Today I have been at the basement club all day. I attended some recovery groups there.

In the morning I went to a creative writing class. It was really good. It lasted an hour and a half. We used story cubes and we made up a story from the prompts on the cubes. We also did a get to know each other exercise. And at the end of class the tutor gave us some photographs, and we were to use one of them to form a character for a story. She also had a handbag containing a bunch of items, which represented a character, and when she had us go through the items and then we were to jot down some things that we thought were true about this character.

In the afternoon I went to discovering recovery. That’s a new group that is running at the basement club. It was really interesting. We talked about what mental health recovery means to us. We talked about what hinders us in our recovery, and about what works for us. We also made out ground rules. The group is going to last for 8 weeks. It was so interesting. That group this afternoon also lasted for an hour and a half.

I am totally enjoying being part of the community again at the basement club. I do have to say I really love how the new staff have a few new recovery groups put in place for us. The groups are really helpful. I am finding I am getting a lot of support now from the new staff too which is nice. I am glad I stuck with them and gave them a chance. They really did turn out to be nice people and good to work with too.

They are now emailing me info about events, as well as texting on info to me. The new coordinator is really disability aware which is nice. She goes out of her way to ensure that myself and my friend norma have what we need to access the service.

Its great. I’m so appreciative that she does that for us. It is helpful as we’re unable to read the printed material which is up on the notice board for everyone.

Its been a good day. I’m tired now but its a nice tired. A contented tired.

Spent the day at the basement club

so I spent the day at the basement club. I went to a meeting that was being held. It was to try and form a social committee. We havent decided on who is going to do what yet though, we’re just forming it at the moment.
I also went to a recovery group that started today. It will be an 8 week group exploring some different aspects of recovery. Like self care, dealing with triggers, dealing with emotions, on hope and trust, relationships and connection, etc. It sounds like it will be a good group. Some of the members of the group are new to the basement club, so it will be a good opportunity to get to know them.
I plan on going to the basement club every thursday, and spending the entire day there. I also went to lunch with a few members. We went to a little cafe across the street from the basement club. It was really nice and they served lovely panini’s.
So I had a good day. I am just going to relax now for the rest of the evening. I dont have anything else that needs to be done. I am happy I went out today. I achieved my goal of socialising with others. That makes me happy.


Todays goals!

Today I have only a few goals. Mostly my goal today is to get out of the house. After the accident and all I’ve been stuck in the house all week. If I wasnt in the house then I was running around with my mom and sister trying to sort things out after the accident. So today I am going to have some me time. I am going out. Going to the basement club. There is a recovery group starting there today. A holistic recovery group. I am also going to a meeting about us forming a social committee. My friend Norma is also going with me. She recently joined the basement club. So I am picking her up at 10:30 and we’re going down there together. It should be a nice day. So other than doing that I dont have too much else I want to do today. All I really want to do is socialise with others. If I can do that today I’ll be very happy and I will consider that an achievement.


still feel off

Still dont feel great. I did go out, I went to the basement club. I did host lunch there today. That went ok. I managed to talk to the coordinator about an issue I had to discuss with her. A friend of mine whose also blind wanted to join the basement club, but she knows and has worked with the coordinator in the past, and she was thinking that might be an issue, so she asked me to ask her, which I did, and no, there is no issue. So thats good. I did enjoy being at the basement club. It got me out of the house, it distracted me a little bit from my own thoughts and feelings. I needed that. NowI am home its back to overthinking everything. I just am not feeling good this afternoon. I dont know what to do with myself. I feel agitated and kinda overstimulated. I guess I’ll go read some blogs. I need to try to catch up on them. I’m way behind in my blog reading lately.
carol anne


Thursdays here!

6:20 AM. I am up. i woke at around 5:30. I was so tired last night when I came home from slimming world. I ate dinner and then I fell into bed. I had turned on my heating to warm up the house. I fell asleep with the heat on thats how tired I was. Woke up around 2 AM and was roasted, so turned it off. Was then able to go straight back to sleep. My phone dinging didnt even wake me up!
I am going to the basement club this morning. I will spend the day in there. I am hosting lunch from 1-2 with my friend denise. So thats my plan for today. I’ll probably go in around 9:30.
Happy thursday everyone!
carol anne


Catch up with my OT

So this morning I saw my OT mark. We hadnt met in a while. We usually meet every four to six weeks.

Last week we were meant to meet but then we didnt as traffic was against mark and he wasnt able to make our apt. But that was ok, we made up for lost time today.

We talked about the basement club and all of the changes there. He said it was good that we the members are being allowed to take more ownership of our own mental health club. I agree it is. He also said that it seems the new staff are trying to freshen things up a little bit, and come at things with fresh eyes and a new perspective. I suppose thats true in lots of ways.

They changed the whole basement club layout around last week on the day they cleaned the centre. So yeah. Definitely a new perspective happening.

We talked about therapy and this time of year being hard for us. Mark is always interested in how we’re doing emotionally and mentally. He is a very caring OT. He likes to know that we’re ok.

He kept praising us and saying that we were doing so well since he first started working with us. He said 4 or 5 years ago we definitely wouldnt have been in the place we are now. I agree. We’ve come a long way since starting to work with him.

We had a very funny conversation though. Last week and this week, we were texting with him outside of our appointment time. I sent one text. Then he sent one back. I didnt reply right away. I said I’d wait for a little bit. anyway I must have got distracted and one of the kids replied to his text and put a load of imogies in with the reply! Haha! He found this to be so hilarious. He said he even spoke to one of his colleagues and was like, thats strange, one of the alters must have sent that to me as she’d never put imogies in my texts. Lol.

So yeah. I got a good laugh out of that. I found out it was Emily who had replied to his text. And she put a sunflower and 2 hearts and a grinning face in the reply.

He did a little research for me on security pendants. You know the kind you wear around your neck when your home alone just in case you fall or have an accident. He told me most of the ones he’d seen have a montly fee. He said the guy who put in my house alarm may be able to help me by wiring up another sorta alarm to do this job. He said ask him, and if he cant, text him back and he’ll get the guy who fitted his house alarm to come look at mine for me. That sounds really good to me so I will first ask my own guy, and then if its a no go, I’ll text mark about it.

Other than that we just chatted about boring every day stuff. It was a great apt though. We set up another one in a months time.


The meal out!

so I had a fab night last night with a group o f members from the basement club. We went out around 6 PM. My friend denise was there when I got to the hotel, she was there before me and met me at the door.

We went to the restaurant in the hotel to eat. I thought we were eating in the bar, but the restaurant was much nicer. A little more expensive to eat there but so worth it.

I ordered chicken wings for a starter. They were buffalo wings. They were so yummy! I ordered thai vegetable curry with rice for my main. It was delicious. I couldnt fault their food, it was so so nice.

The whole thing, including a diet pepsi cost me 24 euro so not too bad price wise. I was delighted and really enjoyed myself. We had good banter, good conversation, just an overall good time.

I left at around 8 to go home. I didnt want to stay out too late, some of them stayed on and had drinks in the bar. I wasnt drinking though so just went home. I was tired too so when I got home I didnt stay up for too much longer.

I’m glad I went though. I had a fun night.
carol anne