Got home!

Well I am home finally. Got home about an hour ago.

Hosting lunch today was easy. Nothing came up. We had a quiet time of it which I am glad about.

I had booked my taxi to pick me up at 2:15. I had to stand out in the rain for a few minutes so me and nitro ended up getting soaked. We’re home now though and drying off.

I am glad I went in to the basement club today. I feel much more at ease now that I’ve met the new coordinator. She’s friendly, and seems to want to get things done and get to know the members.

Plan on kicking back and relaxing for the rest of today. Just gotta see to nitro, feed him, etc then I gotta make my own dinner. After that I can do whatever I fancy.

Hope your all having a fab day!

Changes, changes

I’m at the basement club this morning. I am not very happy. I found out that at the members meeting this week they have decided well staff did, that the name of the basement club should be changed to cork shine. Shine is the organisations name but we’ve always been known as the basement club, the reason the centre was called the basement club at the beginning of its creation was because it was in the basement of a building. But anyway. Members were not asked if they wanted the name changed. It was the decision of head office in dublin. I think thats awful. WE should be asked, and it should be voted on, like all of our decisions are voted on by members.. I am not sure it will be though. Thats sad to me. Sad how many changes there are going on here right now. The new coordinator has started. I met her this morning. She seems to be nice. She did say that over the next couple of weeks she is going to try to sit down with everyone individually and get to know us. I do think that is good. I would like to do that. And if she offers me a slot I will take it. I will be staying here for a few hours. Its 10:30 now and I am going to be here until at least 2 as I am hosting lunch today with my friend denise. Right now staff are in a meeting. There seems to be a ton of staff meetings, something that never happened much in the past. So yeah. A few members are here, but the weather is bad so I dont think that many will come in today.
carol anne

Not asleep ug!

well I am having no luck sleeping. I went to bed around 11 PM. Slept on and off for a few hours. Around 3 AM I woke, my phone woke me, I forgot to silence it. I couldnt get back to sleep. So I got up. No point in lying there awake and unable to sleep is there? So now I am up. And its so quiet around here! Even my dog is sleeping lol.

I wonder what I should do to pass the time! I don’t feel like watching tv. I don’t even feel like reading my book! Maybe I’ll catch up on peoples blogs! I am so far behind, that that may be a good idea!

I am planning on going to the basement club later this morning. I haven’t been in there all week. I don’t want to actually go today, but I kinda have too. I am hosting lunch time there today. I promised I would do it.

Other than that, no plans for today. At least the weather got better though!

So after much thought

So after much thinking, and debating, I’ve decied that yes, I will stay home today and chill. I need the rest.

It feels good to be having down time. My mom was encouraging me to go to the basement club. But tbh I don’t feel up to it. I don’t really feel social today. I wouldn’t be much good to anyone down there.

I’d prefer to just hang out here at home. I just had a nice shower, and ate a bowl of chili, which tasted amazing I might add.

I got back into my pj’s after my shower. I think its going to be a pj sorta day.

Oh well, some days are just like that, right?

A good night

I had a good nights sleep. I went to bed kind of early, well early for me. I was in bed by 11 and asleep by midnight.

My amazon alexa gave me some trouble last night. I was in the midst of reading my book when it disconnected from the internet. I had to reset it. Now its speaking using the American voice instead of the UK one. Not sure what I did. But I guess that’s ok too. I’ll just have to put up with it until I figure out what to do to fix it.

I was going to go in to the basement club this morning. But I am thinking I wont bother going in. I am just not in the mood. I think I’d prefer a day of rest, a day at home where I can just relax and chill out.

I may change my mind and go in after all, who knows. We’ll just wait and see what happens, but right now, its doubtful I am going anywhere today.

Meeting the new staff at the basement club!

so I finally did it. I went in and I met two new staff at the basement club yesterday. It was ok, only ok though.

One of them is a real bitch. She is not a nice person. She looks down on us, just because we have mental illness! She is so patronising! I think she thinks she is somehow better than us because we take meds, and she doesnt!

She’s also very lazy. Yesterday we were trying to organise some gardening and trying to prep the new garden space, and she was like, I’m far too busy to be doing this! I’m doing two peoples work! Like, dont bother me!

The thing is, she wasnt working at all! All she was doing was sitting at a desk in the office, doing absolutely fucking nothing! She didnt even hardly engage with any of us! The old staff would always come out of the office and sit and chat to us. She doesnt though!

Then they held this training yesterday morning, they said we need to do a lunch time hosting thing, where two of us the members would host lunch, so that staff can go on an hours lunch break! The thing is we arent professionals! We arent qualified! We have to basically be in charge while they arent there! There is a phone number to call if we need to get in touch with them, but basically we’re on our own hosting the service. I did the training and then yesterday I got stuck to do the hosting! So I hosted lunch with another member so the staff would be able to go have their lunch, otherwise they said they’d have to close the basement club for an hour while they went on lunch!

The thing is this would never have happened when the old staff were there. They never took an hours break! They always had their lunch with us! They always sat with us and ate. None of this going out of the building to eat!

So yeah I was not impressed. The new staff werent all that! I am glad I went in but god! So many changes!

Thank god two more new staff are going to come next week. A new coordinator and another mental health support worker. One male and one female. I will have to go in and meet them all over again!
carol anne


Heres what I think

Here is a little poem I penned about one of the new staff at the basement club that I met yesterday. Lets just say that she is not a nice person at all from what I have seen of her so far.

dont treat me
as if your better than me
just because
you dont take meds and I do
just because you are staff
and I am the client
dont look down on me
make me feel small
make me feel as if I dont matter
Thats not cool
Your not cool
Let me just say
You suck at your job
and you are lazy
That is my first impression of you
take it or leave it
but that is what I think of you
carol anne