Bingo! My computer has arrived

Finally, finally!
My desktop computer has arrived! It came at 11 AM!
Well the biggest part, the hard drive, tower case, came!
I’m still waiting for the mouse and keyboard. That will arrive on Thursday.
I wont be home, so my neighbour is going to keep an eye on the post for me, and when it arrives she’ll take it in to her house until I get home on Sunday.
I left a note on my front door to tell the delivery guy to put the package into number 9.
Hopefully he’ll follow the instructions!
I’ll set it all up once I am back home on Sunday! There isnt much to it. I already plugged in the tower, so all I need to do is connect the mouse and keyboard, and my new speakers that I bought.
Then I can enjoy it! I am using NVDA on this machine, I can install jaws later ifI need to, but I want to play around a little with NVDA and see its potential.
Thank god it arrived safely! I am beyond happy because now I dont have the hassle of worrying about when it will arrive and if I’ll be home when it does!