Telivision I like- fowc with fandango

I love telivision. I try not to watch too much of it though.
I do end up watching quite a bit of telivision even though I do try not to.
Its inevitable that I do as I enjoy so many shows, and now that I have sky tv in both my living room and my bedroom, I have tons of channels that I otherwise wouldnt have had.
I also have amazon prime, and netflix, and apple tv.
So loads to choose from!
I love mostly true crime, reality shows, shows about nature, and animals.
With my sky package, I have sky nature, animal planet, CBS reality, And for true crime I have discovery ID and the crime and investigation network and sky crime.
I also love documentaries and with sky tv I get sky documentaries which has plenty of great documentaries on it.
Netflix also has a good number of true crime shows, and documentaries on it that I enjoy watching.
Amazon prime has some true crime, but one of my favourite shows to watch on amazon prime is forensic detectives, also I enjoy watching the old unsolved mysteries on prime as well.
I also watch some reality shows like my 600 pound life, my 3000 pound family, judge judy, medical detectives etc.
I’m certainly never short on things to watch.