A quiet day

I had a very quiet day at home. After the drama with the neighbour earlier, I didnt hear anything else aboutit so I assume everythings ok, and the police are now investigating.
I was exhausted by four pm, so I went to bed, to read. Of course I fell asleep. I didnt wake up until 8:30 PM. I will probably be up a while now, since I woke up so late.
I decided to cook. I made yummy sweet potato fries and some chicken, and I’ve just eaten it. It was delicious.
My plan for tomorrow is to go to the gym. My PA will be here at 9 AM. My plan is go to the gym, and then go get my weekly money out of the ATM.
Of course I am also volunteering tomorrow afternoon. And then I have college on saturday all day. We’re doing the second wrap training. I’m going to mom and dads for the weekend too.
Well thats about it from here. Hope all of you had a good thursday.

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Time too…

Its time to Charge up my apple watch! Tomorrow I start my exercise regime! I am going to aim to get 10 thousand steps in! I hope I can! I have some workouts that I can use on my phone, I got them from a friend, they are walk a mile in 20 minutes, I think I can do it!
Then on Friday I go to the gym! I am aiming to do 40 minutes on the treadmill! And 15 or 20 on the bike!
Its time to hit the ground, running!
If I charge up my watch, it will keep track of the exercise I do. That way I can log my activity which I really want to do!
If I do this and do it right, I can also get my body magic award in slimming world, for the bronze award, you need to do 3 15 minute sessions in a week, for four weeks.
I am also hoping to go to the gym on Saturday!

Weight loss update for this week

So I went to slimming world last night. I was down 1 pound this week! I wasnt sure I’d be down at all this week. So it was a real bonus that I was!
I’ll take a pound! Being down any amount at all is nice!
I’m now down a total of 2 stone 8.5 pounds! Or 36.5 pounds! I’m not sure how christmas will go, I might put up a few pounds, not sure if I will, but probably well its a possibility! But I dont mind if I do! I’m not worried! I can lose it again if I do!
Anyway, thats the update!

No gym!

I haven’t gone to the gym again today. I didn’t go yesterday either.

Mom asked me this morning if it would be ok if we didn’t go today. She said she had to catch up on some ironing and housework. So I said it would be ok for us not to go today.

To be totally honest I wasn’t really in a good space mentally today and so wasn’t in the mood for exercising.

I will however push myself. And I will be going tomorrow!

I need to go. I need to get the feel good endorphins from doing the exercise. So tomorrow it is then!

A perfect saturday

im having a good day. i woke up at the butt crack of dawn. I was so hungry. I went to the kitchen and got a pear, then I promptly fell back to sleep after I ate it.Then of course Nitro woke me up. He wanted out. So I let him out and then got up. Showered and ate breakfast. Mom and me decided to go out. I was going to the gym to do a workout. I did the bike, 2 KM on it. I did the treadmill for 20 minutes too. I didnt lift weights today though. It was a great workout. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt so good afterwords. Exercise really does lift my mood. My mood was a little bit low today. Not sure why, I just felt off. But after my workout I felt good again. My mood picked up. We decided to walk to the gym, even though it was drizzling rain. We were going to get a bus, but we decided we’d have to wait too long for one so we just walked. It only takes 10 or 12 minutes to get to the gym from moms house. AFter my gym workout we went across the street to a local shopping mall. I wanted to do a little bit of christmas shopping. I ended up getting my friend norma some tommy girl perfume. I also got my uncle a gift set. Just a little gift set with body wash and other stuff in it. I got my nephew a birthday present, he’s six on friday. I got him a road blocks set, you know, he’s really into road blocks. Then I wanted to look for some jeans to wear. Its been years since I was able to fit in a pair of jeans. I found some that I loved. I tried two pairs. And one fit really well. So I bought that, and I also got a nice dress top to wear. It was lovely. I thought both the jeans and top would come to 35 euro, but when I went up to pay they only came to 32 euro. So I saved a little on them. I ended up also going in and buying some fruit for the week, some milk, and the ingredients for a chili. We were going to cook this afternoon but mom said she is feeling tired so she asked if it is ok if she waits until tomorrow morning to cook. We got a taxi home. Tonight I have to go to church, there is this mass on for all the people in the parish who have died in the past year. My aunt died last year and so she is included in the mass. So all of the family are going to it. I plan on wearing my new outfit to church. Im kinda apprehensive about going. I dont normally go to church as its triggering to us. I go if I have to, like for funerals, confirmations, etc. But I do need to go tonight to show my respect. So I will do it. I hope it will be ok though. I’m a little worried about it. Other than all that though it has been a great saturday so far.

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I’ve been running around all morning!

so i’ve been so busy today. running around all day!
Mom and me went out early this morning. We went to the gym so I could work out. We walked there. Then we spent about an hour in the gym. I went on the treadmill for 30 mins, and then I went on the bike. I did around 15 mins on it.
Afterwords we went to aldi to grocery shop. I got a ton of shopping. Enough for the whole week. It took us a while as we were looking around and trying to figure out things to buy. I had a list but really I dont know why I write lists. I never stick to them.
I spent around 50 euro on food. Im glad it wasnt any more than that. I got ingredients to make spaghetti bolognes, and I also got the ingredients to make a vegetable soup for us to have today for dinner. I also got a ton of fruit. I got some other things as well. I was craving salted peanuts so I got some of those too.
After grocery shopping we got a taxi to my house to put it all away. We spent about an hour at my house. Mom cleaned the yard, and did a little housework, and I helped her put all of my groceries away.
Then we got a taxi to mom and dads house. And now mom is making dinner. I’m exhausted now. I woke up early today. Like at 6 AM. But I went back to bed until around 8:30. So really I got up then and showered and had breakfast. I feel like I’ve had a very productive day all around.
I was supposed to go to my friend normas house, but I canceled. I told her I could come over tomorrow, but she has to go out then, so I said we’d leave it for this weekend, and maybe I can go visit her next week. I am going to just relax for the evening now. Just read and watch tv.

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Feeling Fab!

I am feeling fab! I had a fantastic workout today! Mom took me to the gym thanks mom I love you! I will show my appreciation for her just by doing some nice things for her to say thank you! She does so much for me! I did the treadmill today for 30 minutes. I did 2 KM on there. At a speed of 3.4. I was tired out after it! I was going to do the bike too but then I didnt feel up to it so I left it for another day. We also walked down to the gym, its a short 12 minute walk but we did it which was more exercise! Now I feel fabulous! My mood is great. I am feeling so good! Exercise really does make you feel good!

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