We had our first face to face therapy session today since all the covid stuff began!

We’re back seeing Eileen face to face! So glad! It feels so surreal! Its strange, strange being back in the therapy room after 5 months of no face to face sessions.
We had a great session. The kids got to talk and vent their feelings about covid, it was a full session.
Of course we had to social distance, that part wasnt great. Eileen had a mat to wipe our feet on before going into the room, then she had hand sanitiser for us to use, and usually she’d have water on the table, she doesnt do that now. If you want a drink now you’ve got to bring your own.
At first she sat across the room from us, but the kids got upset that she was so far away, so she still sat 2 metres from us, but she brought her chair closer, and it felt more connecting then, we felt as if she was closer so we were able to feel safer.
Like I said, the session was a full one. A lot of things were talked about, but I need to process them a little before I can write more about them.