A contest from my childhood!

Today I am going to write about the time when I took part in a contest, with my then youth club. The contest was called, tops of the clubs, and it was a competition to see which club was the best around the area. What we had to do was we had to create a mini talent show. We had half an hour to perform. We had to encorporate comedy, dance, singing and theatre into a show and then go head to head with other youth clubs. It was a lot of fun. The year I entered I was just turning 18. We practiced and practiced for weeks beforehand. My part in the show was singing the theme to river dance, I wore a beautiful long velvet dress, and there were kids irish dancing all around me as I sang. I got a standing ovation at the end of my performance. I still have the VHS tape of us doing that show. Its something that I treasure. Needless to say we won that year. We were on top of the world. I’ve never forgotten that night. I did get very ill on that night too though after the show. I got viral meningitis and had to be hospitalised for 2 weeks. But nothing could dampen my spirits, we’d won and we took the title of the best youth club in our area. That was something to celebrate.

This post is in response to word of the day for june 1st.


Inspiring video of the day, Americas got talent, cody lee, blind, autistic, sings and gets the golden buzzer!

This video is incredible! So inspirational! Omg he’s awesome!
Watch and be wowed like I was!

Sunday evening thoughts

I’ve had a nice day. A relaxing day.
I’m at home now in my own house, after almost 2 weeks of not being here. I’ve been at mom and dads for almost 2 weeks. I think its nice that I can go there, if I need to, its good to have their support.
I went home after dinner today. Mom is babysitting tonight. My sisters away at the moment on holiday in spain for 3 nights. Mom is looking after the two kids, as their dad has to work.
I have therapy in the morning. I’m glad. I feel like I need it. My mood has been so up and down lately. One day I am ok, and the next I am feeling low or down or depressed. Its been a mixed bag, therapy will be good as it allows me to talk about how I am feeling and get my feelings out.
I dont have any other plans tomorrow. I will probably be drained after my session. Usually I am. I will probably come home and nap for a few hours.
I’m watching irelands got talent on tv right now. Its really good. I love talent shows. This is the second year of irelands got talent. I am enjoying it. The semifinals are on tonight.
I probably will read for a while tonight too and maybe finish my book, groomed, I have an hour and 20 minutes of it left to read. I hope I can finish it tonight.

Virus-free. www.avg.com

This kid is awesome! 9 year old cora harkin sings dont rain on my parade

This little girl, from Ireland, is amazing. She was on Irelands got talent last night. This is a different video of her not the Irelands got talent one, but she sang the same song in this video as she sang last night. 9 years old I think she’s gonna be the next superstar!

basement club summer activities start this week

i havent gone to the basement club at all this week. mainly because my funds were low and so i couldnt go. but i have enough money now to go a couple times next week.
they are planning summer activities at the moment. the first of which is an outing this week to go bolling, for pizza, and to play quaazar.
i am not going, its on friday, and i cant go as i have to go to the hospital with mom on that day.
another activity thats being planned for this summer is a bbq and talent show in a big park in the city centre. i think that will be so much fun, it just sounds fun and like something i’d definitely have interest in doing.
we will also go on some days out, 3 or 4 I think. Usually we go to beaches, or local touristy attractions. If I am around I’ll probably go on some of the trips.
I always like the summer season at the basement club. everybodys in a good mood and when we do activities we can forget for a while about our own problems and our own mental illnesses.