I didnt give in!

I feel so proud of myself. Today in work, at lunch time, all of the girls in the office got chipper food, for those who might not know, its take away food like chips, burgers, sausage in batter, fish, peas, curry sauce, chicken wraps etc. There is a lot to choose from but its all very unhealthy.

I didnt have any. I said no to it. I decided I didnt want to sabbotage my weight loss result for this coming week. So I said no, and went home and had stir fry instead.

Usually I would just cave and have it. I am so proud of myself for not giving in. I just hope when I step on that scales next week, all the fruit and vegetables I’ve been eating will pay off and I will have lost a few pounds.

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Treat for lunch yesterday

I got take out food for lunch today. My colleagues at work were having it. So I said I’d have it too as a treat. I rarely have take out food nowadays. I havent had any in months. And I knew the kids wanted a treat. So I got some for them mostly. It was lovely too. I enjoyed it. I had a chicken wrap and fries. Of course it doesnt help that there is a take out place right next door to where the friendly call office is. But once in a while wont hurt. And I did enjoy it so that was good. Hopefully it wont effect my weigh in this week.

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