Traveling expenses

I just got off the phone to my travel agent. I needed travel insurance, just in case I get sick while I am in colorado. Or in case I need a doctor or something. I didnt know if my travel agent did insurance, but when I asked, they did. She looked at all the different options and she gave me a price of 75 euro for a premier plus policy. I took it, because my thinking is, its better to be covered just in case something goes wrong. I am covered now from today, even though I am not traveling until May. She emailed the details on to me. She said if something goes wrong that I should wait until I get home to claim, unless of course I am in hospital or something, which hopefully wont happen. She did tell me the policy doesnt cover the corona virus. No insurance are covering that. Its only if the government tells you not to travel that you’d get your money back, if you cancel your trip without being told not to travel you lose all of your money. I’m not too worried about the corona virus though. I mean I know some countries have had a lot of people get it, but America hasnt had that many cases. If I wash my hands and sanitise them with the hand sanitiser I should be fine. I’m glad I’ve gotten travel insurance now, I also asked her about my visa, and where to go to apply for it. She told me to go to the ESTA website, but to make sure I was only being charged 14 dollars, because some sites are trying to cash in on people applying and charging astronomical fees. I googled it and I’ve seen the offical ESTA site, and so I know now where to apply for it. I am hoping to do that next week. I need my sisters help to complete the application. I have time anyway, I can do it some time this month. ONce I get the visa its valid for 2 years. There are so many hidden expenses when traveling. You buy you ticket and start saving your spending money and you think thats all you need to do but it isnt. Far from it. I’m just about done now though. I think I’m all set to go now.

September 6th weird holidays

The holidays for September 6th, 2019 are:
Barbie Doll Day
Bring Your Manners to Work Day
Fight Procrastination Day
Great Egg Toss Day
National 401(k) Day
National Coffee Ice Cream Day
National Food Bank Day
National Lazy Mom’s Day
Read a Book Day
Stillbirth Remembrance Day
Wear Teal Day


she’s home tomorrow

My sister gets home from her holidays tomorrow! Late tomorrow night she flies back into cork.

She had a brilliant time! She enjoyed the break. The weather was lovely for them too! In the 30’s every day!

They did a lot of sight seeing! And swimming in the pool and going to the beach!
Dad and mom have her two pugs, they’ve been looking after them. The pugs are sooo cute! One is a barker though, she barks at everything that moves!
I’ll see my sister on Sunday, as she and her partner and kids are coming to mom and dads for dinner.
I wonder if she brought me back a present? We’ll see! I’d love a new bag, or some perfume!


#writing prompt #26

Once upon a june…

I love the month of june. I love it because its summer time. There is so much to do. June is my moms birthday month. It is the time when I used to get summer holidays from school. It is usually sunny and warm. This june wasn’t particularly warm, but mostly June is a hot month. There are outings, there are family events, there are fun times. So much to do.
This june we had a family party, and we had my cousins wedding. Two lovely events, two fun filled events. We went for summer walks, we took the kids to the park, we went for long drives, we took the dogs to the beach.
I love june, and I love summer.

Writing Prompt #26

The holidays for June 1st

The holidays for June 1st, 2019 are:
Dare Day
Dinosaur Day
Don’t Give Up The Ship Day
Drawing Day
Flip a Coin Day
Global Day of Parents
Heimlich Maneuver Day
International Children’s Day
International TableTop Day
National Black Bear Day
National Bubbly Day
National Cheer Coach Day
National Family Recreation Day
National Go Barefoot Day
National Hazelnut Cake Day
National Learn to Row Day
National Nail Polish Day
National Olive Day
National Pen Pal Day
National Pineapple Day
National Prairie Day
National Trails Day
New Year’s Resolution Recommitment Day
Oscar The Grouch Day
Say Something Nice Day
Stand For Children Day
Turtle Races Day
Wear a Dress Day
World Milk Day