I’m finally in the UK

We are now in the UK! We got here safely.

The flight went smoothly. It took off on time. It was meant to be an hour and 25 minutes but we landed after 50 minutes.

Mom had a bit of a panic attack when we took off. She was very nervous. She was nervous in case her COPD would act up. But it didnt.

We got snacks and a drink on the plane, it cost a small fortune, but we did it anyway.

Our aunt and uncle picked us up. It took ages to drive back to our aunts house, traffic was mental. We eventually got home after 2 hours.

We’ve just eaten now. We had KFC. It was nice. I was starving so I demolished the food.

Now we’re just sitting in the living room, watching tv and chatting. My aunts daughter Sonia came over, and tomorrow her other son paul and her other daughter carol are coming over. We’re all having dinner together tomorrow.

I’m glad everything went off ok. Feels good to be safely here.

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We are leaving in 10 mins to go to the airport! I hope the flights go off on time.
I am so nervous. Mom is too.
She is nervous she’ll have a breathing attack. I hope she doesnt! I wouldnt know what to do if she does!
Our sisters dropping us to the airport. We have 2 hours to wait once we are there.
I just hope the flight is a smooth one.
Wish us luck!

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Got a little sleep

So It ended up that I got a little sleep last night. A few hours. Its 7 AM now. I’m just waking up.

Still feel nervous. But I’m going to suck it up and just deal.

If I stay busy for the morning I wont have much time to think about traveling.

My sister is picking mom and me up later and dropping us off at the airport.

Mom just got up, I just heard her get up. So I think I’ll go talk to her for a while. Have some breakfast. A funny thing happened during the night.

I was hungry so went out to the kitchen to get an apple. I brought it back into bed with me. Then I forgot to eat it! I fell back to sleep instead! Lol!

Anyway, catch yall later!

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Taking the laptop to england

So I’ve had a change of heart, and I am now bringing my laptop to england with me.
Its pretty small, and so I can easily take it.
There wont be any issues. I wont be on a lot, but at least I’ll have computer access should I need it.
So never fear, I will be able to stay in touch more easily!
The thought of trying to type on a bluetooth keyboard on my phone wasnt appealing to me at all.
So I figure I’ll just take the laptop. 😀
I cant even go four days without it! 😛

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I don’t see myself being able to sleep tonight. I feel wired. I am tired, but I doubt I’ll fall asleep. I think I’ll probably just stay up reading. I will probably be sorry I did that though. I should try to go to bed at a decent hour, as we’re traveling tomorrow, but well, when did I ever do that? Never! I’ll be ok, I’m sure I can go to bed early tomorrow night when we’re in England. I don’t have to stay up until everyone else goes to bed. Right now I am nervous about traveling. I am nervous about the flight, I hate flying. I am not the best traveler. My anxiety is very high. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I need to remember to buy some sweets for the plane, in case my ears start popping while we’re up in the air. I hate when that happens. Hoping to get a little sleep, even if its an hour or two only.

An amazing weekend

I had the best weekend. Family time, shopping, trip to torc waterfalls, dinner out, the works. It was amazing.
Considering what happened to my cousin, and finding out about her death on Friday evening, well, that really put life into perspective for me. And I plan on grabbing every moment, grabbing it with both hands, appreciating it, and making memories where I can.
Life is so short, we should do all we can to make memories with loved ones, and make every moment count.
I know that is what I will be doing from here on out.
I’m already planning the next trip in the summer, mom and I are planning to go away for a few days when my sister goes on her foreign holidays to spain.
I’m exhausted tonight, exhausted but also very very happy. I’ve had such a fun weekend.

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We’re in Killarney and enjoying our selves. We are having a great time. So much fun.

we went into the town and did a little shopping earlier this afternoon. I didnt buy much though, I bought a pajamas, and I went looking in another store, at dresses, I want to buy a dress for my cousins wedding, he’s getting married in june.
I saw a nice black dress on sale, but I didnt end up buying it. I was worried that I’d buy it and then lose a ton more weight and it wouldnt fit me, so I dont think I’ll buy it until nearer the time of the wedding.
We went to aldi after looking around, and bought some food for dinner. We made pizza, wings, and I got a nice sweet potato curry too.
We came back to the apartment, cooked, ate and now mom and my sister are having some drinks, I am not drinking though.
Tomorrow we’re going to go back into town, going shopping for the day, we’re also going to go for a meal, have dinner out somewhere. We also got lauren a birthday cake, as her birthday is tomorrow.
My aunt and cousin are going to come tomorrow evening and spend the night with us, we have plenty of room here in the apartment, so they’re going to drive down here and we’ll have drinks, well I wont, but the rest of them will.
Its a cool apartment, we have two bedrooms, a livingroom and kitchen area and two bathrooms, its really nice.
I’m loving that we are having this break away, feels so nice to be able to just relax and chill out.
carol anne