#Writing prompt 47, being thankful on thanksgiving!

Sarahs the host of these writing prompts! This one I love so thought on thanksgiving, what better time to post it!

Im thankful this year, because

I am alive! I am free from abuse!
I am wiser! I am another year older!
I am loved! I am appreciated!
I am full of gratitude for so many things, and so many people!
My family, my dog! My friends, including my wp friends!
My life! I have lived another year in good health! Thank you god!
My meals, my house, my sister! My niece and nephew!
So much to be grateful for!

Happy thanksgiving to all of my US readers

Happy thanksgiving! How is your day going? What are your plans for it?
Do you like thanksgiving and all the celebrations? Are you cooking or going to a family get together?
I hope you all enjoy thanksgiving, and that the day is special for everyone!
When I go to colorado next May, Sarah and I are going to do a thanksgiving dinner, so that I can have all the yummy foods associated with it.
I cant wait for that!
I love turkey and stuffing, but I’ve never tasted green bean casserole! So I need to taste that!
Anyway have a super day everyone! Dont eat too much lol!


its me allie. im bored. is anyone around? im soooo bored.

I wanna email Eileen. maybe I can tell her about what I did today. that wasn’t much. but she likes hearing about the fun I have. so maybe Ill jus email her and tell her about my very boring day.

im still waiting on the new books carol anne ordered for me. I wish they’d hurry up and get here. I want to take them in to Eileen for her to read to us.

I’ve no patience. ha ha! at least that’s what the bigs tell me!

I am allie no patience! ha ha!

I wanna tell everybody happy thanksgiving! enjoy it. I wish we had thanksgiving here. we do have black Friday. that is cool. we’re not going shopping though tomorrow.

im getting a diet coke tomorrow though! cant wait!

Well gotta go now! Grown ups said so!
allie 9

Happy thanksgiving to my US readers!

Happy thanksgiving everyone who is in the USA!

I hope you all have a fun filled day today!

I’m thankful for all of your ongoing readership and support!

Thank you! Enjoy the day everyone!
And heres my thanksgiving quote…

Today’s Quote:
Dear Lord; we beg but one book more; peace in the hearts of all men living, peace in the whole world this Thanksgiving.
Joseph Auslander

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