Updating on our therapists illness

Eileen is improving very slowly. But she’s improving.
I texted her this evening to see how she was feeling. She texted back a couple of hours later to say she’s a bit better, that its just taking time to feel fully back to herself again.
She offered me a phone check in next week. So we scheduled it for Monday evening at 6:30.
I gave her a little update on my meds and what I am taking now, but we said we’d talk more about it on Monday.
I’m so glad she is able to do a phone check in with us. The kids and even the adults have all missed her so much, we are grateful to be able to do some text check ins but its not the same as hearing her voice.
Her voice always calms us and soothes us.
So I am looking forward to Monday now and to being able to tell her how we’ve been missing her like crazy. Not that I dont tell her already, because I wrote it in my text this evening as well.

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