A late christmas present and other things

So my friend sarah sent me a package. It just got here this morning. She sent me shower gel from lush, it smells so darn good! She also sent me some lip scrub and some reeces peanut butter cups. Yay for reeces. I just broke my diet and ate 3 already lol. The bag is huge! Its a good thing as they dont sell them here. I absolutely love reeces cups. I needed cheering up because I was feeling so miserable from being sick. So thanks Sarah you are awesome!
I ended up going grocery shopping. I got all the ingredients to make a pot of vegetable soup. I am going to put leaks, carrot, onion, parsnip, cauliflower and broccoli in to it. I also got the ingredients to make a spaghetti bolognes. I am doing it a little differently though. I will be following the slimming world recipe. I got a bunch of other things too, mainly a lot of fruit and stuff. They had this berry platter on sale so I bought that and hate half for my lunch. I also bought myself a new blender because I didnt have one and I need it to blend the soup.
I’m going to start back exercising tonight. I’ve decided to do half an hour on the treadmill. I can walk while I watch a tv programme because I have tv on my phone. That way the time will pass quickly.