A lazy day!

I had another lazy day today.

I didn’t go to sleep until after 3 AM last night, but I was awake and up again by 7:30.

I fed Nitro, let him out, made coffee, and called my mom for our morning chat.

Then I decided to get online and do some maintenance on my computer.

My sister came over at noon. She cleaned my yard, and vacuumed the floors. She stayed for about an hour.

Nitro is shedding like crazy, even though I am brushing him a lot!

After my sister left, I just hung out, I watched some tv, and listened to music.

I was expecting two packages today, but they haven’t arrived yet.

Its 5:30 now, so I am not sure if they will arrive today.

Mom decided to go grocery shopping with my sister this afternoon, it is her first time being out and about since she got home from the hospital last week, well, she went to my sisters on boxing day, but she hasn’t gone to stores at all.

She was fine, she didn’t get breathless, she wore her mask, and when her shopping cart got very heavy, my sister pushed it for her.

She also had her oxygen concentrator with her, she can’t go out without it.

I am trying to decide what book I want to read next. I have such a long list of books that I want to read, and I am finding it hard to pick one.

I’ll probably read for an hour or two soon.

Right now, I have a party playlist on spotify going.

Hoping your all having a good Thursday!