Pharmacy fiasco

Who knew it was so hard to get meds! I sware its been one of those days. I’ve had a run around and got totally stressed but now its all good thank god for that! Its crazy all over town because of the holiday season, but anyway, I went today to collect my script for my lyrica. Anyway, the doctor only gave me one weeks worth of the tablet. I thought he should have given me a months worth, I thought Dr. Barry faxed a prescription for a months supply. So first I was mad and frustrated and annoyed because I thought he was just doing this giving me a weeks supply because of me being suicidal in the past and taking overdoses. So I rang the pharmacy to check if the prescription was for a month, she said no it was only a weeks supply. So then I rang the doctor and spoke with him. He said dr. Barry only said to give me the med for a week. Then I was like, why would she do that? But then it hit me. I’ll be seeing her next wednesday, I figured she wants to see if lyrica will suit me before going ahead and giving a whole months worth of the med. The doctor said if I feel its suiting me to ring in on Tuesday of next week and he’ll write me up for more and I can collect it on Wednesday. So far it seems to be going fine, and it is suiting me. I took one dose and am going to take another at 6 tonight. I’m taking it 3 times a day 50 mg doses. I wish dr. Barry would have told me that those were her plans though. I kinda lost it on the doctor and he told me that dr. Barry had been very clear in her fax that I was only to be given a weeks supply. What a run around though all for a new med.