No therapy break after all, am so thrilled, how awesome is eileen?

How awesome is my therapist? I cant even put words on how absolutely amazing she is and how supportive she is being to us. Its fantastic and I am so grateful. she’s taking a week off next week for easter, but she has said she wont take a week off from seeing us. she wants to still support us since she knows we’re cooped up at home, and not seeing anyone and now its looking like our PA hours might be also cut. So she offered to continue therapy, and she said she’d see us next week, not on monday because Monday is a bank holiday, but she’s going to see us on the wednesday instead. I feel so special. She isnt doing this for any of her other clients. She said she doesnt mind seeing us because she knows we’ve been really struggling and we need the extra support. She has also told us to text her if we need her. What a gem she is. She has made my monday now. I told her she didnt have to see us, because she needs time off tooo and i said we’d be fine. But she wouldnt hear of it. She said no, carol anne, I’m happy to have our regular therapy session as we normally do. Dont worry about me, I’ll be fine, I’m offering. Thanks eileen, your a star, I love you. I really, really am so thankful to have you as our therapist. You are such a kind, caring, compassionate human being. You have so much empathy and I am in awe of you. Thank you for supporting us all through this tough time. You’ve been fab. And you continue to be fab.