my internet was down all day!

so i’ve had no internet all day! it went off around 1 Pm. i was so bored! at first i never noticed it had gone off. i only noticed after about 2 hours. i thought it was just my laptop giving me problems at first, since i’d had a few problems with the computer last night.

i tried everything but nope it wouldnt work! so eventually i checked my phone, and yeah, the mobile data was off! i reset the network, i tried turning the mobile data off and on again, i tried everything I could think of to fix it but still there was nothing!
so i just had to be without it. omg guys! have you tried it? being without the internet i mean? what did we ever do without it! when there was no online world, what did we do then? i’ve never watched so much tv! i watched it for hours, because there was literally nothing else to do!

i dont have wifi at mom and dads, I use my data and use my phones hotspot to connect to the computer! so well I am not sure if the wifi would have even worked either!

I tried calling my providers customer service line, but I got a recording, that said we’re having a major system outage! Go figure! Probably shoulda done that first, right guys? But I didnt! Oh well!

I just waited…and waited…and waited for it to come back on! And finally! Finally after many hours, it did! Yay! I’ve never been so happy! Its great! Now I feel normal again!

Lol I am addicted, what can I say!
carol anne


Tech for the blind! go fund me!

So I have made a go fund me page. To raise money for the tech gadgets that I need, which are very expensive as they are specialised!
Can you all reblog, and or share this page with your friends? I’d really appreciate it!

thanks guys!


Hi everyone

So I am writing to ask for donations, I hope you don’t think I am being annoying. I will explain why I want the donations. I am fundraising for some new technology to make my life easier. I really want to get a new MacBook from apple. It would make my life so much easier. I have some money saved for it, but I need a little more, and I am going to continue to save but am also asking for any donations if anyone can donate.

Getting a MacBook is much cheaper than just buying a laptop, as if I just bought a laptop then I’d have to buy the software to make it talk, and that’s about 1000 euros just for the software, where as a MacBook comes with speech already built in to it.

When your blind, you rely heavily on technology. I mean, my phone, I literally use it all day every day. That’s just one of the tech things I use on a regular basis.

So, if you can donate to my fund, I’d be ever so grateful.

Im taking donations through paypal. My paypal email address to send donations to is

I really would be so grateful for any and all donations given.
carol anne

A good night

I had a good nights sleep. I went to bed kind of early, well early for me. I was in bed by 11 and asleep by midnight.

My amazon alexa gave me some trouble last night. I was in the midst of reading my book when it disconnected from the internet. I had to reset it. Now its speaking using the American voice instead of the UK one. Not sure what I did. But I guess that’s ok too. I’ll just have to put up with it until I figure out what to do to fix it.

I was going to go in to the basement club this morning. But I am thinking I wont bother going in. I am just not in the mood. I think I’d prefer a day of rest, a day at home where I can just relax and chill out.

I may change my mind and go in after all, who knows. We’ll just wait and see what happens, but right now, its doubtful I am going anywhere today.

Getting my new phone

so i got my new phone yesterday. i got the I phone 7. The 32 gig model. I love it. I had to pay 99 euro for the upgrade. Now I am entered into a 24 month contract with the phone company but thats ok with me, I didnt really mind that. The guy who did the upgrade was really nice. He was really friendly and he tried to get me as many discounts as he could. I asked him if he could put my sim card into the phone for me as that is hard to do. I also asked him if he could turn on voice over for me. At first he said I’d have to take out insurance on the phone which also included tech support. That would have cost me 15.99 a month. He thought I didnt know anything about I phones or how to use them. When I told him that actually I know how to use the phone, and I didnt really want insurance, he agreed to switch it on for me and put in my sim card. I was delighted that he agreed to do it for me. He could have just said no or get the insurance. It took about an hour to get the upgrade completed. There was so much paper work to do. I also had to set up direct debit to pay my bill each month. I really didnt want to set up a direct debit but I had no choice as it was required. After the upgrade was complete I took mom for a coffee to thank her for waiting around for me. She said she didnt mind, there had been music playing on the street, people busking and she was enjoying that. So she said the time passed quickly. So now I have the new phone, I had backed everything up to the cloud so it was just a matter of downloading all my apps, photos etc back onto the phone again. That took me about an hour to do yesterday when I got home. I’m happy with the phone though. I really like it.


computer issues

i’ve spent my morning dealing with computer issues! ug! so annoying!
I hate when my laptop doesnt work right.
Its now working again, but I had to change my I phone charger connection. You see I use my I phones data when I am at my parents house as they dont have wifi.
My charger lead wouldnt work properly, it wouldnt allow me to connect to the internet.
I reset the internet connection, tried and tried but still nothing.
Luckily I have this other charger plug and so i tried that. and now it works.
thank god! I couldnt be without my computer!
Its such a pain in the ass dealing with computer issues. Who agrees?
Anyway. All is well. Everything works again for now at least.


Upgrading my phone

i thought i’d be able to upgrade my phone this month. turns out i cant. turns out i have to wait until july 23rd. i got the dates wrong.

its a bummer. i want a new phone! my phone right now is the i phone six s. its a 16 gig model. im almost out of space though. i have a lot of videos, photos, and aps on the phone.

when i upgrade i want to get the i phone 8 if possible! i’d love a 64 gig model. i’m on a bill pay plan, so i should be able to do that. i will have to pay something towards the phone, though.

I’m just excited to upgrade. I’m totally looking forward to it!