20 things I am grateful for right now

I feel that gratitude is so important. So i thought I’d write out a list of what I am grateful for in life right now.

1 A fan to keep me cool
2 My furbaby Nitro
3 Good food to eat
4 A nice warm shower
5 My I phone
6 My online friends
7 My family
8 My home
9 My mental health team
10 The fact we’re getting a superb summer this year
11 The basement club
12 My weight loss
13 My meds
14 Being able to volunteer
15 Books and reading
16 Music
17 Netflix
18 Bed and sleep
19 My blog and blog friends
20 I am grateful to be alive and healthy right now!

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Lazy sunday

i’ve had the laziest sunday. remember i said i was going to go to bed early lastnight because i was shattered after the bbq? well I went to bed at 8:45. slept until around 11, woke for a little while, actually, my dad woke me, he was going to bed and he woke me up, then just as i was going back to sleep mom called, she just was waning to see if we were ok as she went to her brothers house for the evening. eventually i got back to sleep, and when mom came in at 2 AM I heard her come in, heard her opening the front door, but I didnt get up or anything, I was too comfy and so just rolled over and went right back to sleep. I slept really well after that. Woke around 9 and ate breakfast, then decided to go back to bed for the morning, read a little in bed, but mostly just slept a lot. It was nice. And I think I needed it. I feel good now and like I’ve caught up on sleep for the week. I got up in the afternoon, ate and then messed about online for a while. Its still super hot here, but now there is more of a humidity than actual sun, although there still is sunshine too. But the humidity is awful. There is no staying cool in it. I hopped in a cool shower, and once out, I immediately started sweating again, and it was like I never even went in at all. I needed to go to the local lidle store because I needed fruit for the week, so mom went with me, i got 21 euro worth of fruit for the week. One thing I got were doughnut peaches, I’d never had those before and they sounded delicious so I got some. I have a ton of fruit now to keep me going for the week ahead. Tonight mom is going to her brothers again, and I am going with her this time. Her two sisters will be there too. We’re just going for a few hours, they’ll have drinks, I wont. We’ll just be chatting and listening to music. Tomorrow is going to be busy as well, I’ll have therapy in the morning, and then in the afternoon I need to take Nitro to the vets, he has to get his vaccinations, and I have to get dog food. My sister said she’d drop me to the vets, that will save me money on taxi fares. I’m thankful to her for doing that for me. She also said she’d drop me back home afterwords. I’m hoping therapy goes ok. I’m starting to wonder how it will go. I know we need to address sirenas recent suicide attempt. Eileen will probably want to do that first thing. Thats ok with me. I know it needs to be talked through. As for me I am just feeling glad that we have eileen in our life. We are blessed to have her. She’s such an amazing therapist always on the ball about everything and always knows what to do to help us.
carol anne

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Special moments

the moments I enjoyed today…

1 sipping hot coffee
2 cuddling with nitro
3 being out in the sunshine
4 writing on my blog
5 playing with my amazon echo
6 talking to my friend on the phone
7 making chili with my PA
8 seeing my mom and dad
9 reading my book
10 watching some tv catching up on some of my shows

what moments did you enjoy today?

carol anne

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today, i am feeling so thankful. i am thankful that i got to spend quality time with my mom. i am thankful for nitro. i am thankful for nice food to eat. that soup i had for dinner today was so amazing. i am thankful for my parents, i dont know where I’d be without them especially my mom. I am thankful for the nice weather, its so good to see the sunshine outside. we are meant to get up to 30 degrees c this coming week. I am thankful for books and reading. it gives me a world to escape into and helps me to learn interesting things that I otherwise might not know. I am thankful for my friends. Without all of you my life would be so much darker. I am grateful for you all every single day. I am thankful for a nice safe home to live in. I am also thankful for my health.
What are you thankful for today?
carol anne

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10 things I am thankful for

I thought I’d do a little gratitude list today. I like to do these every so often, it keeps me focused on what I am grateful for in my life. So here goes.

I am thankful for my guide dog, Nitro. He makes my life special.

I am thankful for my therapist Eileen. Her love and care for me make me feel valued and special.

I am thankful for a warm bed to sleep in.

I am thankful for enough food to eat every day.

I am thankful for my friends. My family.

I am thankful for my volunteer job.

I am thankful for my health.

I am thankful for my psychiatrist, whose expert advice I couldnt do without.

I am thankful that I can read, reading is knowledge.

I am thankful for my life, sometimes its hard and I dont feel like going on but I have people in my life who show me that life can be great, and I am so thankful for all of them.

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I was down again this week and I couldnt be happier

well its been another super week for me weight wise. i got weighed tonight, and guess what? I was down again! I was down 1.5 pounds again this week. I’m over the moon! so so thrilled. its fab news. i’m now down a total of 1 stone 6.5 pounds, for my US readers thats 20.5 pounds. isnt that fab? in only 15 weeks too. I’m slowly losing it which is what i like as when you can lose the weight slowly you have more of a success rate of keeping it off. i wasnt even disappointed that i didnt make my 1 and a half stone award tonight, im only half a pound away from that. there is always next week though for that. i’m very proud of how i did. i cant believe it. i knew i’d be down this week, well i had a feeling i would be. but i didnt think i’d be down 1.5 pounds. its just fab. couldnt be happier.
carol anne

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