The Monday peeve

My peeve today is even more trivial than Paula’s! Lol. Paula had a peeve about her hair.

Mine is about my doorbell.

I found out today it no longer works.

It needs a new battery. How did I find out?

My PA rang the doorbell and she thought I could hear it, I couldn’t.

I was asleep and never heard a thing.

I went online to research batteries for it. I couldn’t find the correct one.

I’d go to a store near to where I live, but I don’t know what type of battery it takes.

This is when I wish I had an electric doorbell!

I’m pissy now. All that time researching batteries, only to find they only have certain ones online.

And not the ones I want, which I finally found out which ones I needed, after I asked my PA Trish to look for me.

The joys of being blind!

So not only am I peeving about no batteries for my doorbell, I’m also peeved about being blind!

Being blind doesn’t normally bother me, its only when something alerts me to the fact that wait, you can’t do something yourself, why? Because your blind and you need sight to be able to do said thing!


Ok, peeve over!

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