A Former friend was so cruel

So I think I mentioned on this blog before that I had a friend, Norma.

Norma and I stopped talking, about a year ago.

She blocked me, and she wouldn’t tell me why she did it.

Well, yesterday Frances bumped into her.

She mentioned to her that I had to put Nitro to sleep last week.

What was Norma’s response?

“Oh, I heard”. That was all she said.

She didn’t ask how I was, she didn’t ask what happened to Nitro.

No. She is a cold, cruel bitch.

When Frances told me I have to say I was so hurt.

All she can say is, oh, I heard?

If that is her attitude I’m so glad we aren’t friends now.

I don’t need people like her in my life.

She’s toxic!

And I bet she ends up being a very lonely woman!