Pain its etched all over her face

That look
Pure terror
Written all over her face
She tries
So hard
To erase
The pain
Its etched on her face
Hard to let others in
She tries in vein
to hide it
No matter what she does
Its still there
Feels like it will never go away
So to distract from it
She gets up
Goes to the kitchen
Makes a coffee
Runs a bubble bath
Has a long hot soak in it
Hoping that these little things
Make her feel ok again
Only time will tell

Elemental writing challenge, april 18th

Cascading down my face
A torrent of emotions surfacing
All at once
I weep uncontrollably
Thinking of all that I have lost
Innocence stolen
A childhood lost
To abuse and neglect
From people entrusted to care
Care they did not
Hurt, trauma and abuse
Was what they put me through
For many, many years
My tears flow
Like a river
I wonder if the waters will ever subside


tears. not sure why. not sure what is wrong with us. someone is reacting to something. triggered? maybe. someone feels sad. not sure who. will have to try to figure that out. have been asking around inside, but no answer. no ones saying anything to me. everyone is just, feeling lots of overwhelming feelings.
Im sure we’ll be ok. We just need to breathe. Breathe and relax.