Friday goals!

Lots of things happening today. Plenty of goals to keep me busy!

go get labs done
eat something preferably something healthy after getting labs done
go to the gym
get housework done
go volunteering
pay bills

If I can get it all donw I’ll be delighted and then I can sleep well knowing I achieved it all!

Have a great day everyone!


goals for wednesday

get up at 6
eat a healthy breakfast
take meds
go to vet with nitro
go see if things are ok at my own house
clean around my house with my mom
eat healthy lunch
text my supervisor about the art exhibition she’s taking me too
check email
read some of my book
eat healthy dinner
go to slimming world
bed early and hopefully sleep good


Monday goals!

ok, well am not sleeping so decided to do my goals post for today because technically its monday here now.

Goals for monday are:


eat a healthy breakfast

take meds

go to therapy

eat healthy lunch

exercise for at least 15 minutes

eat healthy dinner

read a few chapters of my book

relax and watch some tv

call my friend to wish her a happy birthday

have an early night


friday goals

so its friday. thank goodness. another week down.
goals for today are:

eat 3 healthy meals
exercise for 30 minutes
go meet my new social worker
clean my house
Plan to do some cooking with my pa
go to my parents for the weekend
make an appointment to take nitro for his vaccinations
read my book
take a nap during the day if I get tired
Take meds



I have a few goals for thursday. A few things I’d like to accomplish.

exercise for half an hour. This is going well for me. I’m managing to do some exercise every day!

Eat healthily. Increase my fruit intake. Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. Cook a healthy dinner.

Go to therapy. Have a productive session.

Prepare for my apt tomorrow with my social worker.

Start a new book. I was meant to do this yesterday but never got around to it.

Take a nap in the afternoon if possible.

Take meds properly. This one is working out good for me so far.

I’ll be happy if I can accomplish all of these goals. It will make my day!


Goals for tuesday

I have only a few goals for today. I dont have a lot I need to accomplish.

My goals for today are:

Eat healthily
Do 30 mins of exercise
Go volunteering
Call my friend
Finish my book I am bound and determined to finish it tonight
Take my meds
Have an early night if possible