Maybe having another reassessment to continue funding for therapy

Dr. Barry told me today that the organisatioin who funds our therapy called her. They wanted to know if we can do another reassessment with the did specialists from the UK. Its not going to happen right away, but we’re now looking at it. Dr. Barry is going to phone Eileen tomorrow to see if they also called her. We arent sure now how it will work, with the whole covid thing. We might all have to do it over zoom which isnt ideal. Just not sure yet. It will be good to have it as its been 3 years since we had the last one. I like the guy who does the assessments, he’s really nice. Its not so much an assessment as a where are we at now, what do we need to be doing and where do we need to go from here. I suppose since towards healing are funding my therapy they need to know how we’re doing, our plans going forward etc. Its a bit nerve wrecking to think about but I am not going to worry about it for now, since I dont think its going to happen for a while yet.