Life update!

Your three things today are:


Good morning! This mornings life update?
Well the first thing is, I slept great. I ended up napping in the afternoon yesterday.
It did me the power of good!
I still slept great last night. So this morning I am feeling great.
I’m listening to the breakfast show on our local radio station.
My PA Frances is coming at 9 AM! We will just do housework, and she might take nitro out walking. I dont really feel like going out this morning.
I am planning on getting on my treadmill though. I weighed myself this morning, just to see how I am doing, and to my shock I was down about 3 pounds. So I am thrilled.
I wont weigh in properly until this saturday.
I found out yesterday that my dad is getting his covid vaccination on friday. He has an appointment for 11:30 on Friday morning. I think he’s getting the astrazenica one.
I also found out that the doctor called him back about his blood work results. Apparently his iron is very very low so she is writing to the hospital so that he can have further investigations done.
I am also working today on friendly call. This afternoon. I took yesterday off of work, because I was just feeling too tired after no sleep on Sunday night.
Anyway, I hope you all have a brilliant Tuesday!
Stay safe,

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