (4 ounces)
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 1/2 quarts boiling water
1/2 cup diced cooked ham
1 can (7 1/2 ounces) semi-condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 can (8 ounces) cut green beans, drained
Gradually add macaroni and salt to rapidly boiling water so that water continues to boil. Drain macaroni. Add ham, soup and green beans; cook, stirring, until hot.
Makes 2 servings.


Green vegetable casserole

Green Vegetable Casserole
1 (10 ounce) package frozen lima beans, cooked
1 (10 ounce) package frozen green beans, cooked
1 (10 ounce) package frozen green peas, cooked
2 bell peppers, cut into strips
1/2 pint half and half
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons horseradish
1 (3 ounce) can grated Parmesan cheese
Heat oven to 350 degrees. Drain vegetables and layer in large casserole with bell peppers. Blend together half and half, horseradish and mayonnaise; pour over vegetables and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Bake for 45 minutes, or until light brown.
Makes 8 servings.


Crispy cauliflower

Crispy Cauliflower
1 fresh head of cauliflower
1 tablespoon water
1 stick butter
1 cup dry bread crumbs
1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
Separate cauliflower into florets. Place in microwavable dish. Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon water. Cover and cook on high for 3 to 4 minutes. Drain florets and allow to cool until you can handle them. Place melted butter in a shallow dish. Mix the bread crumbs and seasoning together in another shallow dish. Dip each floret into melted butter and then into the seasoned bread crumbs, rolling to cover well. Place in greased 9 by 13 inch baking dish. Bake, uncovered, at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. Turn off oven. Sprinkle with cheese and return to oven to melt.
Makes 4 servings.


Vegetable ham casserole

Vegetable Ham Casserole
6 medium potatoes, sliced 1/4 inch thick
1 (16 ounce) can carrots, drained, reserve juice
1 (16 ounce) can peas, drained, reserve juice
1 onion, sliced
1 pound thinly sliced baked ham
1 (10 3/4 ounce) can tomato soup
In a casserole dish, layer potato slices, carrots, peas, onion and ham. In a bowl, combine reserved vegetable juices with tomato soup; pour over layers. Bake at 300 degrees for 1 hour, or until potatoes are done.


Stuffed peppers

Stuffed Peppers
4 medium-sized green, yellow or red, sweet peppers, or a mixture of colors
1 cup cooked rice
1 (15 ounce) can chili beans with chili gravy
1 cup shredded cheese, divided
1 (14 1/2 ounce) can petite diced tomatoes, with onions, celery and green pepper
Wash and dry peppers. Remove tops, membranes and seeds, but keep the peppers whole. In a bowl, mix together rice, beans and half of the cheese. Spoon mixture into peppers. Pour tomatoes into 5 quart slow cooker. Place filled peppers on top, keeping them upright. Do not stack the peppers. Cover; cook on high for 3 hours. Carefully lift peppers out of cooker and place on a serving platter. Spoon hot tomatoes over top. Sprinkle remaining cheese over peppers.
Makes 4 servings.


Cinamon sweet potatoes

Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
3 medium-sized sweet potatoes, thinly sliced and peeled (about 4 to 6 cups of slices), divided
1/2 stick butter, melted
Salt to taste
Spray 2 to 3 quart slow cooker with nonstick cooking spray. Combine brown sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl. Place one-third of sweet potato slices in slow cooker. Drizzle with one-third of butter. Sprinkle with salt and one-third of brown sugar mixture. Repeat layers two more times. Cover; cook on high for 3 hours, or until potatoes are tender.
Makes 4 to 6 servings.