School opens for irish students?

Di AKA Pensitivity101 is our host for the 3things challenge, where the challenge is to use one, two or all three of the chosen words and write a story, poem or whatever you want using the words given!

Your three things today are:


Our government has just made an announcement!
There will be school for special needs kids, and school for students in exam years!
Starting on the 18th of January, school for these students will open as normal!
Since the students havent started back yet, their parents are really freaking out, as are the teachers!
How safe are they? IMO not very safe at all!
The new strain of covid is lurking around every corner, just waiting to strike!
I dont think that sending the kids back is safe, especially since our case numbers are soaring!
Yesterday we had 7000 cases alone in one day!
Ireland is a small country! Our population is only 5 million!
We’ve had over 21 thousand cases in the last week!
So to me, sending the kids back to school seems stupid! And irresponsible.