Crazy morning

I’ve been up since 4:30. I slept for only four hours. I know its crazy. I just feel like I couldnt sleep any longer, so I decided to get up and make coffee. The dogs are sleeping by my feet.
I am really enjoying my visit to pats house. Its like a mini holiday, and I really feel at home here. I know where everything is and pat has told me to go ahead and make tea or coffee if I want to, eat what I want etc.
Its going to be a relaxing day here today. The weather has cooled off a little bit which I am so glad about. I love the sun and heat but it was too severe over the last couple of days, we arent used to it in ireland, and our houses are not built to cope with really severe heat.
Pat has two canaries, they are singing and it sounds magical. I love listening to them.
Well time to go get some breakfast!

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