Internet trouble

i’ve had a night of internet trouble. i had to ring my ISP twice. My internet speed was so slow! The first time I rang a lady told me to disconnect all my devices from 5 G and use 2.4 g and she said it would be resolved then. I tried it, it wasnt resolved. I was getting awfully slow download speeds. So I rang them back and got through to this lovely guy, who checked my line, and said that someone had set the speed to high, and that my phone line wasnt able to take the speed that they’d set it at so he lowered it and he said I should see improvements immediately. And I did!

I hate having internet trouble. I am so addicted hahaha its not even funny! I need my internet and I hate when its down or gives me any problems!

I hope it stays working now!


New I phone

So I got a new Iphone today. Its second hand, a blind friend from england was selling it so I bought it from him. Its an I phone 8 plus. Its fab! Its the 256 gig model. Its bigger than my old phone, my old phone was a 32 gig phone, and it was the I phone 7.
I love this new phone! Now I dont have to worry about what I will store on it! I can store tons of apps, photos audiobooks etc and I dont have to worry about running out of space!
He also sold me a blue tooth speaker, a wireless charger, and a case for the phone.
When I got it I thought the screen was cracked, but it wasnt, it was the screen protector that was cracked, so I am going to replace that tomorrow.
I’m really loving the new phone though! So nice to have a new tech toy!


Training on my mac and work stuff

so this morning i went to NCBI national council for the blind here near where I live. I went to do some training in how to use my macbook. It was good…the session was useful. I learned some new stuff about the mac that I didnt already know.
I am going to do some one to one work with the head tech guy there, he said he’d call to my home and we can do some work together on how to use my mac.
That will be good, as its good to know how to use it, and I do want to get more familiar with it.
I also spoke to my resource worker again. She told me that the NCBI are organising a seminar in september, a technology and learning seminar, which I was interested in attending, so she said she’d send me out some info when they have a date confirmed and a venue for it and stuff.
I told her I was interested in gaining payed employment on a part time basis, and she was very encouraging, and said she would help me to try to gain employment. So I am meeting her this coming friday, to do a skills audit, to see where exactly my skills lie, and which areas I should most focus on when looking for work.
Then I will sign up for some job websites, and go from there. I wanted to get a job coach, but the place I looked at has a 4 month waiting list to get in with someone.
So we shall see what happens, I dont see why I cant get work, there are jobs out there, and I should be able to get one.


Wp comments going to spam

Hi guys
I am having some issues with wp I think. I think my comments some of them at least that I post on others blogs, are going to peoples spam folders. If you can check to see if my comments are ending up in spam, I’d appreciate it.
Its not cool! I don’t know why wp has so many issues sometimes! Very annoying!
If you can check and then let me know?
some blogs I’ve commented on tonight are
salted caramel
a guy called bloke and K9 doodlepup
the bag lady
my inner mish mash

Please check for me! Thanks!

Practicing on my macbook

I am practicing blogging on my MacBook. I got an app for blogging called mars edit. Its a pretty cool app. I spent 50 euro on it but it is worth it. Its fun to learn how to blog using my Mac, I am enjoying practicing. Its cool to learn about different things on my MacBook, I hadn’t practiced much on it. I’m happy I can now.

wp again. bad gateway

its now telling me bad gateway when I try to log in. does anyone know what wp’s contact email is? I cant access the site at all now. I am posting this post via email. anyone able to help me out? anyone on a laptop and tried to log in or go to wordpress and getting a bad gateway error message?
carol anne


WP problems!

Is anyone not able to access wordpress? I am having problems logging in. I was logged in and I tried to comment on a post. I couldnt. It wouldnt let me said it was connecting to wordpress but never went any further than that. Then I logged out and now I cant log back in. Ug sigh!
Is anyone else having issues this evening afternoon?