Its good for your soul

What is, you may be asking. Well, its exercise!
Exercise is so good for the soul! I’ve just done 20 minutes on the treadmill and now I am feeling great!
I feel fantastic!
I am determined to be down at tomorrow nights weigh in! I have been walking a lot this week! I did go off plan a little, but I am praying and hoping that it wont matter and that I will still be down at weigh in!
I am planning on maybe going back on the treadmill for another 15 minutes later on tonight! And then again in the morning and afternoon before I get weighed in!
Its hard going but so worth it! Especially when you feel so good after the exercise!
I did over 3000 steps just now on the treadmill, 1.2 miles! Thats good going I think!


Exercising and exercise goals

So I’ve started to be serious about exercising. I have a treadmill, and I need to start using it regularly.

So today I decided, I will make a start. I got on the treadmill twice. I did 10 minutes at a time. I also have an apple watch, and I am able to track my time and distance and speed on it.

I am happy with the result. I feel brilliant and I am impressed with the speed I was able to go at.

If I can keep this trend up, maybe I can really tone up my body. Plus I’ll become super fit. I wont do 7 days a week on it, but I intend to do at least 5 days a week on the treadmill. I will take a break at the weekends as I am not home usually on weekends.

They say it takes 21 days for a habit to form. I hope I can make this a permanent thing and form a new habit of using it regularly.


I think I am overdoing it!

I’ve been on the treadmill twice today! I think I overdid it!
I had planned on going on for short intervals. Say 10 to 15 minutes at a time.
I managed to do two 15 minute intervals. I was going to go on again in an hour but I think I wont. I’ll pass on it I think for tonight.
I’m just too tired. And I feel a little sore and a little weak too.
No point in doing it all at once, is there?
I’m feeling a bit anxious as well. Not sure why. I just feel a little shaky and kinda nervous.
Nervous energy maybe? Who knows…


15 minutes, tops!
That’s all I can do!
Exercising, woohoo!

Never thought
In a million years
That I could
Do this, and do it well
But oh man!
My fitness level is going to be swell!

Now off
On the treadmill I hop
One, two three
I just cant stop!


It arrived, finally! It arrived at 12:30! Mom had come over to my house at 10:30. She said she was just sitting at home waiting for me to call her to tell her it was here, so she decided to just come over.

The box it arrived in was huge! There were so many parts to it!

My sister came over when she finished work, and its lucky she did! She helped mom to set it up! Luckily she was able to read the diagram that came with the parts. Between them they set it up.

And its great! I’ve already tried it out! I went on it for 15 minutes this afternoon.

I love it! I’m going to go on it for another 30 minutes this evening. Its pretty easy to operate too which is nice! The buttons are ones you can feel, which when you are blind makes a huge difference.

I’m so glad I got it. I’m glad I spent the money on it. Its going to really benefit me! I will hopefully lose a lot more weight from all the exercise. My plan is go on it every day, for anything up to an hour a day. I will start off at 30 mins though. Just to get myself used to it!

I can walk at a speed of 3.5 miles which is six kilometres!

I’m ready to start exercising! So bring it on!


Sleep oh sleep!

Sleep is not coming tonight! I am trying but nope! No joy!
I hope I get a little sleep! Even a little will do!
I am nervous about tomorrow, about the treadmill delivery. I hope the driver is going to call me before he arrives! I requested that they do! You never know though if they will or not! They may just arrive!
I bet they’ll come super early! I remember the last time I got a treadmill they came at like 7:30 in the morning!
I will have to be up, dressed and ready for them!
I suppose I should be actually laying down and really trying hard to go to sleep now!
So I will say good night! If I cant sleep I’ll be back!


A happy morning ramble

I had a restful nights sleep! So I am all refreshed and rejuvenated! I feel good!

I woke up at around 9:30. Mom came in my room and I woke. She made me a cup of tea and brought it in to me. How sweet of her!

I drank my tea and got up then and went online. I caught up on my email and read a few blogs. I also answered my comments and stuff.

Dad took the dogs out walking. While he was out I hopped in the shower. Because dad has a bowel issue we have to try to leave the bathroom free a lot. So its hard to actually be able to have a shower at mom and dads. I almost always wait until he’s gone out to have one because then I can relax in it.

Now I am feeling great though after showering. I ate a bowl of vegetable soup for breakfast. Isnt that funny? Soup for breakfast? It was delicious though.

I have no plans for the rest of the day. I will have dinner here today then I will go home this afternoon. My treadmill is arriving in the morning. I am excited about it. I hope mom and my sister will be able to set it up! I hope it will be easy to set up.

I will try to go on it for an hour a day once its set up! Then the weight will fall off me! I hope, anyway!

I think I’ll read my book for a while. I was going to read before I went to sleep last night but then I didn’t do it. I was too tired. I thought if I started reading, I’d never go to sleep. If I get into the book at all I am addicted and cant seem to put it down.

Well I’d better get going now and take my morning meds before I forget about them!