To our host, Shirley

You think we’re evil

We’re what you made us to be

Forgotten containers

Of your childhood debris

Scattered memories

That rise from the ground

And wait for the day

You’ll finally turn around

If you looked in our eyes

You’d see through to our souls

The pain has eroded

And taken it’s toll

We’ve waited long,

and been stored away deep

You trigger by the word

But we are the black sheep

We did not come upon you

The devil within

But split from the seams

Your very closest of kin

You don’t have a right

To pass us off and turn away

Without each and every one of us

You wouldn’t be here today

We are the holders

Of what you could not behold

The flames, the chants,

What is bled eventually ran cold

What you call evil,

What you casually label as dark

What we are is the only thing

That could keep fueling your spark

You managed, you struggled, you fought

Where did you get the energy within

That energy is us

The thrown away… inside your own skin