Loving my new apple tv!

I love my new apple tv! I am totally hooked! I’ve been having so much fun with it. Since it arrived yesterday I’ve been busy playing around with it. Its the fourth gen apple tv. Its the one where you can download apps onto it. So I’ve got plenty of things to watch now. I subscribe to amazon prime, net flicks, there is youtube, apple music, then my own tv provider Eir has also started broadcasting its service on apple tv, so all of the channels I get from them are available. I also have the RTE player, RTE is our local broadcaster, I also have the BBC I player which broadcasts the UK TV channels. My smart tv is in my spare bedroom, and my apple tv is connected up in there. I have a bed in there so I can sleep in there if I am watching the TV. Oh I can also read my audio books, on my apple tv. Its fantastic. I found this new service too called Ibox which streams tv channels to people in ireland for 10 euro a month, for that you can stream, record, and rewatch the last 7 days worth of programmes that have been broadcast. I’m so happy I decided to go for the upgrade. The whole thing is also accessible to me with voice over. My sister just had to activate the voice over on the tv for me. I was so thankful to my sis for setting up the tv yesterday. It only took about 30 minutes in total. I definitely recommend it to anyone whose thinking about it. Its well worth the money. Both net flicks and prime are only 7.99 a month each. And most things are on them, between the two platforms you can get most things, along with the other services which are free, it makes for a great viewing experience.

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New apple tv upgrade

My tv provider just called. They had an upgrade for me!
I am getting a fourth gen apple tv!
My TV provider are putting their programmes on the apple tv platform now.
They’re upgrading all of their current customers. As it is my tv uses wifi to stream the channels.
This is a great offer, as to buy an apple tv outright is about 150 euro.
I am so pleased! I called my sister and she said she’d help me to set it up once it arrives.
I do already have an apple tv, but its just a 3rd gen one.
I’m really happy this is happening!
The nice thing is that the guy on the phone got my overall monthly bill down from 155 euro to 114.99. So I am saving a lot on my bills from now on!

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Tossing and turnning all night

I only got a little sleep. I started watching tv at around 11 last night, and I got hooked on some shows. I probably shouldnt have, but I was watching crimes that shook britain, it was an old episode which I hadnt seen, it wasnt creepy or too triggery so I decided to stay up and watch it, that show started at midnight, and lasted for an hour. Then I was flicking channels for a while. I was going to watch sex sent me to the ER on discovery home and health but then the tiredness overtook me. I turned off the tv and fell asleep. I did have a few crazy dreams, but mostly what kept waking me up was my cough. It was horrible and I kept having to get up to get a drink. At around 4 AM I was feeling hungry so I ate a banana. I did manage to go back to sleep for about another hour, but at 6:30 I gave up and got up. Had to see to nitro and now he’s fed and was outside, I have a little time to spare before I need to get ready to go to therapy. I’m thinking I probably shouldnt go into work today. It wouldnt be fair to go in and pass my germs around the office. I’ll ring my supervisor later on this morning to let her know. It will give me the morning once I am back home to finish off my assignment for college. I literally have 400 words left to write and its done. I’ll be oh so glad when its finished. Completed and handed in! Uploaded to canvas! What a relief that will be!

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I love my dads lamb stew

My dad made a gorgeous lamb stew for dinner today. It was just mom and dad and me for dinner today, as my sister went to her partners family. Normally she goes to them one week and then to mom and dads house the following week.

The stew was amazing! I dont know exactly how he does it, but he flavours it with all sorts of things, and it tastes delicious. The meat was so tender. I really enjoyed it. I was totally famished by dinner time so I ate a huge plate of it.

After dinner I got ready and went home to my own house, mom came with me and we picked up her sister on the way also. Now mom and her sister have left and they are going to go shopping for a while. Then tonight moms babysitting for my sister.

I’m going to go make a coffee and then watch the celebrity X factor on tv. I hope its going to be good. I have beenn looking forward to it all day.

And I go on despite how I feel

I want to cry. I feel so awful. Will crying help? Who knows. I just feel intense sadness. Thank god for Nitro. Thank god for his cuddles. I badly need them right now. I really dont know what I’d do without him. I’d be lost. Lost in a sea of overwhelm. He calms me. He keeps me sane. He needs me. I cant fold. I have to be there for him. I have to look after him. If I didnt have him I’d curl up in bed and never come out. I’d just hide. I really feel like hiding right now. I am in so much emotional pain tonight. I just feel so down. Depressed. Anxious. Its neverending. Its a horrible way to feel. I wish it would go away. I’m going to make a cup of tea. Watch a little tv for distraction. Then maybe read, if I can concentrate on my book. Must remember to take my night meds. Must forget them. I’m trying to do better about taking them. Its an uphill battle. Wonder if I’ll sleep tonight. I never did fix my mac. I tried everything. I dont know how to fix it. May ask on facebook as I have a lot of blind friends on there. Perhaps one of them has a mac and can help me out. We’ll hope.

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Do I need to plug my ears?

Why is there so much bad language on tv? Time to plug my ears I think! Why is every second word a curse word? I am not impressed! Also, my washing machine is so loud! Maybe the sound of that will drown out these crazy reality tv stars, so I dont need to hear their stupidity! I might not have to plug my ears after all, but I do need to turn off this damn tv. I need to take a nap. I am starting to drag a little. If I got an hour of sleep I’d be all set. I think I’ll try for that now.


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Evening thoughts

Well, I am back home in my own house. My sister dropped me home after dinner. We all had dinner at our parents house first, then she dropped me and Nitro off. I bought Nitro a new bed, he’s in it now, but at first he didnt wanna get in to it. I think he needed some time to sniff around it, and see how he liked it. Earlier he was panting a lot for no reason. I tried letting him go outside, but he was still panting, I gave him some cool water to drink too. He’s fine again now, right now he’s laying in the hallway outside my bedroom door. I am currently watching a quiz show on tv. Its a fun show. I am also copying a tv show onto one of my hard drives. Its a show called Live PD. Its about police officers on patrol. Its a good show. I’m glad to be home. I dont have any plans tomorrow, but I might go visit my friend Norma. I’ll see how I feel when tomorrow comes. I may just stay home and rest. If I dont sleep well tonight I probably will just stay home and relax and rest up. How is your evening going? Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate your likes and comments and views. Its nice that people want to read my thoughts and ramblings. I am very grateful that I have a following. Right now I am going to go make the kids a mug of hot chocolate. Then I think I’ll either watch something on netflix or read for a while and try to finish a stolen life. Last night an author named Ryan green gave me a number of books free, in exchange for reviews, so I will be reading those and reviewing them. They are true crime books. He gave me 8 books in total. That was so kind of him I thought. I love reading and I will enjoy reviewing them. Well gotta run now, catch yall later, peace out,
carol anne

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