im finally home

we’re home. we made it home in record time. in 1 hour to be exact!
I sat in the car reading my book while mom and my sis went off into the outlet centre shopping. they only stayed an hour though, actually i rang my mom 45 mins in to tell her i needed to go to the bathroom so could she come out and get me.
she did and after using the bathroom i got us all coffees for the journey home. truthfully i was exhausted so needed a coffee to keep me awake.
i got a skinny latte. less calories.
now that im home i have to unpack and then its chill out for the evening in front of the box, watch the eurovision song contest, and maybe read some more.

Homeward bound

we are leaving to go home this morning.
its been a really fabulous vacation. so many good times were had, awesome memories made.
I really, really enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun.
And the weather mostly stayed nice for us too which was sweet.
before we go home we are going to do a little bit of shopping at an outlet centre. i need to get a birthday present for my aunt.
i’ll probably end up giving mom money and telling her to pick something and I’ll sit and have a coffee and read my book while mom and my sister shop.
i just dont really feel like walking around the shops today.
i havent had much sleep and im a little tired. just couldnt settle last night at all, so was up most of the night.
i’ll be so happy to see nitro after a week of him not being with me. i hope he’ll be excited to see me, but i think he will. he’ll probably jump all over me wagging his tail and all.
its gonna take us about an hour and a half to get back home. i plan on reading in the car on the journey home. if i dont fall asleep that is.
i’ll be staying at my parents house for the rest of the weekend. then its back to the ILS course for me on Monday.

A great day in Killarney national park

i’ve had a very busy day today traveling. well not so much traveling, but we went to killarney national park. its a big park, it stretches for miles, its full of nature trails, lakes, scenic walks, history, and other things to do. we spent the whole day at the park. we got there around 11 AM. after getting up early, getting ready, packing a picnic lunch, we drove to the park. we walked some of the trails. i think i got around 5000 steps in today in total from all the walking around I did. then after walking we decided to go out on a boat. the boat took us across to an island, where we stopped off and ate our lunch and we got to see the meeting of the waters, what it is is where the 3 killarney lakes intersect. its very beautiful. then the boat brought us back again and when we got back we decided to go on a horse and cart. its pretty expensive to do that. i really wanted to go on one though so i payed for all of us to get on. the driver was very friendly and as we drove he told us about the history of the park. he also let my nephew sit up front with him and he let me pet the horse. the horse was beautiful. he kept nudging my hand and breathing into it. sniffing my hand to see if i had any apples. i actually did have some so i asked the driver if i could give him some and he said yes i could. so it was great I got to feed him apple. the driver took us to tork waterfall and let us off there to take photos and see the waterfalls. we’d seen it before but we got off anyway and took some pictures. after the driver took us back to our drop off point we decided to go in to the grass and sit on our picnic blankets.we sat down for about an hour, just taking in the sun. the weather stayed absolutely beautiful for us all day. there was no rain. the sun shone and i even got a sunburn. it was a fabulous day. we left at around 5, came back to our apartment and my sister took the kids to the hotel swimming pool for a few hours. while she did that mom and me stayed behind and mom made dinner while i just fiddled with my phone and went on facebook. after dinner we just chilled out and watched some tv as we were all very tired. its gone 10 PM now. I’d say we’ll all go to bed pretty soon. We’re all exhausted and we could all do with a good nights sleep.
carol anne

Blog share. Review donkey!

A new blogger to me! Well worth a look and a follow if you ask me!

My blog is about London and travel. I live in London and love it here, so …what to see if you travel here, what is on if you live here. I also blog about theatre, restaurants, movies, and walks, because I love these as well. Basically, I bang on about stuff I enjoy!


Share your world February 5th 2018

What would be your ideal fantasy way to spend Monday?
curled up by the fire with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa.
What one person that you are out of contact with would you like to say thank you to?
my first therapist, she was the one who we first opened up to about hearing voices and she came with us to an assessment to be diagnosed as multiple, unofficially.
List your favorite toys or games as a kid?
hmmmm well i liked being read to, playing house with my baby doll, having teddy bears picnics, playing on my outdoor swing, as for toys i liked my pretend kitchen, any toy i had thatmade noise lol, my pogo stick, scooter, roller blades, etc.
What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.
my family, going to killarney, nitro, baking an apple crumble, going to work with the kids and achieving most of my goals each day.
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Trip to Killarney

i’ve just come from from a night away in killarney. i went with my mom, sister, cousin and aunt. what a blast we had guys. it was so much fun. i was looking forward to this for months, we booked the trip last summer, we went to see an irish band play, called the fureys. we got the train there instead of driving, my sis usually drives, but she wanted to have a few drinks so she left the car at home. traveling by train was quite the ordeal. we did get assistance though which did make it easier. and of course mom and my sis and aunt were all delighted i was with them so that we could avail of the assistance, the joys of having someone disabled with you. we stayed in a 2 bedroomed apartment. oh it was beautiful. state of the art. there were about 8 beds in it, because there was a bed in the living room as well as 3 in each bedroom and then the couch went out into a bed as well. we had a fully fitted kitchen, with a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, oven etc. we had two bathrooms, it was just amazing. when we got off the train a courtesy bus took us to our hotel, the apartments we stayed in were part of the hotel. we checked in, got our tickets for the fureys, then went to our apartment, we had some drinks, then my sis and my cousin went to get food for us. they came home and we cooked the food. or should i say mom and my aunt tried to cook it lol, they were drunk, but it turned out ok lol, it was edible anyway. after dinner we started to get ready for the evening. we went to the hotel at around 7 and doors opened to the event at 7:30. the concert was brilliant. they were amazing. its my second time to see them live. another of my aunts and one of her friends joined us for the concert. they played for 2 and a half hours. then we all went back to our apartment, we put on some music and had a bit of a karaoke sesh. only guess what? we had the neighbours from hell on one side of us. about an hour after we got back to our apartment, they came knocking on our door, telling us to be quiet, and turn off our music. my sister was really really drunk and ignored them, and turned the music back on. i kept telling her to turn it off but she kept saying no and then they came back a second time and they were like, you guys are keeping 8 people up. so then we did turn off the music, and we were just giggling and chatting, and i donno maybe we were loud, but i didnt think so, but they complained us to security and the security guy came up to us and threatened to throw us out if we kept jmaking noise. lol you cant take us anywhere. we cooked pizza and ate it and then went to bed, it must have been close to 3 AM when we got to bed. we were up again at 8, because we had to be out of the apartment by 10. we all had a quick shower and a cup of tea each and then got ready to leave. oh i forgot to say my mom was very drunk too last night and she ended up throwing up in the middle of the night, i couldnt really sleep then because i was worrying about her in case she’d vomit in her sleep so i tossed and turned all night and pretty much got no sleep at all. me and my sis were drinking cocktails last night, sex on the beach, and strawberry daquoires. i got mom one and she’s blaming that for making her sick. she didnt even remember walking to the apartment last night after we finished up in the bar. this morning when we left the apartment we took the bus into town and had breakfast and took a look around the killarney outlet store which is like a big shopping mall. i ended up buying a nice fleece in paco, its pink, my favourite colour. we got the train home at 2:30. so glad to be home now and i am just going to rest for the rest of the evening, but it was a fabulous weekend.
carol anne