Therapy again tomorrow!

Eileen and me had a phone check in tonight. It was a planned check in. We spent about half an hour on the call.
I told Eileen about Nitro retiring, and about Dr. Barry being unexpectedly out for 2 weeks. She talked to me about the fact I was catastrophising things, and she told me to try to notice my pattern around doing that…since I tend to do it a lot.
Then she told me she’d emailed the director of the organisation that funds my therapy, and she’d told her that we’d met Remy this week, and that we’d done it during our allotted therapy time. She asked her if it would be ok to give me an extra session this week, since I need extra support at the moment and the director agreed to us having another session with Eileen this week.
So tomorrow morning at 11:30 we’ll have a session over zoom. I am so grateful to Eileen for doing this for us. I can really use the support right now. I badly needed it.
I’m still up at almost midnight, I’ve taken all of my night meds, but I am not able to settle and go to sleep. I feel crappy. I am super anxious and super emotional and it feels like I cant relax or breathe.
The joys of my life I guess!
carol anne