Tale weaver – Tired and run down

With a new year upon us and the stresses of 2020 behind us, (or are they), consider the new year and what it brings to us.

For many of us older folk, being tired and run down is often a daily event.

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Go have fun, muster all your strength and energy and write, write, write.

I’m so tired of being depressed all of the time. I’m tired of having anxiety. I’m tired of my mental illness.
Being mentally ill is so draining!
You think your ok, you feel like your just getting back on your feet, and boom! Your right back to square one again!
I’ve been feeling off now for weeks, with no let up. I’m so over it.
2021 hasnt started off well as I thought it would.
No, instead I’ve been dealing with the fall out from my mental illnesses.
I really would like to have a bit of a reprieve!
I’m just hoping that over the next few weeks things will look up, I am really keeping everything crossed, I so need a break and for things to get better!

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver prompt.