computer issues

i’ve spent my morning dealing with computer issues! ug! so annoying!
I hate when my laptop doesnt work right.
Its now working again, but I had to change my I phone charger connection. You see I use my I phones data when I am at my parents house as they dont have wifi.
My charger lead wouldnt work properly, it wouldnt allow me to connect to the internet.
I reset the internet connection, tried and tried but still nothing.
Luckily I have this other charger plug and so i tried that. and now it works.
thank god! I couldnt be without my computer!
Its such a pain in the ass dealing with computer issues. Who agrees?
Anyway. All is well. Everything works again for now at least.


Upgrading my phone

i thought i’d be able to upgrade my phone this month. turns out i cant. turns out i have to wait until july 23rd. i got the dates wrong.

its a bummer. i want a new phone! my phone right now is the i phone six s. its a 16 gig model. im almost out of space though. i have a lot of videos, photos, and aps on the phone.

when i upgrade i want to get the i phone 8 if possible! i’d love a 64 gig model. i’m on a bill pay plan, so i should be able to do that. i will have to pay something towards the phone, though.

I’m just excited to upgrade. I’m totally looking forward to it!


I got the echo dot

we got the echo dot. its fab. it came in the mail yesterday. alexa is sooo awesome!
Im really enjoying getting to grips with it.
Its so small, too.
I only payed 40 dollars for it. A friend was selling his one. So that is how I came to have it.
Im delighted to have it though.
It will definitely make life easier for me. Does anyone have one?


techy stuff

so I’m having techy issues and its making me crazy.
I’m trying to change my email client to windows live mail. I had to read all of my email accounts, yes, I have more than one, in fact I have about 6.
I did that. now its downloading all of the messages from the accounts, its taking a while though and I am on limited data.
I hope all of my data doesn’t get used up.
I like computers and enjoy working with them but I hate having tech issues.

email problems

ive spent the last hour having problems with my email. i use outlook express for an email client. and windows 10. my inbox got corrupted. i couldnt delete messages. i tried loads of things to fix it. eventually i did. thank god. i did not want to have to delete everything from my inbox. i did end up having to delete some recipes that i had saved. oh well. at least the messages work again now. i hate when i have computer trouble. i get frustrated. i want to keep going with fixing problems until i’ve tried absolutely everything. i dont want to give up. hence the frustration when things dont work for me.

Training another disabled person

i’m excited to start my new volunteer role today.
I’ll be training another blind woman in how to use her laptop!
I hope I can be a good teacher! I’ve never really taught another blind person, I hope she wont think I go too fast!
I will try to take it very slow. I will just first ask her what she would like to learn, like so then I can maybe taylor the training to the things she’s most interested in learning.
I’m pretty sure she’ll want to learn to use the internet. and she needs to know about the screen reader, like the commands for using it and how to read documents, save them, print them etc.
It will be an interesting two hours!

My laptop is fixed

so my laptop is fixed!
i brought it in to a tech place today and they said it was nothing major, just that the charger was broken. it literally burnt out, which really surprised me.
i didnt think chargers did that! but it seems they do.
so i spent 40 euro on a new charger. to be totally honest i was very relieved to know it was something simple that could easily be fixed, and i didnt have to lose all of my files.
so now i have a working laptop again, and i dont have to type on a tiny netbook keyboard, which was driving me crazy because when I’d type sometimes the letters wouldnt come out, I think my fingers were too big lol!