Journal prompt: #All I want for christmas is…

I am using a prompt to write this post, the prompt came from an app I have for journaling prompts. The prompt as you can see is “All I want for christmas is” so here goes, here is my entry.

All I want for christmas is peace, love, happiness and joy.
I want to be stable, for my mental health to be ok, not to be in crisis, and to be able to cope if I do get anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed.
I want to spend time with my family, friends, and online friends.
I want to eat lots of good food. My dads home cooking, lots of sweet treats, etc.
I want to watch a lot of movies, especially christmas movies, the christmas movies are so magical, and I love watching them, home alone and elf are two of my all time favourites.
I want to read a few christmas books, if I can. I’ve never really read any christmas themed books. This is the year that I will start.
What do you want to do for christmas? What plans do you want to make?