Slept well last night!

I slept well last night. I didnt end up going straight to bed, I decided to stay up reading blogs, and then I went on fb for a while.
I think it was around 2 AM when I finally turned in for the night. I didnt wake again until just after 8 AM!
There isnt a lot going on today. My sister and her family are c oming for dinner, we’re actually having our christmas dinner today, since we’ll all be together.
We’re having the traditional turkey, ham, and all the trimmings. I cant wait! Especially for the roast potatos and the stuffing! 😀
Other than dinner with the family, I’ve nothing else planned today. I want to read for a while later this afternoon.
We are meant to get a storm later today, I think the weather people said it will hit around 3 PM! It’ll be high wines, and lots of rain, they said it’ll last from 3 PM until 4 AM tomorrow. Its called storm bella!
I will be planning to just relax and enjoy the comforts of being indoors!