Got it under control

i’ve managed to get my anxiety under control. i distracted, thats my normal thing to do. i went out to the living room and watched some tv with my parents. there was a quiz show on which i was able to take interest in and then some cheesy dating show came on and i was like um I am not watching this so went back out to the bedroom and started browsing my email. it worked though. my anxiety is less now. i feel normal again. i am going to listen to some music now. a bit of adele. and a bit of taylor swift. and a bit of rihanna. yeah love me some music. lol. everyone inside is happy right now too so i am relieved about that. i just noticed i didnt wear my apple watch today. maybe i should have and then i could have used the breathe ap on it to do some mindful breathing. i’m doing better though and i’m grateful for that.