American Idol!

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I watched the final of American idol tonight.

Sarah had recorded it. We watched it together.

It was good, 3 finalists battled it out for the title of American idol 2022.

2 girls, and a guy!

I am not sure where the guy came from, his name was ryan.

The girl called hunter girl was from tennessee!

The other girl was from Illinois.

The girl from Illinois came Third. I did not think she had a very good voice.

I wanted hunter girl, from Tennessee to win!

But Ryan won!

I swear though, it took forever for the show to reach its climax!

I mean, there were so many celeb performances and it went on and on!

It was on for 3 hours!

We fast forwarded all the commercials.

They really know how to drag the show out, don’t they?


❀ ❀