rundown of my day

so today at the ils course was really good. on tuesday mornings our first class is digital media. i like this module. its all to do with computers and doing stuff like recording videos, facebook, making itunes playlists and using itunes, etc. its fairly simple for me since i already knew how to do most of the stuff they ask of you in the module. it has taken the rest of the class 5 months to complete the module where as i completed it in a month. my teacher was so impressed with me this morning when i completed the last of the work for it. next week we have an exam and then that module will be done. the exam is pretty simple so I am not worried in the least. I will ace it and I know that. after break we were meant to be cooking but we didnt, because our tutor said she wanted to use the time to catch the others up on their work, some of the class had been out sick and on holidays lately and so had gotten behind on their work. i was irked we didnt cook since cooking is one of my favourite modules. i like to cook and then i like to take photos of what i’ve cooked to share here and on facebook. it gives me a great sense of achievement. after lunch the main tutor wanted me to go to the bus stop with nitro. but i really wasnt in the mood. i said i had a headache which wasnt a lie, and i said i would prefer to wait until tomorrow. she let me but she said she wasnt happy. oh well. i think it should be up to me how fast me and nitro learn the bus route. makes no sense to push and push me does it? i know sometimes you need an extra push and i would be the first to admit that sometimes i do need the encouragement. but today i just wasnt up for it. our afternoon session was a little scattered. we all did different things. normally on tuesdays i am volunteering in cork city partnership but i didnt do it today since the driver couldnt take me as he wasnt free. so it meant i was in class for the afternoon. i just caught up on college work while the others did bills and budgeting and employment law. i missed not volunteering today. hopefully i can do it agan next week. after class ended i went upstairs, set an alarm on my phone and lay down for an hour to sleep. i was wrecked. i’m not sure what is making me so tired lately, whether its a med or something but I seem to never feel rested lately. I seem to always be tired. its hard to know which med might be causing my issues since i take a few. all i can do is keep a check on it and if the tiredness continues talk with dr. barry. enjoyed a nice dinner of home made burger and fries and a chocolate and orange cheese cake for dessert. i had never tasted orange mixed with chocolate in a cheesecake before. it was delicious! after dinner i went to my room and played on my new apple tv for a while. i am loving it. i went on net flicks but man there was so much choice that i didnt know what to watch. ha that is the thing too much and then i cant choose lol its the did ok? i’ll blame the did! ha. in the end i watched killer kids, and i watched an episode about kids who were into the occult and so committed murders to do with the occult. it was so interesting, a bit gorey but fascinating to watch. i highly recommend it if you have net flicks. its the first episode of the killer kids show. i want to start watching 13 reasons why this weekend. it looks good.
carol anne


Route training, day 2

today was a much better day, Nitro was on top form!

He found the bus stop without any difficulty. I am very proud of my boy. He worked really well today.

We walked the short walk, and he stayed in didnt veer towards the road, crossed the crossing straight and brought me straight to the footpath on the other side.

He was eager and willing and he just wanted to please me.

I’m so happy with his work. Two days in and he’s already improving. I have faith in him that we can do this, together, we can do it and I will learn this route.

I have a desperate hangover today oh my! :-)

Yes, I do! I drank way too much wine last night. We went to a concert, it was an irish band called the fureys. They were really good. They play traditional irish music and then ballads as well. I had never seen them play live before so it was an experience. We got in to the gig free as part of our package. I had had a couple drinks before the concert while I got ready, then when we got to the bar I had a few more. I think the type of wine they used was a strong one though because wine doesnt usually give me a hang over. When we came back to our apartment we stayed up until 3 AM drinking some more and doing karaoke and just having a good time. I payed this morning though because when I woke up I had a splitting headache and I felt like I couldnt move. Mom and my sister took the kids to crag caves today but I stayed at the apartment. Its a good thing I did too because they said I’d never have been able to manage the caves. You have to go underground to them and you get a guided tour and its very slippy and the walk ways are so narrow and there are tons of steps to climb. I know that would not have suited me one bit. So I stayed home and slept and now after a shower and dinner I feel much much better. When they got home my niece gave me a pretty stone she found in the cave which I thought it was really sweet of her to think of me.

vacation starts tomorrow, yay

all my packing is done. finally!

we start our mini vacation tomorrow! my sister is picking mom and me up at 11 AM. we have to pack up the car and then its a 2 hour drive to where we’re going.

we’re going to stop and have lunch on the way. we decided to pack a picnic and stop at a park or somewhere where there are picnic tables. it will be nice to just sit outside, provided no wasps come around. i’m pretty nervous about that. i know this is the time of year when they are dying off.

check in to our apartment isnt until 4 PM, so we’ll have a little bit of hanging around before then, maybe we can go to killarney national park, thats right next to the hotel we’ll be at. the killarney national park is huge. there is tons to do in there. even if we didnt do something big like go to one of the touristy places in the park, we could just walk around breatheing in the fresh air.

i tried on my bathing suit. it didnt fit me. i was a little depressed about that. but what can I do. I’ll just sit and have a coffee while the others go swimming in the hotel pool. its not the end of the world.

I’m looking forward to the entertainment at night in the hotel bar and in the concert venue thats alongside it. on saturday night we’re going to a concert there. cant wait.

so yeah i think this vacation will be fun! am excited to get going!

Back to respite

we are going back to respite today for the weekend. until monday. i’m looking forward to it. i’ve never been there on the weekend before. i’m told its a bit different to going during the week so we shall see how it goes.

I slept well last night. After I wrote my last post, I cuddled with Nitro for a while to see if that would lift my mood. It did the trick. Then I went to bed and was able to sleep for the rest of the night. Probably because I was over tired but I’ll take sleep where I can get it.

My sister comes home from her holidays today. It seems like she had a nice time. She said the weather was unbearably hot though. She was in the canary islands in spain. I’m sure all of my US readers are like try living here for a few days lol. We arent used to that sort of weather in ireland though so its a huge change for her.


weekend chatter

i’ve had a good day. it was very relaxed. i got up early. despite having nightmares last night, i woke early this morning and decided to just get up. i thought it was going to be a nice day. partly it was, but we have had some rain also today. my dad had already let nitro out this morning and fed him before i got up. he always does that when i’m at their house for the weekend. occasionally i will do it if i happen to wake up first but if i dont he does it for me which is nice. i came out to the kitchen bleary eyed, and mom poured me some tea. then i asked her if she’d make me a bowl of fruit salad, because i’m addicted to it. so she did and it was delicious. it had kiwi, orange, apple and blueberries and strawberries in it. my sister is having a great time on her holidays. she has sent me tons of pictures already. mom said the place looks beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and stunning scenery. i spent the majority of the morning chatting with my mom while she washed all of my clothes and ironed them how nice of her 🙂 she is so good to be to actually do that. i am not good at ironing and she knows this. she said that when i go home tomorrow to my own house that she will come with me for a couple of hours and help me sort out outfits for the week. i have a busy week next week. monday is therapy day, and i am also facilitating the members meeting at the basement club in the afternoon. tuesday i’ll also be going to the basement club, i’ll be starting back volunteering doing admin work. my pa kristen will also come on tuesday for 2 hours. wendesday i see dr. barry and then mom is coming over for a couple hours to cut my grass and do some cleaning. thursday is pa day again…and friday i’m back to respite for three days. so yep busy week ahead. i like that though. i like being busy. tomorrow i also need to plan meals for the week. i didnt buy groceries this week because i have a lot of food in my fridge already and i will need to use that up first. i bought myself some lamb burgers as i’d never had them. i know lamb is a fattening meat but i really wanted to try them out to see if they would be good. i think thats what i’ll have on monday with some sweet potato fries. today mom is making fish. i am not usually a fish eater but the last time she made it i liked it. i’m almost finished my book runaway girl by casey watson. it is about a polish teen who was trafficed for sex. it was an incredible read. the next book i’ll be reading is who will love me now? by maggie hartley. it just came out in audio on thursday. im so pleased about this as foster care memoirs are my absolute favourite type of book to read. so how has your weekend been going so far? let me know in the comments.


todays writing prompt, favourite memory?

its hard to just pick one. i have a lot of favourites.

however one that automatically comes to mind is the memory of being in disneyworld in florida with my partner Jess and we were walking along the foothpath at the caribbean beach resort where we were staying. we stopped and climbed into a hammock, we were swinging to and fro, giggling and chatting about how the resort was so beautiful. All of a sudden a group of ducks, baby ducks, began walking along, we got up to take photos, started walking towards them, and then, all of a sudden they started following us! It was sooo swee.