I love kind people!

I had such a lovely experience going home today.

The taxi driver who brought me was awesome! He was very friendly, and when we got to my house he not only carried my shopping bag and laptop in to my front door, he actually waited until I’d opened the door and he put them into my hallway for me. I was so grateful to him as I had Nitro so I wasnt able to carry extra bags.

I love it when people are kind. We had a nice conversation on our way to my house. I was asking him if he was nervous having people in his taxi, in case he caught coronavirus. He said no, that if your gonna catch it your gonna catch it. I guess that is somewhat true, but I’m nervous getting in taxi’s now since I dont know whose been in them before me.

But it was a very nice experience and interaction and it has really restored my faith in humanity, I’ve had problems recently in taxi’s, with some drivers. The company I used today, I use them a lot. So I know a lot of the drivers, and I knew this guy too. I tipped him a few extra euros for helping me to bring in my bags. He deserved that.

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I hate rude taxi drivers!

Today I got a taxi home to my own house. Mom was with me, she was coming over to help me do some stuff around the house.
The driver we got was awful. He was so rude.
He saw my mom struggling with a big 24 pack of water and he didnt even get out of the car to help her, then when we got in he didnt say a word to us the whole time we were in the car.
When we got to my house and I payed him he just grabbed the money out of my hand and he didnt even offer to help my mom with the bags, normally drivers would take the bags of shopping in to the front door…he didnt do that.
We got out and he just drove off. He was simply horrible.
It takes nothing to be nice, I dont know what his problem was but he really pissed me off.

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I’m so outspoken!

Well, I’ve walked myself into it now! I got a call this afternoon from a girl at irish guide dogs. She asked me if they can use photos of me and nitro, for a campaign they are doing, targeting taxi drivers, the campaign is for the transport authority, to let taxi drivers know that they cant refuse guide dogs, that its actually against the law for them to refuse a blind person and their dog!

I gave her permission to use my photo, but then I decided to tell her about my negative experiences with a taxi firm I use, how some drivers refuse to pick me up, and their excuse is that they dont want to deal with dog hair!

Hello? I brush my dog every day! But he still sheds! Its what dogs do for fuck sake.

Anyway, on hearing my story, she said to me, well, we’re actually looking for a negative experience from a service user, can I use yours?

So I guess my story is now being broadcast to hundreds of taxi drivers across the country! Talk about being a voice for change! If this doesnt change something, then I dont know what will!

I’m happy to help, though.

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I’m such a featherbrain!

I got a taxi home from college. The driver who brought me home also brought me to college. I know him well.

We were chatting on the way home. His phone rang and he started talking to someone. We got to my house and I hopped out of the car.

He walked me into my front door. And what did I do? I forgot to pay him!

I rang the base but the base operator said he had gone on another job. And he couldn’t come back. So he got no money! I will give it to him when I next see him. But that might be a week or two from today.

God what an idiot! I was so busy chatting! It simply went out of my head, but you’d think you’d remember ya gotta pay the driver wouldn’t you?


Rude taxi driver

as some of you are aware I have to get taxi’s a lot. Every week I get a taxi to slimming world, and usually it is a relatively straightforward process.
A few times lately though I’ve had a driver who was extremely rude. He was smoking an Ecig in the car, which is against the law. He was taking me out of my way, going all the long way around and then charging me extra for the fare. He was driving eratically and then blaming everyone else on the road for his bad driving.
Last week when he overcharged me again and drove eratically for not the first time, my pa said she didnt feel safe getting in the car with him any more.
she asked me if she could call the taxi firm. I said she could.
so she called them. apparently this guy has been in trouble with the firm in the past. people have complained him. he’s been brought into the office and had a talking too.
so I was like well if thats the case why didnt they fire him?
Anyway he will no longer be picking me up. and the boss in the company said I could have my next taxi fare free of charge. So tonight I dont have to pay on the way to slimming world.
I’m glad my PA did what I couldnt do. I was too scared to complain him. I didnt want to make trouble even though he was clearly in the wrong.
I’m just glad its sorted out now and there will be no further incidents.

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i feel irritated. i felt like this when i got home today after being at the basement club. the reason is that i had to deal with a very rude taxi driver. when i got in his car he hardly spoke to me. when he did it was to say that nitro was shedding a lot. i said i know, i cant help that, to which he grunted an ok. then as we were driving he said damn it, i have a puncture. he proceeded to get out of the car and change the flat tire. he was irritated because he said he’d have to stop the metre at 8 euro i suppose he wanted to get as much money as possible out of me especially since he had to take the dog which i’d say he really didnt want to have to do. i am a regular with that taxi company you’d think they’d send people to me who actually want to take the dog. a lot of drivers wont take me because they are so particular about their cars. they cant refuse me by law but they just dont go in for the job when its called. nobody can say anything to them about that because its their choice what jobs they take. obviously this guy today knew i had nitro with me when he took my job. so he shouldnt have been treating me like shit. i was going to ring the base when i got home but then i didnt. i ranted for a few minutes to my mom instead. i just hate rude people. he didnt even help me out of the car or with my bag when i got to my moms house. he left me struggling to try to get out, get my bag, get nitro, and then walk in to the house.