I got a second echo dot

I bought myself a second echo dot speaker. Its the alexa speaker. You know, amazons alexa. I love it. Now I have one in my bedroom and one in my kitchen. Right now I am listening to spotify on it. I have spotify for music, and you can connect your spotify account to the alexa speaker which is awesome.
I can also read my audible books using it. I love it.
It only took me about 10 minutes to set it up. It was so simple. Of course there are lots of other things you can ask her, like about weather, news, whats on tv, recipes, the time, you can also play games, and enable skills, you can do things like set timers, alarms etc too.
You can also call people who have alexa, which is cool.
This one I got second hand, someone on a trading list I am on was selling it and I got a bargain, I got it for 20 pounds that is, UK pounds.
So I am thrilled! Now I can read or listen to music while I prepare and eat dinner or drink my coffee in my kitchen!

carol anne

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Really chill boxing day!

so I’ve had a really quiet boxing day. Not much going on here at all!

We all had dinner, my sis and her partner came withthe kids. We ate leftovers from yesterdays christmas dinner. It was nice. I ate way too much, asusual!

I sware, I’m back on my diet as of now! I am not eating any more junk food! Or if I do eat some it will be minamul. I need to try to lose what weight I’ve gained! And I am pretty sure I have gained some!

My niece Lauren was so funny today. She’s randomly texting us all every five minutes. Even though we’re in the next room! Now she is also saying she wants to be a youtuber. She wants to make her own youtube channel and do vlogs. I think she’d be good at it. And of course I’d subscribe to her if she did it. Just cuz I am nosey ha ha!

I had to deal with nitro having another panick attack. But he’s fine now again. I think he got a little too hot. Thats what I am putting it down to anyway. I dont know if thats it or not though. All I know is he was panting and shaking and stuff and it was stressful for both me and for him too!

Now they’ve all gone home, and its just mom and dad and me. Tomorrow mom and me are going to go out to see if there are any good sales. We’re also going to go get the new clothes dryer, cooker, vacume cleaner, and a tv, I got a text today from the store to say their sale has begun!

I also need to go grocery shopping so we’ll also do that. And mom wants to spend the voucher I got her for christmas, she wants to see if she can buy something to wear with it. I’ve decided on Friday I will go home to my own house for a few days, just cuz I want to make sure the house is ok, there were warnings on the radio today about leaving your house vacant, that people might break in if they see an idle house, so I will go home and make sure I stay home for a few days. I will turn on the heat too to warm the place up a little bit and prevent dampness from setting in!

I’ll come back to my parents around the 31st and spend new years with them. I do that every year. We arent doing anything for new years though. We rarely ever do. I think we’ll just watch some new years tv, eat snacks, and stay up for the fireworks and the bells at midnight.

I hope your all having a good day today! I’m certainly enjoying mine. I even had a glass of wine, well a spritzer, I had wine with seven up in it.

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Slowly getting used to the mac!

I’m sloooowly getting used to the mac! I’m still learning, but I’m slowly making progress. I love the speed, it is lightning fast. I love that I can do things quickly on it. But it is pretty hard to get to grips with. I use voice over on it. The commands for that there are a ton of them so a lot to learn. I dont use a mouse at all, its all keybord commands. Some commands are 3 or four keystrokes. So a lot to take in and a lot to learn. I got my wifi on my phone to work, so thats good. I also set up my email on it. I also set up dictation with seari. So slowly am getting used to it now.
Spending a little time with it each day. I should be able to do more on it soon.

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All set up!

I’m all set up on my new mac!

However I haven’t used it much yet. I am learning!

It is going to take me a while to get to grips with it I think. I don’t mind, I have time! I will go slow! Take my time! Get to know how VO, that’s voice over, works.

I am proud that I managed to set it up without too much help. Mom did help me a little to do it. She got me started and I finished it.

At first we kept going into dutch instead of English. We must have restarted the set up process 3 or 4 times! Finally though we got it going.

I found out too that there are no USB ports on this MacBook. The ones on it are US C ports. You know, the ones that use tiny plugs, like the apple charger, but apparently you can buy a wire that allows you to plug in a USB device into your phone. I will have to buy that, otherwise I wont be able to use my external hard drives.

I also need to figure out wifi at my parents. They don’t have regular wifi. Normally I use my phones data. I plug it in using my hotspot. I normally use a USB port on my PC to plug it in. I think though on the mac I’ll be able to use Bluetooth to do it. I haven’t really checked that out yet though to see if I can or not.

I’m going to do a little learning on the mac each day and hopefully in a few days I’ll be all set and will know a lot.

I love my MacBook though. Its really slim! It has a real nice feel to it.

I’m glad I was able to get one!

Picking up my macbook pro

I pick up my new macbook pro today. I am so excited! The cheque finally cleared the bank. So I can go get it! Yay!
I will probably try to set it up tonight. I will have to spend a ton of time learning about it. I have some audio tutorials to help me out. Thank goodness I do!
I am a total newby lol! But I’m ready to embrace it.
Bring it on! I am ready and willing to learn!
I am keeping my win 10 pc as a back up. For a while I will still probably use it a lot I think. As I learn though I will probably use my macbook more and more.

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macbook pro for christmas!

So it looks like I will have my macbook pro for christmas! I ordered it today. Mom took me to the apple store. At first there was an issue because they said they dont take cheques, that you have to pay cash. I told them I’d rang head office and asked about it and I was told that they’d take the cheque and clear it in the bank and just not release the product until the cheque had cleared. The guy who dealt with us said he’d ring head office again and ask. So he did. And it turned out to be all good! And they placed my order for a silver macbook pro. It is costing 1550 euro! I thought OMG thats pricy! I’d never have been able to afford that myself so I am so glad that Cara Nua funded it for me. I’m so grateful. Anyway the cheque is going to take 5 working days to clear in the bank. The guy said he’d call me probably on friday to come in and pick up my macbook. So we’re going to hopefully pick it up on saturday. If we dont then it will be after christmas before we can. So I am hoping that it will indeed only take 5 days for it to clear in the bank. Then I have to learn, learn learn all about the mac! I am a total novice. I know nothing about them. I have a few audio tutorials. And some books on it. But I have never used one. So I actually dont know how to use it at all. So a big learning curve for me. But I’m ready. This is going to be great I think. Macs are so good too. No viruses with them. And they last a long time too. So thats awesome. I’m feeling great about all this. And so glad I got out today to the apple store to place the order. Now its just a waiting game.

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Good news about the funding!

my funding was approved! So I will be able to get the items I wanted, the household items, and my macbook computer too!
I am thrilled! This is good news!
I need to go to the store this weekend to get quotes for the items I need. mom said she’d take me. We’ll go on saturday afternoon.
I already have a quote for the macbook computer. The advisor said that I need to have the quotes in before the 5th of december, if I want the cheques before christmas.
Thats not a problem. I can have them in by then.
I’m just glad that the funding got approved, makes my life so much easier!

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