thankful for dr. barry

this morning i am thinking about dr. barry. i am thinking about all the times she’s come through for me, been there, validated me. all the times i have told her things and she’s understood. how nice it is to have a doctor who is so compassionate and caring and who truly gets it and gets me. it is wonderful. she is wonderful. and i feel so blessed and so lucky to have her. for years i had psychiatrists who i either clashed with, who didnt get me, who questioned why i did things, who didnt get the attachment stuff, or my complex needs. for years i put up with that because i had no choice. i couldnt change psychiatrists. that wasnt an option. then in 2013 dr. barry became my psychiatrist. and i’ve never looked back since. from day one she has made a conscious effort. she has tried to understand me and where i am coming from. she is open and has not questioned my did diagnosis. she is ok with talking to other insiders, whoever presents, she talks with them. as long as they want to engage with her she will engage with them. and i love her for that. it is an amazing thing to watch younger insiders, the kids in particular, form a relationship with her. they are so attached to her and hang on her every word. it is lovely that they have someone in their lives who they can trust fully, and turn to if they need to. i would love to be able to tell her exactly how i feel about her coming into my life. but mostly my words get stuck in my throat and i am not able to form them to tell her how grateful i am for her expertese, love, and constant presence in my life. some day, hopefully i will be able to get the words together to tell her, i think i might write her a thank you letter. if i sit down and write it out, then i can think about what i want to say. it feels important to me that i get it across to her how much having her as our doctor has changed us for the better.