No computer yet

I’m so frustrated! would the damn thing ever just arrive!
I have waited at home since last thursday. It was meant to be a next day delivery from UPS! No such luck.
when you go on the website it says their network is experiencing a high volume of deliveries, which is why it may take longer. its just so irritating.
I thought I’d have it by now. I hope it comes tomorrow. I’ll be home anyway tomorrow as I have therapy with eileen so I will be here.
when it comes I wanna set it up, but I’m not sure, may wait a while to do that. I wanna go to my parents once it arrives, spend a few days at my parents house. I’ll probably stay there until after the weekend.
I’ve been trying to track the delivery of the computer but there has been no update since Friday morning, last I heard it had departed from the facility in the UK.
I just want it to come! A van pulled up outside earlier and I almost jumped for joy as I thought it was the computer, it turns out it was the bin men collecting the bins.
ug sigh!