Watching a true crime show about casey anthony

So I just got done watching a show on the casey anthony murder mystery, you know, she murdered her 2 year old daughter, and got away with it. I mean how she got away with it is beyond me, a jury should’ve found her guilty, but they didnt.
She was from Orlando, and in 2008 her 2 year old went missing, and for a month it wasnt reported, a whole month!
Then the family car was found and finally she was a suspect. They said in the show she was a liar, a compulsive liar, and she was a party girl, she hated having a child.
The theory was, that she medicated her little girl with xanax and chloroform, and drowned her in their swimming pool. Then she put the body in the trunk of the familys car and drove around for 5 days with the body in the car, before finally disposing of it in a wooded area a half mile from their home.
How could anyone be so evil! She was only 22 I believe when she did this to her child!
I’m stunned that a jury didnt convict her!
On the show you could just see how the prosecution attorney felt so bad for the little girl, she even said she felt like she’d let her down because no justice was served.
It was a good show. I hadnt even planned on watching it, I had planned on watching I survived, which is a show about people surviving horrific things, but that wasnt on tonight, and this true crime show was on instead!


Teething problems with my new tv remote

god! sometimes I hate being blind. I am having some trouble with my new tv remote. The guy who installed my sky tv package showed me how to work it. And I thought I remembered, but today I forgot where the back button was again. Not even my mom could help me, as she’s very technologically challenged. In the end I found it, after much trying and failing. So alls good now. My tv is working. I can watch the tv. I think now that I’ve found the back button for myself, I’ll remember where it is on the remote. I do wish I could see though at times like this. It would make things so much easier. Ah well. At least it works. For a while there I thought I wouldnt be able to enjoy my new tv package at all. And if I didnt find the back button to allow me to change the channels then I wouldnt have been able to enjoy it. What a disasterous hour I put down. Way to make me grumpy. Thanks a lot blindness, sometimes I hate you lol.

Good morning guys

I slept great. I went to bed at 8:30 and fell into a deep sleep. it was bliss. I’d been up since 1 AM so I was exhausted. I let the kids have take out for dinner, which they absolutely loved. Darina was super super happpy about it!
I woke at 5 this morning, but I stayed in bed for another half hour then I got up. Its pouring rain outside, and we’re meant to have another storm this weekend, so not looking forward to that.
I will be going to my parents house this weekend. First though my PA comes this morning, we’ll just do some housework. Then I work on friendly call for a few hours. I am going into work early. I will go in after my PA leaves.
Tonight mom is going to do my hair for me, she’s going to put rollers in it. I am trying out the rollers and will see if my hair is nice curled. I have a family confirmation next week and I’d like to wear my hair in curls for it. So we’ll see how it turns out, if it turns out good I’ll also do this for my niece’s confirmation which is in a few weeks time.
I’ll leave the rollers in overnight and take them out in the morning. I really hope it turns out.
For now though think I’ll go watch a little tv. I am loving my new tv package. Its cool.

OMG what a stresser of a morning

So as you all know, I was having my new tv package installed this morning. That all went ahead, and everything went great. The guy who installed it was lovely. I ended up having him install it in the living room instead of in the bedroom. He installed a brand new satellite dish too for me. So yes, the installation went smoothly, it was me who messed things up and spent the whole morning stressed out trying to put them right again.
The guy showed me how to work the sky remote, and I thought I had it down pat. Then he left, and I was flicking channels, I flicked on to a channel I am not subscribed to, and I couldn’t get back out of it. I tried everything, but there was no sound on my tv. I rang up the customer service department, and I reset my box to the default settings.
Still nothing. I eventually got to talk to someone in the accessibility team, and they emailed the engineer who’d been out to me. He came out again, and what do you know, there is a back button on the remote that I just didn’t know about. And once he showed me that, I was all set. I felt bad that I had brought him all the way back out to my house again, but he said it was fine. He said he’d try to get me a different remote, a more accessible one.
I’m glad its all fixed, but I would have avoided all the stress and the hour I spent trying to fix things, if I just knew about the back button and knew where it was. Lol the joys of being blind!
And after all that, I need me some coffee!
At least my afternoon will be better, I’m going to my friend normas house later on this afternoon. I wont go until around 5 PM. I will watch some stuff on tv until then. I have a lot of channels to choose from!

I’m having aNew tv package installed this morning

I am very excited. I am getting sky tv. Its a Tv service that is over here in ireland and the UK, and its also around europe I believe
A guy is coming to my home this morning to install it for me in my bedroom. He rang me yesterday evening, and he said he’d be arriving at 7:30 this morning, I was like wow! He doesnt wait until a decent hour to come!
I went to bed super early last night, so that I could wake up early enough to shower and get dressed and wait for him to get here.
I think I was in bed by 8 PM! I slept until around 1 AM but I’d also napped in the afternoon so in total I think I got around 8 hours of decent sleep.
What I am excited about is the box I am getting is called a sky Q box. I will be able to use the internet to stream on demand content from sky, and I can record shows on it. And I have an app on my phone which makes it accessible to me so that I will be able to record on my own.
And there is a ton of channels with this package, ones I love like discovery ID, the crime and investigation network, sky crime, commedy central, sky witness which plays SVU and criminal minds, home and health which I love, CBS reality which is a channel playing reality tv shows, all sorts, the food network, etc.
I asked the guy on the phone if he would be able to set it up for me so that I can get audio description on any shows that sky offers which are described, and he said he could do that for me. Its pretty easy to set that up all he has to do is go into the system settings and turn it on in there.
I am really looking forward to having this new tv package. Now I’ll have this one in my main bedroom, and in my spare bedroom I have my apple tv which has netflix and amazon prime on it so I am good to go!

Cant sleep at all tonight

so i cant sleep. i’ve been wide awake, unable to settle. i was watching tv, was watching a true crime show, since I wasnt able to sleep. Of course it would help if I didnt nap yesterday afternoon, but well, I did. Anyway, I watched a show called worlds most shocking murders, it was good. About a british guy who poisoned his co-workers in the 70’s, fascinating story. After the show ended I turned on the repeat of this mornings talk show on our local radio station, the show gets repeated in the middle of the night, I had missed it this morning due to me going to slimming world. Then I got hungry so I made bacon and toast. It was sooo good! I enjoyed it. And then I started downloading some audio books. I will be seeing Dr. Barry today in the afternoon. I also have to get my shot. I’m due my 3 monthly shot. I cant wait to see Dr. Barry. Because I had to take Nitro to the vets on Monday, I never got to see Eileen, so we’ve had no therapy this past week. Before I go see Dr. Barry my mom is coming over for an hour. She will clean my yard and just spend the hour tidying up for me. My sister said she’d drop me to the hospital to save me getting a taxi, so she’ll pick me up when she picks my mom up. I’m thankful to her for the ride. I finished my shane dunphy book called bleak alley. It was a brilliant read. I liked that shane read the book himself. I think that gives a real personal touch when the author reads their own book. I’m not going to start anything now until Thursday, when the new Cathy glass book comes out. I’m excited for that to come out and to start reading it. I will do a review of the shane dunphy book soon for the blog.

Just not sleeping

Its gone 1 AM now. I am still wide awake. I cant seem to settle down tonight. I feel too wound up to sleep.

I tried watching tv. But I wasnt able to find anything good. I tried looking at amazon prime, and on netflicks, but all I kept doing was scrolling, and not settling on a show to watch.

So then I called my friend Pat, the friend I’m going to see this coming weekend. We chatted for an hour or so and that did distract me from my thoughts and stopped my mind from racing.

Now I’m debating, will I try to sleep, or will I make some tea and read my book for a while.

Its pouring rain outside, the noise of it is soothing to me.