Just Random stuff

I’ve spent the last hour trying to get familiar with my mac. It has been ages since I picked it up and played on it. So I decided that tonight was a good night to try to do that. Right now I am updating it to the latest Mac OS. That is taking forever. So I made a mug of tea while I wait for it to update. I’ve noticed that when it is on it gets super hot. My windows PC never got hot like that when it was on. So not sure what is happening there.

In other news, I spoke to my sister, and we are going to take mom out for mother’s day. Mother’s day is on March 19th and we’ll take mom out to lunch on the 18th. We’re letting her choose where she wants to go. Can you believe she said she’d be happy just to go to McDonalds? I was like, mom, we’re not going to McDonalds for mother’s day!

She’s so easy to please!

My plan is to post a tribute to my mom on FB tomorrow, for international women’s day. After all, she is one of the strongest and bravest, most courageous women I know.

I am seeing Dr. Barry tomorrow morning. I am happy I have an appointment with her. I hope there won’t be a long wait before my appointment. I also will be getting my shot, the pharmacy delivered that to me this afternoon.

Tomorrow marks one month since Nitro’s passing. I still really miss him. I still haven’t put his toys away. They are still laying on my rug in the living room. I can’t seem to put them away. It’s hard to believe he’s been gone a month already. I keep expecting him to run up to me wagging his tail.

I found out who sent my surprise package. It was a friend from Arizona who sent it. We’d had a falling out, and she sent it to me to apologize. It was a very thoughtful gesture on her part. I accepted her apology and now we’re friends again.

Life is too short not to forgive and forget.