#3TC 24th Feb. 2020

I am participating today in the 3TC challenge, set by Di, Di’s words for us today are:

Bruno stood at the back door. He wanted to come back inside as it was pouring out there. He gave a big howl. He wished someone would hear him! He shook himself and his collar jangled. The bell on it made a lot of noise.

Frank sat up in bed and gave his eyes a rub. He was sure he’d heard a sound. He wondered what had woken him up. Then he heard it again, a low howl and jangling noise.

Oh well, he thought. That will be bruno. I think I forgot to let him back in earlier! He hopped out of bed, ran downstairs and flung open the back door. A sopping wet Bruno ran in as quick as lightning.

Frank quickly dried Bruno off, and then he gave him his breakfast, which Bruno wolfed down.


#3TC Feb. 23rd 2020

Di has given us the following 3 words to use today in the #3tc challenge.


Danny hated injustice of any kind. He sat and thought, what was he going to do. How could he fix this?
Dont squirm, danny said to frank, people will know this is a hard one for us to fix!
Frank threw his eyes up to heaven!
Lets ask dave to throw his two cents worth into the mix, surely he’ll know what we should do to fix this injustice, he said.
Ok, Danny said, I’m on it!



Your three words/things today are:



There was a knock at the door, and Kate jumped, she ran to the door, there, in front of her stood a delivery guy.

Is this the home of kate Murphy? He said, beaming.

I’ve got a delivery for you.

Kates eyes grew wide, as she surveyed the delivery guys arms.

There, in his arms were the biggest bunch of roses.

Oh look! She squealed, for me?

Yes he said, happy valentines day.

Someone really loves you!

Kate took the flowers from him, and ran back inside to put them in water.

As she did, she wondered who had sent them to her.

She really wasnt sure, but getting them had made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This is the best valentines day ever, she gushed.

I feel so loved.


#3TC challenge

It was a secret that she liked to eat marshmallows. She just adored them. With any luck, nobody would find out, because, if they did, then she’d have to share the bag with people! And she didnt want to do that! Sharing is caring? No, I dont think so, she thought! She wanted the whole lot to herself! Marshmallows were her comfort food!


3TC challenge

Your three words today are:



There was a lot of unrest in the house. The telivision was always on and jill was furious at her kids. You’ve got some nerve she said to them! I’m going to get rid of this telivision! Its causing your brains to melt. And with that, she plugged it out, and lifted it up and out of the room. Her kids didnt know what to do or think. No telivision? It was a tragedy! What would they do now! They would have to have a conversation with each other. And they just werent used to doing that.


#three things challenge!

The words today for the TTC challenge are tender, shocking and homely!

Frank had become really ill really quickly! Things didnt look too good for him.
You have six to twelve months to live, the doctor said with a grave look on his face.
The news was shocking!
His wife look at him tenderly.
She’d always been a very wise woman, and very homely.
Dont worry, frank, she said softly. We’ll get through this together, one day at a time!