Started my christmas shopping, the countdown to christmas has begun!

Mom and I went christmas shopping today. Mom said she’d take me and we could make a start on my christmas presents. I had some money saved, and I was grateful to her for taking me in so I could make a start on it.

I’m extremely happy with all that I got! I’ve nearly all of my presents sorted now. I have only 3 or 4 more people to shop for in my family. After that I’ll be done.

I do have some online friends to buy for but there’s amazon for that. Amazon is great for buying for people who may be living abroad.

I feel really productive now. I cant believe how much I got done! Now I wont be rushing at the last minute to buy gifts! I am ecstatic about that!

The only down side to it was we had a long wait for a taxi to get back home. We waited almost an hour. That was frustrating as it was freezing. I missed the comfort of having my sister with us who drives as she’d normally take us.

Overall though we had a great morning and I am excited to have so much stuff bought now.

Working on friendly call over christmas

so I didnt go volunteering on tuesday. and they are closing early on friday and I cant come in as my PA is coming on friday morning early,so I wont be going in thnow until after christmas. My supervisor asked me to work over christmas though. We have to work from home. The office is closed from this coming Friday until the 2nd of January. Tonight she sent me my list of clients to call over christmas. She told me to call them on christmas day, boxing day and some other dates over the christmas period. I have 10 clients to call. Not all of our clients are recieving calls over the christmas as some of them go to family and stuff. She told me if I can to call them on christmas day before 1 PM. That should be easy as I will be up early anyway, opening presents and having a lazy morning with my family. Taking an hour out of my day to call them is not going to be a huge deal to me. I am happy I get to do it. I am happy I get to maybe brighten their day. I am happy I get to be there for them. These clients literally have nobody. They are on their own for the holidays. So getting a call from us might be the only call they get on christmas day. We may be the only person they speak to on christmas. So doing this is the least I can do for them. It makes me so happy to be able to give back. To be able to reach out to people. I would hope that if I ever needed the service that I would be shown the same compassion. Some day down the line, I may need the service, who knows. And I hope if I do that whoever is volunteering then will do for me what I am doing for my clients now. My family asked me if I mind working over the christmas holiday. The truth is no I dont. I dont mind in the least. If I can make someones christmas special by having a 10 to 15 minute chat on the phone with them then I am very happy. My job matters to me. I love it. I love doing what I do. So working over christmas, its all part of it in my opinion.


Did you know? for December 17th 2018

Did you know?
That today is Jingle Bell Rock Day? In 1957, Bobby Helms’s “Jingle Bell Rock” first hit the charts. This is considered the first mainstream Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas song. Although released only 2 days before Christmas in 1957, the single still hit #6 on the pop chart. Trivia fans: The B-side of the single is “Captain Santa Claus And His Reindeer Space Patrol.” 😉


My christmas shopping is complete!

I’m all done! Finally! Finally I can breathe!
I finished up the last of my christmas shopping today!
I feel free now! I just hope I picked the right gifts for people! I hope the family likes what I chose for them!
I got my sister perfume, a handbag, pajamas, a gift card to get make up that she wants, and a bottle of gyn and a gyn glass that says, is it gyn o’clock yet!
I got mom a gift voucher and some lotto tickets, I got dad socks , and some lotto tickets, chocolate, and I am giving him 50 euro in a card!
I got my niece a pair of unicorn pajamas, earings, and a voucher for a clothing store she likes.
I got my nephew a road blocks set of figures, he’s into those. I also got him some jellybeans.
Today I also got some gifts for clients at friendly call. The friendly call christmas party is this coming wednesday. All of the volunteers had to buy 2 or 3 gifts, small gifts, to bring, we’ll wrap them and then they’ll be handed out on the day to clients.
I got some gift sets, with body wash, shower gel, etc. I also got some ones that have lip glosses and stuff in them.
Mom and me had lunch out too. I had the most delicious pannini! It had turkey, ham, cranberry sauce and stuffing in it. Oh it was heaven!
So we had a good day and got everything done that we needed to do!


Family day out!

so today I went christmas shopping with mom and my sister. we had so much fun. i got some gifts for my neighbour, and my PA amanda. Oh and my sisters partner as well. I’m almost done shopping now for gifts. I have a few more to buy and then I’ll be done. Im hoping to get the rest of the gifts next weekend. But today was fun. We went to a store that sells designer brands of a whole host of things. But they sell them at 60 percent off the marked price. I got most of my gifts in that store. We went to a few other places too though. My sister was buying my niece’s christmas clothes. My niece wanted a mackenzie track suit but it was 100 euro and my sister refused to pay it. So in the end she got some soft of sweatshirt and a leggings. She also got new trainers. So she’s all kitted out now. My sister was also buying some gifts for the people she works for. We all went for lunch as well. I wasnt very mindful of healthy eating today though. I had fried chicken for lunch. I also had a coffee in gloria jeans while mom and my sister shopped for Laurens christmas clothes. I didnt feel like standing around while my niece tried on clothes. I sat down and drank my coffee and browsed on facebook. We were meant to also go to glow, which is a christmas market and winter wonder land. But the lines to get in were massive so we said we’d come back another day. There were so many people in the city today. Crowds and crowds of people. We were lucky to get parking. Luckily I had my disability parking pass which we were able to use. It was a fun day though. I enjoyed it. We left around 1 today and we didnt get back to moms until after 6 this evening. I’m happy now that I got a few more gifts for people. I’m slowly getting through my list of who I need to buy for.


Christmas tag!

I found this on another blog and decided to take part in it.

I challenge anyone who wants to to join in!

When is an acceptable date to start playing Christmas music?
Any time after halloween I think! I guess it all depends on whether you like christmas music?

All time favourite Christmas album?
Kelly clarksons wrapped in red! One of the best albums, in my opinion.

How do you spend Christmas morning?
I spend christmas morning at mom and dads. We get up at around 7 or 8, unwrap presents, have breakfast, and then dad starts cooking! Its a really chilled out kind of morning.

What’s a new Christmas tradition you want to start doing?
Writing a christmas gratitude list! I think its important to find the things your grateful for.

What is your favourite baked good around Christmas time?
Definitely fruit cake or christmas pudding! You can never have too much of that, IMO.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?
La vie le belle perfume, the kind dr. barry wears, Itunes gift cards, a new external hard drive, but really, I’d be happy with any gift I get.

Favourite Christmas candle scent?
I love yanky candles. I like cinamon, or apple scents.

What is your ideal secret Santa gift?
Pajamas with characters on or slipper socks!

When is your ideal gift shopping time?
I’m still shopping lol I’m last minute com what can I say?
really though mornings or weekends are best, avoid the crowds if at all possible.

How do you like to decorate your house/apartment/room?
I put up a tree, and decorate it with bobbles, lights, and tinsel!

What is your favourite Christmas activity?
Eating good food, and unwrapping presents!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas time?
Spending time with those I love! Nothing beats that.

christmas party

today was the christmas party here at our centre where the independent living skills programme is held. we had class in the morning and then at lunch time we had a big meal, which was absolutely delicious.
we had mashed potato, roast potatos, gravy, carrots, brussels sprouts, stuffing, turkey and ham.
and christmas pudding and custard for dessert.
i was sooo stuffed after it, all i wanted to do was sleep.
there was also music but i left the dining room before that started. we had fun pulling crackers, and darina put the little paper hat from the christmas cracker on her head.
it was a good afternoon. we were feeling really festive.
At this point, the count down to christmas is well and truly on.