#Writephoto prompt

For Sue Vincents writephoto prompt…

Rolling hills
In the distance
I sit
Beneath the trees
A cloud filled sky
Before me
As morning comes
The light penetrates
As I sit
Pen poised
Wondering what to write
Like a lightning bolt
Thoughts begin to flow
I look up
At those rolling hills
And that glorious sky
Now glistening
With amazing sunlight

Thursday photo prompt: Reaching #writephoto

#whatif prompt August 19th

todays prompt over at what if we all cared is living ina hollow tree.
I thought I’d write a short poem for this prompt.

so here goes.

the birds and bees
are living ina hollow tree
they build their hives and nests
hoping for the best
hoping no one will tear them down
as they furrage around
making honey
looking for food
all of the summer time through
listening to the sweet birdsong
and the buzzing of the bees
its making everyone feel so cheery


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#whatif prompt for june 28th 2018

The daily prompt over at what if we all cared is:

Trees are

My take on it?

Trees are a source of strength
they are comfort
they are pretty
they are unique and special
they make you feel good
they symbolise hope
hope for a better tomorrow
hope that life can be good
they are all around us
everywhere we look
we see trees
pretty green trees
our life force
trees are…


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