Ongoing issues with my sky tv so frustrated!

Well my day got worse. I am having ongoing issues with my sky box. and my sky go app on my phone. basically when I record things, I cant watch them back, the recordings tab seems to have disappeared from the app, and reinstalling the app hasnt fixed it, so I called tech support, twice. The two people I spoke to were somewhat helpful, they tried to enable things on their end, but I’m still unable to access the recordings, then the second time I called the guy said he’d send an email to the team who are working on the app, he said there had been an update to the app recently, and this caused huge problems. I dont remember updating, but maybe I did, I’m not sure. Anyway, as it stands now, I have no way to watch my recorded shows, which frustrates me, its been an ongoing issue since I got sky, I’ve had this issue resolved twice, and it always starts happening again that I cant access them. I even got multi screen which basically means I have a box in the living room and one in my bedroom, thinking that would fix the problem for me, but it hasnt. I’m paying enough money for my sky, I should be able to access my recordings. Its not my fault that I am blind, and so cant access them in the normal way through my tv. I’m irritable now, and feeling disheartened, and a little down. I was already feeling down, this just made me feel a lot worse. I’m also having a lot of grief and anxiety coming up. I texted eileen earlier, to thank her for our session yesterday. She texted me back almost immediately and said she is happy I find her supportive, and that it was a lovely message to get. Having the little bit of connectioin with her made me feel good, but then this stupid issue with sky happened, and now I feel shitty again. Does it ever end?