The morning dawdler March 9th

Have you ever watched a long-running televised series from start to finish, and once you have reached the end, you wanted to watch it again or is once enough for you and time for a new long-running series?
I loved the big bang theory. I’ve watched all of that series. I loved it so much that I keep rewatching episodes of it.
Do you think traditions are essential to society – if so, why and if not, why not?
I don’t. I mean it’s nice to have traditions, but I don’t think they are needed, although it would seem that each culture, each country has their own traditions, so I don’t think they’ll die out any time soon.
What would be easier to throw away deep love or deeply lined rich pockets – flipside – can money buy love?

Nope I don’t think money can buy love. It is the deep connection with people, that can’t be thrown away, deep pockets? They are nice to have, but not essential.

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