Sunday gratitude

I am having a very good afternoon and evening here! Am so thankful for today!

Thankful for so much! In no particular order…

My mom
My dog
Nice food to eat
A hot shower
Clean clothes
The internet
That I am able to go for a walk
Money to buy food for the week
The TV!
Being able to email my therapist
Taking a nap
Texting with a friend
Rest and relaxation

Cute moment with my nephew

Over the weekend, I promised my nephew that I’d give him a fidget spinner that I had, that someone gave me, but that I didn’t want any longer. He was delighted, and very enthusiastic about it.

On sunday when I went home to my own house from my parents, I meant to get it and give it to him. He didn’t come with us as he was out with his cousins then. I totally forgot to get it and give it to my mom to give to him. Naturally he was very upset about this. He wanted my sister to go back to my house to get it.

So I promised him that today I’d give it to him. And when he arrived with my mom I had it ready for him. He was thrilled and gave me a huge hug. A simple little fidget spinner, makes him so happy. How cute is that.

With all the tech gadgets, tablet, phone, etc, who’d have thought a fidget spinner would make his day? Its just so simple. I am very happy that I could make him happy. I will treasure his hug. It is going on my things to be thankful for list for today.

Some gratitude!

Things I am very thankful for on this Wednesday are:

Dr. Barry, for being such an amazing psychiatrist
My mom, for helping me clean my house
My PA, for helping me get to slimming world
My slimming world consultant for all of her support
A nice sunny day
A hot shower
My blog and my online friends
Music and books
The radio
A nice dinner
A fluffy night gown
I love you’s


Daily gratitude

Things I am grateful for today include:

My dog for his loyal companionship
My friends for their love and support
The internet
My volunteer job
Cooler weather
Good food and being able to cook it myself
The basement club
Reading and books
Being able to relax and rest


#whatif prompt 8-20-2018

Today’s prompt:

tiny blessings


Todays tiny blessings, so many to be grateful for.

my dog

my mom

my volunteer supervisor

that I am healthy

That I am alive

Good food

A warm home

My happiness

Good friends

A hot shower

Nice weather

My mobility

So many blessings, tiny and big too. So much gratitude…

carol anne