Not for another week

I just got an email from the coordinator in college. She said we’re not back until the 11th. So I have another week off. Yay!

I thought it was tomrrow we were back. This is good news! I am going to make the most of the time off.

In her email she also gave us our next assignment brief. We have to do a poster presentation, we must visit an organisation that deals with mental illness, a community organisation and then do a poster presentation on it, and we have to also do an 800 word learner log.

Fun times ahead!

The next module we’re doing is on community aspects of mental health, it sounded very interesting from what she wrote in the email about it.

She said we’d be having a few guest lecturers. I like when we have speakers in to the class. That always interests me.

Its totally amazing to have another week off! Am very pleased about that!