My Birthday trip is officially cancelled

Well, because of the coronavirus, our trip to killarney which we were going to take for my 40th birthday in April has been officially cancelled. I’m so disappointed, but there really was no alternative, we had to cancel it. Maybe when this whole pandemic ends, we can go. I hope so. I really want to go, it looks like I’m not gonna have much of a celebration for my birthday this year which is a bummer. I hope we’ll at least have a cake, and maybe a little get together just a few of the family, we’ll see what happens I guess nearer to the time. My birthday isnt until April 19th.


Travel Update

I rang the travel agents this morning to find out what I needed to do regarding my trip in May. The girl I spoke to said that for now we just need to hold tight, the travel bann is on for 30 days, after 30 days Donald trump might revoke it. If not and if it goes on for longer, she said they’ll be putting measures in place to either refund people their money, or else you can rebook your flights for a later time. Personally I do think the bann will go on for longer than the 30 days. I’m pretty certain it will. I doubt this coronavirus will be over and done with in 30 days. If by some miracle the bann is only for a month, then I probably will end up going in may as planned. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. The last thing I wanna do is get sick, or get sick in another country but I’m being positive, and hoping for the best outcome possible. If all comes to all I’ll get a refund and just book the trip for later on in the year, it will all work out in the end i’m sure.

I love kind people!

I had such a lovely experience going home today.

The taxi driver who brought me was awesome! He was very friendly, and when we got to my house he not only carried my shopping bag and laptop in to my front door, he actually waited until I’d opened the door and he put them into my hallway for me. I was so grateful to him as I had Nitro so I wasnt able to carry extra bags.

I love it when people are kind. We had a nice conversation on our way to my house. I was asking him if he was nervous having people in his taxi, in case he caught coronavirus. He said no, that if your gonna catch it your gonna catch it. I guess that is somewhat true, but I’m nervous getting in taxi’s now since I dont know whose been in them before me.

But it was a very nice experience and interaction and it has really restored my faith in humanity, I’ve had problems recently in taxi’s, with some drivers. The company I used today, I use them a lot. So I know a lot of the drivers, and I knew this guy too. I tipped him a few extra euros for helping me to bring in my bags. He deserved that.


May be postponing my US trip to colorado

Ok so Donald trump has put a travel bann on people visiting the US from most of europe, he had excluded ireland and the UK, but from Monday the bann extends to both ireland and the UK also. The bann is for 30 days, but that could go on longer depending on how this coronavirus pans out.

So it is looking likely that I’ll have to postpone my visit to colorado to see Sarah. I’m going to ring the travel agent on Monday to see what they will say. If I am given an option to cancel the trip and get refunded I will, and then I will just rebook the trip when things die down.

I think given all thats going on with coronavirus, its the best option all around. I could go and get sick, and pass the virus on, or I could get sick and end up sick in another country and end up there for weeks if not months, so its best not to put myself in that predicament.

At least I can rebook the trip. I will still be able to go visit Sarah. It might just have to wait a little longer than we had planned.

We’re planning for me to go in july, or else early fall, we arent sure yet and we’re just waiting to see what happens with the coronavirus. At least my visa is valid for 2 years, thats good at least. Now the US ESTA visas arent being approved, since the bann is coming into effect, so mine was approved just in time!


I just got the news my US visa was granted! Yay! Now I can breathe easy! Provided our government doesnt put an embargo on traveling due to corona, I’ll be traveling to colorado to see my friend sarah in May! I cant wait!

I am so pumped! Sarah is also really excited! As are her insiders! She has did and she is also blind!

We’ll have a lot of fun together! Her insider Brandi, and our liz are buddies, and they are planning on having drinks together, and some of her kids and some of ours are buddies too, and they are planning on playing games, and watching cartoons and movies together.

I cant wait to give Sarah a huge hug! Everythings coming together now, I have my visa, my travel insurance, and all I need to do now is collect my tickets which wont be issues until 10 days before we leave!

Her mom is gonna pick me up at the airport. I am flying into denver, but Sarah lives in fort collins, about an hour from Denver.

Omg I am so excited! I hope the weather will be good, it probably will be, hoping for good weather as we’re going to go to rocky mountain national park, and drive up to the top, so that I can have my picture taken at the top of the mountain!

May wont come soon enough! I want it to be may already!


Wow! Thought I lost 70 euro!

I thought I lost 70 euro and Omg I was freaking out! It turns out I didn’t lose it, thank god!
I gave mom money to get me some dollars, I thought I gave her 300 euro, but it turns out I only gave her 220 euro. The other 70, I gave her a few weeks ago, and I forgot I had done that and she’d already gotten dollars out of it.
We wracked our brains this morning trying to figure out where my 70 euros was! In the end mom figured out what had happened, but it was a tense few hours! If I’d have lost that much money and if I hadn’t been able to figure out where it went I’d have cried!
Thank god for my mom and her calmness!
Now that that little problems sorted, I can go on with my day and breathe easy!
I have 1000 dollars saved now for Colorado!
I’m proud of myself for managing to save up that much so far! With 3 months to go before I travel! I’ve still got plenty of time to save up a lot more and so I’ll have a lot of spending money yay!

Traveling expenses

I just got off the phone to my travel agent. I needed travel insurance, just in case I get sick while I am in colorado. Or in case I need a doctor or something. I didnt know if my travel agent did insurance, but when I asked, they did. She looked at all the different options and she gave me a price of 75 euro for a premier plus policy. I took it, because my thinking is, its better to be covered just in case something goes wrong. I am covered now from today, even though I am not traveling until May. She emailed the details on to me. She said if something goes wrong that I should wait until I get home to claim, unless of course I am in hospital or something, which hopefully wont happen. She did tell me the policy doesnt cover the corona virus. No insurance are covering that. Its only if the government tells you not to travel that you’d get your money back, if you cancel your trip without being told not to travel you lose all of your money. I’m not too worried about the corona virus though. I mean I know some countries have had a lot of people get it, but America hasnt had that many cases. If I wash my hands and sanitise them with the hand sanitiser I should be fine. I’m glad I’ve gotten travel insurance now, I also asked her about my visa, and where to go to apply for it. She told me to go to the ESTA website, but to make sure I was only being charged 14 dollars, because some sites are trying to cash in on people applying and charging astronomical fees. I googled it and I’ve seen the offical ESTA site, and so I know now where to apply for it. I am hoping to do that next week. I need my sisters help to complete the application. I have time anyway, I can do it some time this month. ONce I get the visa its valid for 2 years. There are so many hidden expenses when traveling. You buy you ticket and start saving your spending money and you think thats all you need to do but it isnt. Far from it. I’m just about done now though. I think I’m all set to go now.