Update on my issues with wordpress!

I have an update on the wordpress issue, you know the one where it is asking you to log in on certain sites to comment and do other stuff?
My friend sent in a support ticket to the wordpress team, and so did I!
Well the support team got back to us!
They said to clear the web history on the computer, clear the cookies, and the info on what sites you visit, and then go back to the wordpress site and try to comment or do what you want to do!
That seemed to work! Not sure about my mac yet as havent tried it on the mac, but it works on my phone and laptop!
Yay! So glad its resolved! Just passing on the info in case any of you want to try it out!
If you google how to delete the web history and cookies on whatever browser your using you’ll find instructions on how to do it!
I hope you have the same success that I did!

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