Mom is so awesome! She was out today doing some shopping. She was in the butchers and she saw that they had some chicken wings, hot and spicy ones, which she knew I’d love. So she rang me and asked me did I want her to pick some up for me. Of course I jumped at the chance. While she was on the phone, she called out some other stuff that they had for sale, and in the end I spent 25 euro on food from the butchers, I got two dinners, one was chicken, and one was roast beef, they have potatos and vegetables and gravy in them. As well as the meat. I got a shepherds pie, a lasagna, and a piri piri chicken dinner as well.
I wont need to buy food for a while! I already have a lot in my freezer, and with all this I’ll be good for a while.
I love that my mom thought to ask me if I wanted the food!
Are you hungry now hearing about all my delicious food?
I wish I could have you all over for dinner!