I need some feedback, from you good readers, ok, here goes.

What do you enjoy reading on my blog?

Nitro updates
updates on therapy and dr. barry apts
life updates
weight loss updates
posts about did or ptsd and or anxiety
all of the above

Please comment and let me know. I’m all ears!

I got an A on my 3rd module!!

The results of my 3rd module are up on canvas. We had four modules in total for our course. The 3rd one I just finished in late October. For that module, I had to do a poster presentation and a learner log which was 800 words in length. I chose to do my poster presentation on friendly call and on isolation and loneliness, and I did my learner log on what it was like to work on friendly call. I just checked my result and I got an A for both the presentation and I also got an A for my learner log!
I am so very proud of myself! I put in a lot of work into both the presentation and learner log!
That means I will get a 1-1 first class honour in the overall course, as I have all A’s in the 3 modules, and I am hoping this last presentation I did today, for the fourth and final module, I am hoping to get an A on that too!
What a great way to end the night! I can go to bed happy! I am so elated!
This is the best news ever!
❤ ❤ 😀

My life updates email notification group

hi everyone
I have made an email notification group, where I will be posting some more detailed updates about therapy, and other things to do with my life.
I’d love it if you’d join it.
Feel free to subscribe by sending a blank email to the following address

Looking forward to all of my readers joining me! 🙂


Email notifications group

so i’m making a new email group. its a notification group. where i will post things about therapy, more detailed stuff than I post here.
you wont have to participate in it. its not a discussion group.
its just a group for my friends and blog buddies, a group where i can post detailed updates.
if you want to reply to me you can and it will go directly to me. if not you can just read silently.
so guys. if you want to be part of the list, comment with an email address that you’d like to use to sign up.
i will send an invitation to you once i create the list.
remember its not a discussion list, its only a lis where i can send out updates.
so please let me know if you want to be part of it. if there is enough interest i’ll definitely do it.

Youtube videos

i am making a list of people who would like to receive our youtube videos. if you’d like to be on the list to receive our videos, please comment with your email address. or you can email it to me privately at

then each time we make a new video we’ll send it out to only those people on the list.

HOpe people will join us!


I am home from my vacation. We had a lovely time. We got home on saturday but I havent felt like blogging since then. We had a great day at tayto theme park on Friday. I went on europes largest roller coaster twice. It was amazing. We spent the entire day at the theme park, there was so much to do and see there. A zoo, a circus, etc as well as all of the rides.
Not much going on since I got home. Spent the weekend at home in my own house instead of at my parents. I felt like I just needed some space. Plus I am burning my CD collection and uploading it so that is taking a long time.
I saw dr. Barry this morning. The appointment went well. we didnt touch on anything new. i told her about my vacation and she told me about hers. she was sick with a cold, I hope I wont get it from her.

random sunday musings

todays been mostly an ok day. one of the nurses from the weekend team phoned me early this morning. i forgot she’d be phoning so i left my phone in the bedroom. so then she rang my mom to see where i was. i was annoyed at that but i suppose they have to do that. dr. barry said they freak out when they cant get hold of you.
the nurse who called was called cora. i found her to be better than jessica who was the nurse who called yesterday. she asked me how i was doing and how i’d slept. i told her i was just trying to stay busy until tomorrow when i could see dr. barry.
she told me to ring during the day if i needed anything, they are working until 5 PM. its good to know i can call if things get worse.
i had dinner at mom and dads. my sister and her partner came with the two kids. the kids always cheer me up. my sister was taking lauren who is 7 shopping for a communion dress. Mom went with them. i am heading to my friend Normas soon I’m just waiting for her to ring me.
i thought i was getting a stomach bug last night. i felt bad and had pains in my stomach and gas. but luckily it never materialised and boy was i glad. i hate stomach bugs.