Always something isnt it?

Well, I just had a call from my friend Norma. Apparently, she has to be tested for coronavirus, she has been feeling weak, short of breath, and she just doesnt feel very well.

Well, I was with her this morning, for all of 5 minutes. I did wear a mask going into her house. I only took some money from her, but my face was covered the whole time.

Now she’s being tested for the virus, I will know the results after the weekend. I hope she doesnt have it, because if she does then I might also have to be tested.

There is always something. It never rains but it pours.

Please pray I dont have it guys. I am at my parents so if I have it I’ll have probably exposed them to it. So I am hoping I dont as my moms health is compramised as it is.

Please send prayers and positive vibes to me.

Am very worried now.